Saturday, February 25, 2012


How funny, spotted our house and THE AUSTIN CRIB blog on Pinterest! How funny is that?!
Here is the PIN with this image. Funny to see someone Pin YOUR home.
Now we have spindles here!

Cheese Bread...Yummy!

Okay, so we tried out Lauren's Latest Cheese Bread. It is WONDERFUL. We found we used a bit too much cheese and perhaps a bit too little butter and garlic mixture, yet is was still a hit. Again. 4 out of 5 of us ate it (Of course, Alivia would not try it).

Here is the result:

Date Night

Last night Grandma Kathy treated Chris and I to a date night. Chris had a plan, he wanted to go to Zio's Pizza. Mmm! I had not been there since collage.

It is funny, since moving to Papillion, it seems like we live in another world. Zios in Omaha seems so far away! Dinner was delicious. It was fun to just sit and actually have a one on one conversation over some nice hot pizza and cold sodas. It was so good (did I already say that?!).

Next, we wanted to go to Costco. Chris had not been there and I just wanted to get an idea of what he wanted. We just walked around checking things out. Chris was looking at something and said I was going to walk down the aisle quick to look for something. When I turned around, Chris was gone. He had the cart and my purse and was just gone. I walked to the electronics where I was sure he would be...empty. I was really getting nervous thinking he had left me when I spotted him trucking it down the aisle. He thought it was funny as he was near by where I was looking at kids books. Ugh.

After our shopping excursion, it was time to head home.

It is so nice and important to get nights out to ourselves every once in a while. We are lucky to have Grandparents to help us by watching the kids, too.

Here's to looking forward to the next date night. :)

Home Alone

Asher with his space shuttle and "guys" he brought home from the museum.

Asher went with Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Bob along with his cousins for the day yesterday. I was hesitant to send him for so long, but he rarely gets an opportunity like this to spend time with his Grandparents and cousins. And, Asher was excited to go. I dropped him off at their home at 8:30 and he arrived back at home to me, Ipod tuned in, rocking it as I put away laundry (I did not even hear him get home!) at 2:30 in the afternoon! They went out for breakfast, visited the Strategic Air and Space Museum, had lunch at McDonalds, before going back to Grandma and Grandpas to play a bit. He said he had so much fun.

Meanwhile, I went to the store. I needed to go and saved my trip to go during Asher's outing. Immediately, I was lonely. I have not been out for an extended time without any kids in so long that something just did not seem right. I went to talk to Asher while shopping, and he was not there. Luckily, my childhood girlfriend called and talked to me on the phone during much of my shopping trip. After grocery shopping, I had a couple errands to run in Shadow Lake. I looked for some clothes, for me (I know, shocker) and found myself just wanting to go home.

I came home, plugged in my Ipod, and jammed out while putting away laundry and doing some random cleaning. It was so quiet (other than my music in my ears). I hated it.

I do believe I am in trouble next year when Asher goes to preschool. Gees, I am in real trouble when the kids go to school. I will be a total wreck.

I am going to enjoy every moment I have with him while he is here at home as now I know what it is like when he is away. I miss him already. Shoot, I still miss Addison and her Kindergarten year is about over!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Step By Step

A month ago, Chris and I received pedometers through a program at Chris' work. We have been wearing them daily, tracking our steps, as well as entering in our exercise on the website.

The results are in.

I have 14,251 average daily steps with 18,703 being the most steps in a day. The last 5 days I have had  over 17000 steps per day, but when I work I only get in 7,000 steps (which is amazing considering most of the time I am sleeping or sitting down charting). I try to run on the days I work, knowing that I sit at work and sleep at home. 

I have been trying to sneak in a run a couple times a week, as well as go to Zumba (and the Zumba class I go to is high impact, vigorous, cardio. But, have I mentioned how fun it is?!). I also run up and down our steps several times during the day with laundry, kids, and just getting around our house. One day this week I did one hour of Insanity, went to the forest and walked, and then came home and ran (the weather was just too nice). I was tired at the end of that day.

Chris usually gets in 5,000-7,000 steps a day, usually with the one hour of insanity that we are doing right now. He is sitting at work, so it makes it harder for him. He is more active on weekends, however.

In the end, Chris believes we get a gift card for the steps we take. Well, if we are going to be "stepping it" anyway, may as well get a treat for it, right?!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Our Changing View

I have not done one of these in a while, an update on the view around our home. Gees, it is a messy one at the moment. Oh, and I can't forget to say LOUD! Come on, I thought there were 4 seasons, winter, spring, construction, and fall. Construction is in the summer...not all winter!!

Okay, I guess I missed that memo. is our view today. Much different than the empty space that surrounded our home 2 years ago.

Down the driveway...Can no longer see Alivia walk to Zoe's House (Zoe's house is behind this HUGE pile of dirt/mud).
Our front to the corner. Newer home on the corner, too, with new neighbors who moved in during the month of October.

Out front, more dirt. Dirt, mud, trucks, noise, EVERYWHERE!

Looking through the side kitchen windows looking to the garage side of the house.
Same direction, more dirt.

Out the kitchen window to the back of the house.

Looking to the backyard

Out the patio door. As always, a cement truck in waiting. Ponderosa is not passable during the day typically.

Oh, look there, another cement truck, being cleaned at the end of our driveway. Nice.

By the time we move, there will be houses all around us. That may be true if we move this summer even!

The Forest in February

Yesterday's high topped out in the 50's! There is usually one day of the month that is a little nicer than the others so we can keep up with our monthly visits to the forest. Yesterday Asher actually asked me if we could go to the forest.

So, we invited his friend Cameron along to run off some of that extra little boy energy (and they had a lot of it!). We arrived shortly after noon to a quiet forest, at least it was quiet until we arrived. The boys and I walked (well, they ran, but I walked) the 1 mile boardwalk. They collected sticks to throw, watched for trains on the train tracks below, looked for wild animals and birds, and got some much needed fresh air. The forest is so peaceful.

The boys played a bit in the acorn acres area before going inside to play with the blocks. Asher loves playing with the blocks. He could play there for hours.

After all the fun of the forest, we visited a park briefly before going home to wait for the girls.

It was a beautiful, fun afternoon. Both of the boys said they had fun. Forest trip: Success. Now, I just need to go back with just Asher so I can hear some of that silence. :)

Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday is the kick off, or sorts, to Lenten Season. Yesterday Asher and I attended the 8:15 Mass. As soon as we sat down, I realized that I had wanted to go to St. Vincent's (Our previous Parrish) for Mass.

Oh well, we were at Saint Columbkille now.

This is the first year since Asher was old enough to realize that he was willing to get the Ash marked on his head. He did not say a word about it. I found him to be listening through Mass, too, which is nice.

As the Scripture was being read,  I believe it was Matthew 6:6, they read about going into a room, shutting the door, to pray. Asher pipes up, not so quietly, and says, "What room?!" as he looks around the Church. It was kinda funny. This is after he asked in a previous Mass if we had to go to Church even after we died and went to Heaven. :)

This Lenten Season, we are trying to give up things and do things that will bring us closer to God.

Me: Go to confession, pray with the kids every night before bed, attend weekly Mass (this gets tricky when I work weekends. I am sleeping during Mass), and no facebook (which I have done already, but Chris would like me to get back on after I fix my settings a bit).
Chris: Pray with the kids at night, attend weekly Mass.
The kids: Pray every night, attend weekly Mass.

Let's see how we do.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

365 Project Update

You know, Chris and I are sort of doing the 365 project (really, the 366 project due to leap year) together in 2012. What a challenge that has turned out to be! Chris is too busy updating his resume and portfolio to take pictures! And I, well, I have no motivation.

So far, I have been taking most of the pictures. I have lost interest really. It is more of something I have to do every day. I now find it annoying. Last year it was fun. Now, it is getting old. But, I am plugging along. Chris is helping with the editing. So, it is still a team effort. This will definitely be my last year, if I complete it.

Here are some of my favorites...

POPULAR PAGE image of Chris and effort!

Shadow Lake sunset

Another 365 POPULAR PAGE winnter...idea from pinterest

Loved the flare in the eye, Chris' Editing at work.

Another great editing job by Chris

Me and You make We...this was really a difficult idea to execute.

Love the blue sky as Asher swings high.

This was taken at Walnut Creek.

Winter Scene

2012 Valentine: Again, really difficult to execute.

Taken yesterday, sleepy little guy. So sweet as he took one look at me before going to sleep.

Fun Filled President's day

Sleepover Feet, at Movie Time

Yesterday the kids had the day off of school for President's Day. We had a lot of fun things planned to make the most of it.

First, the kids wanted to get in that sleepover that I promised (and was supposed to be Thursday night, if they were not sick). Addison and Alivia both had friends. They ate dinner, played (all together well, which was nice), and watched a movie quietly (amazing!). Then it was time for bed.

Addison and her friend were asleep within minutes. So sweet as they cuddled together.

Alivia and Zoe...not so much. They were loud, laughing, texting me on my ipad (with Alivia's touch, something I was about to take away from her), etc. Finally, at 10:30, they went to sleep. Asher stayed downstairs, watching a movie and falling asleep, with Chris and I.

The sleepover (or should it be called awake over) went well. The morning was crazy. I got up early to get my insanity in before the kids got up. Addison and Kaitlyn were awake at 6:20! No way! Alivia and Zoe slept until 7:30 or so. Then it was time to get everyone dressed, teeth brushed, hair combed, breakfast and out the door by 8:30. I wanted to get to Zumba at 9 at the YMCA, then open swim at 10. I wanted to get there right at 10 for open swim since it was open house day at the Y and I figured it would be crazy.

The kids had fun in kids club, seeing their friend Katy and coloring with her, while I worked it out at Zumba. Let's just say an hour of Insanity followed by an hour of high impact Zumba is a major workout (but Zumba is just too much fun to skip).  We got into the pool right after 10. Initially, it was not too busy. Addison and Alivia played with Addi's friend Kate, who was swimming with her brother, Henry. Asher just splashed around, playing catch with me. Then Addison's friend Kaitlyn came with her Mommy and her little brother. Funny, Asher had to friends at the pool, Henry and Will, and really was more entertained playing alone in the pool. So funny.

At break time, the kids wanted to get out and go jump on the Y's bouncers that they had for the open house. We showered and set out to the bouncers. We then found out that they Y had to close the pool for a bit anyway (Poo found in the pool!! GROSS!! Did I say that was why I want a pool IN OUR YARD?! POO FREE ZONE!!).  By 11:30, the kids were tired and hungry, ready for our next adventure.

The kids had a picnic while I raced to the zoo to catch the 12:15 showing of Sharks. Funny, everyone else had that same idea. We were in line for tickets when at 12:05 they announced the Sharks showing was sold out. Ugh!! So, we set out to see some animals before coming back to see the 2:15 sold out Sharks in 3D IMAX. The kids were wiped (and so was I!). We took our time going through the desert dome, jungle, tigers, orangutans, gorillas and monkeys. The monkeys and tigers were in the middle of their naps, making all of us sleepy. They were so cute!

The Sharks movie was CRAZY! We waited in line until 2:13 for a 2:15 showing. We barely sat down and the movie started. Nothing like standing for 25 minutes with 3 tired kids. The movie itself was awesome. I love the underwater IMAX movies. It is so cute to see the kids try to reach out to the fish. But, they were all 3 asleep within minutes.

After the movie, we set for home. Soon, their friends Kate and Henry came to play. The boys and Addison helped me make donuts while Alivia and Kate played. This time, I threw come cocoa in with the chocolate chip donuts. They were delicious! They were a hit with all the kids except Alivia, who refused to try them ("I don't like donuts.") The boys challenged me with their endless energy before I started a movie for them so they would chill. I am always amazed where kids get all their energy?! 

It was a fun filled day. At dinner, I asked the kids what they liked best.
Asher, "I liked Ycare with Katy, swimming, jumpy jumps, the zoo monkeys, the sharks movie, and playing airplanes with Henry." Addison liked her sleepover and the tigers at the zoo. Alivia said she agreed with Asher, except she liked playing with Kate.

Day off, success.

Now, today is going to be a day of rest. I'm exhausted!