Monday, October 01, 2012

September in Review

My favorite picture of September. Ahh...relaxing, warm, and just takes me back to Siesta Beach, Fl.
September turned out to be a fun filled month! The kids got into the school groove while Chris pondered moving us to Florida. In the end, we are not moving, at least for now. Chris will continue to work from home and from Florida. I visited Chris in Florida for a few days seeing a couple amazing beaches and looking around the Tampa area. It is a beautiful place to visit, that is for sure. Chris and I had fun enjoying our anniversary, late. Meanwhile, the kids stayed with their grandparents and Pippa stayed with Chris' parents. Back at home, we visited the Great Grandparents, went to Vala's pumpkin Patch, went to the OCM and had a picnic at Gene Leahy Mall, and took an airplane ride. The weather remains amazing here, but the morning walks to school are crisp. What will October have in store for us?


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