Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Daily Grind

Another day, another season, another work out, right?

Well, my workouts continue to be running (Now on Tuesdays, Thursdays while Asher is in school and on Saturdays and Sundays. So, I am down to running 3-4 days a week now), turbo fire average of 6 days a week and now bodyrock workouts whenever I can work one in.

First, my run continues to be the 4-4 1/2 miles I have been running for a while. It is seriously boring. If I had time, I would edit the run a bit. Humm, perhaps I will do that tomorrow before Saturdays run. I run it one way, then do it the opposite way the next time I run. I sold my dreadmill (aka the treadmill) because I hated it. Seriously, if the weather is bad, I will do a Turbo workout plus a body rock work out and just skip my run. Usually, however, unless it is too snowy, too windy or just too damn cold...I RUN OUTSIDE! There are hills, sights and things to look at to keep me going. Running on the dreadmill staring at the wall (or the mess I need to clean or hearing the kids get up and want breakfast, get it) is just not worth my time. Oh, and I love my new space in the basement where the dreadmill sat. Good riddance! ANYWAY...that is my run. I thought about running a 1/2 or full marathon in Florida while Chris was there in February, but I decided against it. I mean, I would cruise through a Florida marathon with there NO HILLS and all. But, with the uncertainty of our life at the moment, I could not be sure Chris would even be there to cheer me on. So, I am sitting it out.

TurboFire. I am still loving it. Mondays and Fridays I do the turbo 55 (55 minutes of fun), Wednesday I do the Turbo 60 (meaning 60 minutes of fun!), Tuesdays I do Turbo 30 plus my run, Thursday I do a hiit workout plus my run, weekends I run plus do a Hiit workout generally (either 20 or 25 minutes high intensity interval training). On the days I skip my run because I have other plans (like today) or the weather is blustery and cold, I throw in the Fire 45 plus a 20 minute hiit workout. Love these workouts. After six months of doing them nearly daily, I have yet to get sick of them. Try Turbo Fire and you will not be disappointed.

Body Rock TV. I just started doing these workouts occasionally over the summer. I like to do them on weekends after my runs. I did it this afternoon since I did the Turbo Fire 45 minute workout and then ran out of time. The Body Rock work outs are short but INTENSE! I can feel my muscles BURNING! I am familiar with all the moves (burpees, side push ups, around the world, etc) and I love their ab workouts. They are amazing. I wish I could do them every day. But, you know, there is life and the fact that I tire easily lately (don't ask as I have no idea the answer). I would recommend trying a body rock workout once. You won't be disappointed.

So, that is my daily grind for the moment. My knee injury heeled quickly by dropping my mileage down running. I continued Turbo through most of it. At least I have not broken any bones this year (KNOCK ON WOOD!!).

Have a fun work out you would recommend? Okay, a good one? (Insanity is good but I am not saying you will have fun).


Courtney F said...
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Courtney F said...

WOW! You are a machine, Lady! Glad you love your workouts. :) Have you ever tried Body Pump or P90X? I am sure you would be a candidate for those!

The Austin Life said...

Body ump at the YMCA?! Yes, went once. It was offered at 5am. Not that interested. Have only done p90x yoga. Chris bought p90x but we never did it. The work outs were so long was our biggest hang up. Maybe someday. Someday when Chris will do it with me. :) always looking for a new challenge.

The Austin Life said...

Can't wait for your insanity review Courtney!