Monday, December 03, 2018

Alivia at 14 1/2

When Alivia was a baby, I started this tradition of celebrating 1/2 birthdays. Here we are, 14 years later, still celebrating the half birthday. We give the kids a little present and they go on a Daddy date to lunch or dinner. It is good for them to have something to look forward to mid year I guess. For now, we will keep up the tradition. I believe I will keep it up until they graduate, then they will graduate from the Half Birthday. :)

Alivia selected lunch with Chris at Panera, where she gets broccoli and cheddar soup and a baguette. Yum.
Alivia is very active. She is now done with cross country and considering running track. Their team is highly competitive, so she does not want to sit the season watching others run. So we will see what she decides. On winter break, we hope she will take her learners permit test so she can soon be driving to school!! She recently lettered in cross country and was awarded first in her age group for the Lincoln Halfsy with a half marathon time of 140:10.

This is what she is thinking as she turns 14.5.

Birthday Questions by Alivia at 14.5 years.
1. Favorite  color:  Blue
2. Favorite Toy:  iphone, ipad
3. Favorite Fruit:  strawberries
4. Favorite TV show:   nailed it
5. Favorite thing to eat for lunch: Pepperoni and crackers
6. Favorite Outfit:   Itblack pants and purple shirt, or gray pants and blue shirt --- Athletic clothes
7. Favorite Game:   Woody (on her ipad)
8. Favorite Snack:  dried fruit
9. Favorite Animal:   Dog
10. Favorite song:  High Hopes or superheroes
11. Favorite Book:   
12. Best Friend:  Katy
13. Favorite Cereal:  "Don't like cereal"
14. Favorite thing to do outside:  run/soccer
15. Favorite drink:  lemonade or rootbeer
16. Favorite Holiday:    Christmas
17. What do you like to take to bed with you at night?  a bear from when I was younger and one from Great Grandma Austin, then a Dog from Great Grandma Pat
18. Favorite thing to eat for breakfast?   Granola bar or belvita
19. What do you want to eat for your half birthday dinner?  Panera!
20. What do you want to be when you grow up? a physical therapist

Happy 11th Birthday, Asher!

Last Thursday, Asher turned 11 years old! It's hard to believe we had our last baby that long ago. Kinda sad. The kids are all growing up. I guess that is what they are supposed to do, but still.

We had the Grandparents come for dinner for Lansky's Pizza, salad, cupcakes and DQ icecream. Asher opened his presents of Under Armour clothes, legos that will be turned into cars, and much needed soccer gear. From us, Asher will get a bike in the spring. For now, he got clothes and new shoes. Boys do not take very good care of shoes, at least this boy doesn't.

Asher is a very kind boy. He is always thinking of others, at least when he is around us. He is usually the first to give us a hug good morning and good night saying, "I love you." He is just a very sweet boy. He used to be very clean and organized, but that has changed. He does not like to clean his room and his room generally reflects that. It is not as bad as Addison's room, however.:) When Asher gets home from school, he does his homework while maybe eating a snack, then runs off to play soccer. If it is nice, you will find him outside kicking. If the weather is snowy and cold like it is now, he will run to the basement to play where he has 2 nets and an indoor ball set up. His friends Michael, Peyton or even Miles (who does not play soccer) come over and play along. They are loud, but at least they are being VERY active! Someday we will have a basement with a movie theater and a wet bar, but for is a soccer playing field. :) We are okay with that.

On Friday night, Asher invited 5 boys, Miles, Michael, Peyton and his cousins Henry and Ben over for a sleepover party. We played a present game which they all loved. Then they watched the movie Alpha, before playing more soccer. Chris set up the tent in the basement for the boys with sleeping bags. I do not believe they slept much. Asher and his friend appeared to have fun. Asher was so nice to thank us for letting him have sleepover.

Now, for Asher's birthday questions at 11 years old.

Birthday Questions
1. Favorite  color:  Blue
2. Favorite Toy:   Legos
3. Favorite Fruit:  orange
5. Favorite thing to eat for lunch:  Which wich (which is what I brought him for his birthday lunch at school.).
6. Favorite Outfit:   Italy soccer shirt
7. Favorite Game:   clue
8. Favorite Snack:  Pirate Booty (or Nut thins which he asked for and received for his birthday!).
9. Favorite Animal:   Dog
10. Favorite song:  Castle on the Hill, Ed Sheeran
11. Favorite Book:  Go for the Goal
12. Best Friend:  Michael
13. Favorite Cereal:  Cocoa Krispies
14. Favorite thing to do outside:  soccer
15. Favorite drink:   Lemonade (or Sparkling Ice which he asked for and received for his birthday)
16. Favorite Holiday:    Christmas
17. What do you like to take to bed with you at night?  Pillow and blanket
18. Favorite thing to eat for breakfast?   Daddy's home cooked eggs and bacon
19. What do you want to eat for your birthday dinner?  Pizza
20. What do you want to be when you grow up?  a contractor

Happy Birthday, Asher Wade!

Saturday, September 29, 2018

14er! 19th Anniversary!

For Chris and my 19th wedding Anniversary, Chris wanted to go camping in Colorado. After last year, he had his sights set on hiking Mt. Elbert (Redemption!). So we set out for Twin Lakes, CO and Lake View Campground on Saturday, August 25. We arrived around 4, pitched a tent, set up camp, and I was asleep. Not kidding. I felt like I was drugged.

Sunday we woke and decided it was a good day for a little hike around Twin Lakes. Not having researched the lakes or the trails, I just went along with Chris and his plans. The lakes are just down the hill from our campground. Looking at the lakes it looked like maybe 6 miles around one lake. Okay, let's do it.

Oh boy was I wrong. First of all, we were not on the trail system, so we were weaving in and out of all the little lake fingers. Once we found the trail it was much easier. Okay, it was a little easier. Over 11 miles! later, we made it back to the car. Ugh. That was one hell of a hike! We were exhausted, hungry and sunburned. That is one way to get acclimated.

So Lakeview Campground is at 9500 feet, so elevation sickness can (and will) occur. Last year, Chris and I both woke up at night short of breath. This year we did not have that problem at all. Sunday night, again, I was so tired I could hardly swallow my dinner. I was asleep about 6pm. Chris thought I was a total bore. I awoke at midnight with dizziness, nausea, headache followed by vomiting, in a tent with rain outside. It was ugly. I said to Chris numerous times, I am not hiking tomorrow. Our plan for Monday was to summit Mt. Massive, Colorado's second highest peak.

Monday morning came to a chilly yet sunny start. Chris says, "Looks like a beautiful day for a hike. Do you feel better?" So I pulled it together and we set out for Mt. Massive, arriving at the LONG trail head just before 8am. This is a long hike. We hiked Mt. Massive Southwest Slopes route. It is to be 7.25 miles from the top of the high clearance 4 wheel drive section which we could not drive up. Thinking it was maybe 9-10 miles from where we parked. It was long. We hiked from 8am-5pm. It was beautiful. The summit was, ugh, okay. I was expected more. It was just a couple piles of rocks in my opinion. Gorgeous views though. Tough hike. I felt a little nauseated towards the top but was able to pull through. We lost the trail a few times and scrambled more than we needed to. And, it was a little windy. Some girls were turning back because of the wind. We were happy we were able to summit! My First 14er!

Tuesday, our actual anniversary, we spent relaxing. It was so nice. The campground had cleared out, so Chris and I were all alone! I heated up some water and took a bath, shaving my legs. It was wonderful! It was a great way to spend our day. Chris wanted to be hiking Mt. Elbert, but this was a much better way to spend our day in the end.

Wednesday Chris and I set out to hike Mt. Elbert, Colorado's highest peak, via black cloud, Southest Ridge (the toughest route to summit of Mt. Elbert).  Round trip this route is to be 11 miles, 5300 feet in elevation gain. We hiked much of this trail last year when I got such elevation sickness we had to turn back. I will always get sick. Period. But it is the amount of sickness that is the issue. I was able to pull through the sickness this time too. The elevation sickness is similar to that sickness I get when running marathons or half marathons. I get dizzy, nauseous, headaches, vomiting. I never vomited while hiking but had all the other symptoms. Last year it was awful. This year, I ate and drank more to try and hold off the symptoms and took a lot of breaks. I liked this route but it was VERY TOUGH! The ridgeline was insane! You get to the top of the mountain and see the hour plus hiking of the ridgeline and think you are going to die (okay, I thought I was going to die). Chris thought the ridge line was the best part of the hike. It was beautiful for sure. The views from Summit were absolutely amazing! Gorgeous!! But others hiked up in 3 hours from other routes totally making me jealous. I knew we had a long way to hike down. I believe we started at 5am and finished at 4-4:30pm. LONG DAY! But, worth it. We bagged 2 14ers in 3 days! Yipee. Chris now has 5 14ers under his belt, Longs, Grays, Torreys, Massive, and Elbert! He tried Capitol but was not ready for that yet!

Wednesday we relaxed again, ate a lot, and enjoyed quiet camp without people. SO NICE!! Thursday we closed out camp and set out for Aspen via Independence Pass. It is beautiful but the road is creepy. We got to Aspen, got some food, and snatched a hard to find parking spot in front of hotel , We like our hotel, but the rooms appear to be getting smaller.

Thursday we shopped around Aspen, getting frozen yogurt and eating sandwiches and shopping. It is a fun town. We watched dogs at the dog park and watched them set up for the Labor Day volleyball tournament. Friday, Chris and I got up early and caught a bus. Yes, a bus. The buses are free in Aspen. We took the bus to Aspen Crossfit! While Chris got his workout in, I ran 6 miles on the gorgeous trails of Aspen. I was planning on just resting the rest of the trip after all of our hiking, but I was happy to be able to run on these trails. Beautiful! After working out, we went back into Aspen for more frozen yogurt, pizza and more pizza. Yes, we got pizza twice. We wanted to try it all! We tried New York Pizza and Taster's Pizza, liking Taster's Pizza best. (but New York was a reheated slice, so who knows how it is fresh). We worked out a lot, so had to eat a lot! Chris and I relaxed, watched more volleyball and walked around Aspen. It was a fun trip.

We enjoy our annual anniversary trips. Next year is our big 20th Wedding Anniversary. We are still trying to come up with a good trip for that. Maybe we will camp and climb a 14er, who knows?!?! :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Whole30 4th Time

So I am a week into my 4th Whole30, 3rd one this year. I can say right now, after this time I am done with Whole30 for a while.

After my second Whole30 finishing in March, 2018, and third Whole30 finishing in May, 2018, I have pretty much stayed Whole30 for most things, adding in treats. I ate things like nut thins and frozen yogurt, then onto chocolate chip cookies and pizza. I stayed pretty true to whole30 until I didn't.

This Whole30 is to prepare me for a big hiking trip Chris and I are taking this month. Although yesterday was the 3 week mark, I feel about the same. I hate all the food I am eating, though. I can no longer eat veggies for the most part after my second Whole30 (I ate so many that thinking about making them makes me gag). I eat zucchini and sweet potatoes now. I am trying to follow the FODMAP diet too so that my body is not so messed up all the time. It is harder to follow because I can not have riced cauliflower or watermelon, both which were my favorites.

This time I usually eat an egg white and mixed fruit with coffee (if I am not working) for breakfast, a hard boiled egg with honeydew/blueberries/strawberries mix for lunch, and a variety of things for dinner usually including a salad with protein of some sort. It has been difficult considering it is summer to keep this up with my kids on the go all the time, but I have made it work. I have weighed myself, and I have lost 1 pound. I really wanted to lose like 5 pounds, so eating this way has not been worth it in that respect. I gave up the fun and weigh the same I always do? Ugh.

So, after our trip, I will go back to just my regular mostly healthy eating. If I need to watch my intake, I will just do that. But I do not believe I will be doing another Whole30 for a while. I need more energy to keep up with my kids, work and husband! :)

First Day of School 2018

August 14, 2018 marked the first day of school for Alivia (into Papio South 9th grade), Addison (into PMS 7th) and Asher (the last remaining Austin in Elementary in 5th).

Alivia had been a nervous wreck in the weeks leading up to the start of high school. High School here is a much bigger deal. By that I mean BIG, as in she may have 500 students in her class alone (I don't know the exact number of students though). Compared to the 40 some students I graduated with, it is big. After the first freshman only half day, Alivia had more confidence. Fingers crossed that she will have a great Freshman year. She is out for cross country now, running up to 11 miles so far. I still can't get over how she is in high school!

Addison started middle school, 7th grade, yesterday, too. She was very nervous as well. After her half day, she felt like she would like it. She knew very few people in her classes. I am just hoping she has lunch with someone she knows. Yesterday and today she carpooled with her friend Halle so they could walk together into school in the morning. That seemed to help Addison get going. Addison is very shy so this will be an interesting year to see how she does. Addison is also going to give cross country a try. We shall see.

Lastly, Asher is in the 5th Grade, having Mrs. Johnson, who both Addi and Alivia had in the 5th grade as their teachers. Asher was VERY disappointed that he was not in class with his friend Michael. Asher can be a little dramatic about such things and got VERY MOODY when he found this information out. Next time, I will not tell Asher his teacher assignment or his classmates and just let him find out on his own. After the first day, he was better about everything. He was disappointed about Michael still, but he really needs to find more friends.

And Chris and I survived day 1 too, carpooling between 3 schools and soccer. Right now, Alivia has carpool with Katy. But that is short term. Addi really does not have carpool lined up. And, I take Asher. I will do more of the picking up of Addi and Asher, Chris will pick up Alivia after cross country. But with 3 kids, 3 sports, 2 working parents, this is about to get really complicated. Wish us luck!

Sunday, August 05, 2018

The Lake 2018

We usually get to the Lake (Lake of the Ozarks that is) for the entire month of July. Our life has changed so much now that Alivia is going into High School! Alivia did not want to miss running club, so we stayed just shy of 2 weeks, planning on returning for a weekend. Then, life happened, the weather was bad, and we never got back to the wonderful lake. We are sad about that, but lucky we have our 2018 Lake memories.

We (Alivia, Addison, Asher, Addison's friend Sidney and I) left for the lake on July 3. We got there in time to swim, tube and for Liv and Asher to water ski before the busy 4th of July. We went out on the water and watched the fireworks until a few of us were sea sick (the boat was rocky this year!). Grandpa Bill and Grandma Bet host a great 4th of July!

Per our usual, the days are spend in the water. I get up early and run and sometimes do my weights too before everyone gets up. My morning runs opt me an opportunity to sea all the lake wildlife and get my ass in top shape as running there is a total workout with the crazy hills! UGH. The kids get up and want Grandma and Grandpa's breakfast of eggs, bacon and cinnamon toast. Then, we head down to the water for tubing, water skiing, swimming, etc. (I swim to the buoy 8 times at least a day. This is a big challenge for me as I am not a good swimmer). We visited Grandma's Candy twice this year and the outlets once. The outlets do not impress us anymore because the outlets near us seem better.

The last couple years the kids have invited friends. This year Sidney was with us the entire time. On July 10, Chris came down to spend a few days with us and help celebrate Addison's birthday and brought Alivia's friend Reina.

Alivia and Asher got real good on water skiing, both going over the wake for the first time this year. Reina even got up on skiis for the first time. She got over the wake too, but struggled to get back over. Chris skied showing he still has the moves. I tried to ski, practically knocking myself out when I hit big waves (I slammed into the water so hard that I saw stars).

We had a fabulous time! We love the lake!

Happy 12th Birthday Addison!

Oh Lord, I have not been good about Blogging. If I ever get around to making a 2018 photo book, I am not going to know what to say!
Anyway, In July, among ONE friend, Addison turned 12. You see, in June she invited 2 (other) friends to her birthday party. Neither came or could come sadly. Addison was crushed. Luckily her BFF from Texas FLEW to Omaha to spend 2 weeks with us at the Lake. Sidney basically swam through shark invested waters so Addison could have a Happy Birthday! What a friend.
At the Lake, we skied, swam, tubed, went on a boat ride, went to Grandma's Candy at the Lake, and ate all of Addison's favorite foods (steak, mashed potatoes, corn, and chocolate cake). Addison did not believe we were paying much attention to her on her birthday saying we were treating it like just another day. Humm...I thought it was pretty damn special!. :) I will have to try harder next year I guess.

Addison, as usual, answered her annual birthday questions.

Addison's 12th Birthday Questions:
1. Favorite Color: purple
2. Toy:Trampoline
3: fruit: Raspberries
4. TV show: Anne with an E ???
5. Thing to eat for lunch: Spaghetti
6. Outfit:  Purple Nike outfit I got for my birthday
7. game: Old Maid (we were at the lake lol)
8. snack: cheesy pretzels
9. animal: Dog
10. song: My Wish
11. book:  The Underneath
12 best friend: Sidney 
13. cereal: Chocolate Cheerios (but as I type this, she won't eat these anymore).
14. favorite thing to do outside:  Swing and jump on the trampoline
15. drink: Lemonade
16. Holiday: Christmas
17. What do you like to take to bed with you at night: Stuffed animals
18. Favorite thing to eat for breakfast: Pancakes and bacon
19. Birthday dinner: Steak and mashed potatoes with either chocolate or red velvet cake (we had one of each at her 2 parties0.
20. What do you want to be when you grow up? A farmer! She needs to work on this one!

Hard to believe Addison will be going to the Jr. High in less than 10 days! She wants to go out for cross country. For a non runner, this should be interesting. We shall see. Addison is the creative one in the family, always taking up knew art projects

Happy Birthday Addison! We love you!

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Happy 14th Birthday, Alivia!

In May, while we were in route to the Amazing Captiva Island in Florida, Alivia turned 14. She celebrated with the Grandparents before we left, then celebrating later (much later) with 2 friends at home. Alivia has grown into quite the young lady. She is beautiful, kind, hard working, honest, dedicated (she got up early every morning to make it to running club at the high school for cross country at 7am, only missing 8 days! to go to the Lake and one because we were not home from Captiva), and is a teenager all the way. She likes to sleep, opting to do that in the afternoon since she gets up early to run. She is taking many honors courses in high school this year, selecting to challenge herself. She is going out for cross country, getting better and better every day (but those girls on her team are FAST!). The high school is HUGE, so check in day was a little overwhelming, but I think she is looking forward to starting and getting used to classes.

Alivia made her annual favorite list and has plans in place for her future. It is fun to see how she has grown up over the years.

Birthday Questions answered by a 14 year old Alivia.
1. Favorite  color:  blue
2. Favorite Toy:  ipad, iPhone or hayday
3. Favorite Fruit:  strawberries
4. Favorite TV show: Fixer upper or Naked and Afraid (we were in Captiva so had cable!)
5. Favorite thing to eat for lunch:  turkey sandwich
6. Favorite Outfit:   gray running shirt and nike shorts
7. Favorite Game:   apples to apples or UNO
8. Favorite Snack:   goldfish crackers
9. Favorite Animal:   dog
10. Favorite song:   Champion
11. Favorite Book:    A Mango Shape Space
12. Best Friend:  Katy B
13. Favorite Cereal:  Special K
14. Favorite thing to do outside:  Run or jump on the trampoline
15. Favorite drink:  lemonade
16. Favorite Holiday:  Christmas
17. What do you like to take to bed with you at night?  Dog
18. Favorite thing to eat for breakfast? yogurt n fruit
19. What do you want to eat for your birthday dinner?  McCalisters
20. What do you want to be when you grow up?  Physical Therapist.

Happy Birthday to Alivia. Many more to come...

Monday, February 12, 2018

Whole30 Take 2

On my last whole30, I said I would never do it again (see June 2017). I do recall hating it, and hating it a lot. I am not even sure why I decided to do whole30 again this time. For one, I have been eating more cookies than vegetables and decided I needed a reset. And, since I am not running for the most part due to a nagging stress fracture, now was a better time to reset!

I started on 1/28 and hope to go through March 1, so more than a 30 day whole30. Last time I did whole30, I was attempting to do so while running 7 miles a day. This time, I have been walking for the most part and doing my BBG cross training. I am finding my energy much better this time and less depleted. Now, a couple weeks in, I ran 5 miles today and did not feel half bad. I ran slow, none the less, due to running in snow in zaktraks and babying my leg, but I ran. I am able to complete my BBG workouts.

I am not sure I can come up with any right now. My energy is just okay. Oh and my face may be clearing up. But as I type this, I have a fever blisters that have taken over my lips.

I think I have actually gained weight...but I have not weighed myself.
My stomach is usually upset from noon on. If I work overnight, I go to the bathroom 10-12 times. NOT KIDDING. I had a stuck gas bubble or something the other night that caused me to collapse to the floor in pain. I actually thought something was going to explode. All this from eating healthy? Seriously?!?! I have GI symptoms like no other. I do not recall this from last time. Last time I felt emaciated. This time I know what I can eat for the most part.

Last time I refused to bake because I just wanted to eat it. This time I have made bars, cookies and chex mix without issue. I like baking, so I hate to give it up. And, I was able to bake without licking the beater. Amazing! I just tried not to smell the cookies.

I am hopeful I will be able to re introduce the food properly this time. I am hopeful in the end of my 30 plus days that I will feel better. Here is to hoping. Because right now I feel like crap and really want a cookie.

Florida 2018

The last 2 winters my parents have gone to Florida. Last year I visited in January, so this year I repeated that. I love visiting my parents, the break of winter, the break from my crazy job, etc. Last year I went alone. This year I decided I was going to take 1 kid along with me. I decided to bring Addison with me.

It was a difficult decision. Should I bring Alivia before she goes into high school, Addison before she goes into middle school, or Asher before it is awkward that he has to share a bed with his mom for a week.

I selected Addison. :)

Addison was thrilled to come along. We got on the plane in freezing Omaha to land in Florida, where it was not that much warmer honestly. They had freeze warnings while we were there. It did not stop Addison from jumping in the water, making sand castles, burying her Grandpa in the sand, digging deep holes and finding shells. We also drove down to the Everglades and saw some alligators on an air boat tour. That was very fun. That was the high light of our trip. Addison balanced our time between the beach and the pool, even when I thought I would die from freezing to death. (Really, I am not kidding).

After 5 weeks away from running due to a stress fracture, I tried running the beach. It did not work for me. So most days I got up early to WALK the beach. One morning I even got lucky and spotted a dolphin!

Addison enjoyed the trip as much as I did. Grandma and Grandpa probably wore out from our visit. Addison loved all the snacks Grandma bought her too. She may just be a little spoiled.

I am hoping my parents make a return trip to Florida again next year because I want to visit!

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Happy 2018!

Happy 2018!!

Christmas was like a blur! We celebrated Christmas with Chris' parents the Saturday before Christmas. Christmas Eve we just hung out at home. NEXT YEAR we are going to Mass Christmas Eve. We don't do anything on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day is very busy. I just do not like the crowds with Christmas Eve Mass. We shall see I guess.

Christmas morning we got up and went to 7:30 Mass. Yuck. It was too early for me. Yuck. Did I say yuck. Then we came home and opened presents. Alivia's big gift this year was a Garmin 230 running watch. Addison's big gift was Coco, the dog we adopted from Dolly's rescue in Lincoln. Believe me, this is a gift that will keep giving for years!! Asher's big gift came in the form of a gift between my parents and us, a Razor Motorcycle. He will probably outgrow this soon, but he loves it for now! I sold my kidney and got Chris an iPhone 8 plus.

So on the motorcycle. I luckily ordered it early. I had it send to my parents because I was unsure how I would hide it. It arrived and it was pink. Seriously, Walmart sent a pink one!! I then had it shipped to the store. I met my Dad in Iowa, picked up the pink one and exchanged them. I was very mad. Walmart could care less.

Next, the iPhone 8 plus. It gets worse. I video Chris' reaction to the phone. It was not the reaction I was going for. First of all, the phone is $845 with tax, so it is not a small ticket item. I got it because Chris can not longer see his old iPhone. (I don't care and will stick with my old iPhone. And, I am super cheap and don't want to spend any more money on a phone!). Anyhoo...Chris opened the phone to find a silver iPhone 8, not the plus and not in the grey I ordered. SERIOUSLY WALMART!! Of course, the 8 is $100 cheaper than the Plus. Of course. Chris goes to get a refund and they give him a stupid gift card. So, we have to buy from Walmart AGAIN. 2 days later, he gets another silver iPhone 8. How stupid can Walmart be? And, how are they exactly staying in business?!?! Chris goes to the store, they insist the gift card is the only way to go but to call 1-800- WALMART and ask. He does so, they say take it up with the store. He goes back to the store and talks to the manager. He says he puts it back on our card. It has been nearly a week...and still no $845 refund. I am beginning to think they just took my $845!!! Now I am super mad!! No phone, no $845. Chris said it can take up to 2 weeks. Seriously, they have had my money since December 12. I do believe that is long enough.

I have learned. I will not shopped at Walmart EVER AGAIN!

But, we did have a Merry Christmas. :)

For New Years Eve, the kids invited friends, we played games, watched a movie and did the saran wrap ball game. It was fun. We got to use Asher's new popcorn popper too. Mmmm.

Happy New Year!! Now...probably should make some new year's goals.