Sunday, November 29, 2009

Asher Wade turns 2!

Today is Asher's 2nd birthday! It is so hard to believe that our baby is 2! Where did the time go?

Asher has changed a lot just in the last few weeks. He is talking in sentences and loves to mimic what his sisters are saying, such as, "You are mean, " What are you doing?" His favorite word remains "No" and we seldom hear him say "yes." He has been ready to potty train for months, sometimes even liking to sit on the potty. But, Mommy has been too busy and stressed to take that on! Then, when I had a moment, he was not not feeling well, so we had to wait. He does not like wearing a wet or dirty diaper and will generally tell me when he needs to be changed by laying down anywhere and saying, "Poopy!" Someday soon I will feel like taking that on again...maybe. It will be strange to not have any kiddos in diapers!

Asher loves to "snack," which is another one of his favorite words. He used to say "snack" for food or drink. He just started, within the last 2 weeks or so, drinking milk after refusing it for nearly a year. He still prefers dry cereal. When it comes to food, he either likes it or hates it by spitting it out (and that can be minutes later, in a different room, on the carpet). His favorite foods are cocoa puffs (his name for every cereal. He asks for cocoa puffs as soon as he wakes in the morning), special K cereal and crackers. He will occasionally eat broccoli or a cheeseburger, but he is quite picky for such a big boy. He is short and solid, still wearing some 12-18m clothes, but mostly size 18m (his 24m and 2T's will probably be worn NEXT winter. Poor thing is going to be short).

Asher is showing signs of his age by showing his voice and making himself quite heavy when he does not want to move. Seriously, he arches his back and weighs 900 lbs like magic! I have this super power strength that allows me to still pick him up though! Asher is a quite LOUD boy, too, and does not know the meaning of an inside voice yet.

Asher's favorites: Going to parks, playing at the play spaces at Malls (although are a germ feast!), dinosaurs (he misses Dinoquest), the animals at the zoo, balls, playing with his sisters, and apple juice.

Asher's Dislikes: Baths (especially getting water on his head!), going down to nap (but he does get 2-3 hours of sleep once he gets there), being awoke from nap, messes.

Even though we just moved and our home is a total mess, we could not miss Asher's birthday! So, today we are celebrating with a littly party with his Grandparents and a dinosaur cake! It is so cool! He is getting a little dinosaur, a ninja motorcycle toy like Daddy's real toy, and a basketball hoop set for his birthday. He will be so excited for each new thing, and we look forward to seeing his reaction.

Happy 2nd Birthday Asher Wade!!


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Missing Grandma Vera: 1 Year

It has been 1 year since my Grandma Vera left this world to travel down the golden roads of Heaven. I just recently read the book, "90 Minutes in Heaven," which described one man's preception of Heaven from his 90 minute visit. The book did give me some peace when thinking of my Grandma. It described how amazing (obviously) Heaven is, how loved ones greeted the man before going through the gates, and how the author did not even think about Earth and missing people on Earth. Although I know Grandma is in a better place now, we still miss her and ache for her to be with us every day.

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

DSC03005DSC03006Thanksgiving Dinner 2009DSC03014DSC03019DSC03020Dave (with headband) with AliviaDave & the girls

Even though we closed on our home on Thanksgiving Eve, we wanted to still eat and celebrate. We went to my Aunt Marshas for turkey and to see my Grandma Marci and cousin Dave from Chicago. Alivia really likes Dave, who loves to pick on her. It is actually weird how Alivia is with Dave. Addison was afraid of him at first, but warmed up to him by the time we left. Aunt Marsha served wonderful food and her home looked so festive. We had a wonderful time! Now, onto moving! We loaded up and headed to our new home just in time to get all of the beds set up for our first night at home!

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Thanksgiving Blessings

As we celebrate Thanksgiving 2009, we have to stop and take note of what we are thankful for.

1. God

2. My wonderful husband

3. Our 3 beautiful children

4. Our loving parents and grandparents who support us through everything

5. Food on the table that we can share with each other

6. And a home, especially a home after our long struggle to get one!

May this Thanksgiving be filled with love and Thanksgiving Blessings!

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Homeowners Again...?

What a day we had!

We started the day by getting Asher's 2 year pictures taken (he turns 2, believe it or not, on Sunday) and pictures of all 3 kiddos since Alivia had the day off of school. Then we were off for the final walk through of the house. At 11:30 when we were supposed to be closing on the house, I was fixing lunch in the apartment. Shortly after noon, our real estate agent called with the news, the closing was not going to happen today. The county had not refreshed their systems so we could not see if the liens were off. Additionally, there was a wrong address placed on the seller's divorce documents that needed to be fixed prior to a closing taking place. Needless to say, we were furious! We had waited nearly 5 weeks and still were without a home?!

After telling the real estate agent that the sale was off and we were moving on, we packed out bags and headed to my parents in Iowa. I really just wanted to get out of the apartment and get some space from everything. We packed up everything and headed out.

At 4:15, my mom came running at me with the phone, "It's Michael!" our real estate agent. Humm, that's funny, I thought. Why would he be calling so late? This can only mean more bad news or perhaps a change of some sort.

He asked where we were, and I told him we were in Iowa so we could ponder our next move, offer, etc. He did have news. The seller threatened a major lawsuit that put fire into the situation to get things closed. They also knew our intentions to walk if things were not repaired ASAP. NP Dodge Title Services rocks is all I have to say. The girl there stayed late on the day before Thanksgiving to get this home closed knowing that we were going to walk, the seller was going to file suit (against the builder and the real estate agency the builder works for), and on and on. She somehow got the county to update the property file. It showed only one lien remaining because that contractor had filed a lawsuit (seriously, how complicated can a sale of a home be?). As Michael thought we would for sure walk when we heard we had to wait for a lawsuit to get cleared up, he saw the builder in the title office writing a check to pay for the lien of that lawsuit! So, that meant that the title company was clear to settle the property pending the title be cleared upon the liens being paid in the courts. We are guaranteed a clear title with our expanded title insurance or the title company is liable. That includes any future liens on the property because of this creepy builder that shall go nameless in this blog. Oh, you want to know why? Chris had to sign a gag order that we would not go to the press or would we sue the builder or the LARGE real estate agency he works for in Omaha (clearly we had a major case to do so!). Chris hesitated, but he did sign it. However, I did not have to sign it!!

All things said...we are now homeowners again!! We plan on spending Thanksgiving Dinner with my family tomorrow in Iowa, perhaps popping into say hello to Chris' family in Omaha, before heading out to unload some stuff out of the 4 car garage finally into OUR HOME! Yes, our home. Sounds weird after 5 weeks to have a home again...but how nice it is! What a Thanksgiving Blessing!


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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Is no news good news?

We spoke with our real estate agent once yesterday. They were still waiting to see if the liens were just going to fall off the home after the 30 day jurisdiction. He called at 6:30 last night, too, but I was too sick to answer and I had kicked Chris out of the apartment with our three very noisy kids (Yes, I got hit with a bad case of stomach flu - it was awful!).

So...we are still waiting to see if we will close on our new home tomorrow and wondering, is no news good news?

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Bad Things, Good People?

You know...we have had our share of bad luck lately. We have heard this quote a lot lately, "Why do bad things happen to good people?" If that is really the case, Chris and I must be really good people. Ha!

Someone must have thought we did not have enough drama in our lives. The other day we walked out to the van to see that a brown car or some sort had hit the side of the van and drove away. Nice! Not sure if it happened in the parking lot of this apartment complex that we are temporarily calling home or it happened someplace else and we just overlooked it. Whatever the case, Chris and I are quite mad at the driver of a brownish car/suv/van, whatever. Seriously...we are ready for that streak of good luck to come ANYTIME!

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Sunday, November 22, 2009


Our weekend tradition is to go to Mass. Typically, we attend 9am Mass, sitting in the same seat every week. If I work, however, we go whenever I am awake enough. With that said, our Sundays have turned to 1 hour (or more) of torture as Asher gets older.

Today, he left Mass with a black eye and a bump on the back of his head. Yes, I said this happened after attending CHURCH! I have not a clue what the Homily was about, either. All I know is that Asher bumped his eye on the pew, yelled, "Ouch" just before crying loudly. It took a long walk around the school before he recovered. Next, he fell over the kneeling bench, bumping the back of his head on the pew. Back out to the Narthex I went. I went out at least one more time for another crying episode. Seriously, carrying his all over trying to calm him down was quite the workout!

As I was in the Narthex, I glanced at the book for those to pray for. The top 2 lines listed the names: Edward Cullen and Taylor Lautner (the 2 main characters from Twilight, New Moon). Can you imagine father praying for them during Mass?

I know I know...Jesus was actually tortured and died for us...the least we can do is to endure the time to attend Mass with Asher and the girls.

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Growing Excitement

Oh, come on! Do we really have to wait until Monday or maybe Tuesday? We are just hopeful to know that we may be in a home next week, or will at least know which home next week! Oh...the waiting continues. Now, back to my feet rub down by Daddy.

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Picky Eaters

Even when I have pots and pans to cook with, I am challenged to find something the entire family will eat without complaining. The 2 things the kids will eat now without complaining are McDonalds and Mamas Pizza. I would like to find something I can make!

I have been trying to find new things to eat with the coupons I cut. If I match sales with the coupons, sometimes we can try things for a little bit of nothing. So, there is little risk involved. I typically try out things with Addison and Asher first. If they like it, I move to Alivia (who is the most picky eater of the 3, even more so than Chris!). In our house, we make one meal and you eat it or go hungry. The only exception is that we do make Alivia something else when we have pasta because she does not like it. I can not possibly prepare something for each person or I would never leave the kitchen. Besides, I was brought up on meat, corn and mashed potatoes and gravy and I lived. I may not eat any of those things now, but I lived. :)

Keep in mind, right now we are limited to a pasta pan, sauce pan and a pizza pan. So, we have limited preparation options. The latest things that get the Addison and Asher seal of approval are: Ham and cheese lean pockets (they eat 1/2 each), strawberry applesauce (no sugar added and it is quite good), chocolate mini muffins that comes with the muffin pan (really good but only makes 12 really tiny muffins. Again, I only bought these because we do not have a pan), whole grain rotini shells n cheese, banana yogurt, yogurt tubes (very messy though), and the saucy steamed vegetables. I have a stash of other new things to try with them this week and then I will begin the process of trying these things with Alivia. Now, keep in mind, Chris will eat none of these items and I will not eat meat. So, we are not finding anything yet that we all will eat.

So, what's for dinner? Please do share?

Tonight: Deli night: Deli turkey/cheese sandwiches, baked chips, mandarin oranges, Addison requested steamed broccoli while Alivia will have carrots and dip.

Friday: Friday is pizza night. Yeah! I don't have to think. However, everyone only likes Mamas. We do try to get other pizzas, but it is rare that everyone eats it. We all like cheese, but we find the girls liking beef at Grandma and Granpas' houses.

Saturday: New food - Popcorn shrimp

Sunday: Chicken nuggets, steamed veges, grapes w/ yogurt (the kids use the yogurt as dip).

Monday: Monday is Pasta night, garlic bread, salad.

Well, we will end there since next week is a Holiday and may be our moving week. If we are moving on Wednesday...we will probably eat out on Tuesday night. We are trying to introduce the kids to new places to eat out at, too. Before we just never ventured out. Now, we have been forced to from lack of resouces at home. Any suggestions of kid friendly places?

I am waiting to hear what everyone feeds their family. Perhaps when we get into a house with all of our stuff we can try some more new things!

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Little Cuddlebug

Was not sure if I should title this our little cuddle bug or I've been replaced! The last week or so, Asher has decided he wants to sleep with us. His room in this apartment is clearly not heated. There is a vent in there, but nothing comes out of it and it is seriously cold. We have tried moving his pack in play out by us to no avail. We will try again tonight. In the mean time, cuddle on...

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Biggest Price

I have blogged before (before the situation got progressively worse) the big price of moving. There now are additional costs, such as rent, transferring fees into the apartment for hopefully only a month, eating out more because we have limited things to prepare food with, etc. We are not getting the home for cheaper because of all of this (although I think we should!).
In addition to all the money price of our situation, there is the price on our friends and family. First of all, our friends and family are sick of it. They do not even ask about our situation anymore if they ever did to begin with. Our family, especially our parents, are probably more than done with us. My parents moved my sister in the spring and have moved us from our home to the garage and then into the apartment. They are done with moving. They are storing some of our stuff in addition to all of my sisters stuff that takes up much of their home/garage. They are done with being the family storage unit. They have drove the 1 hour down here to take care of our kids so we could look at other homes, too. They have also spent countless minutes/hours on the phone listening to our housing drama unfold. Chris' parents have also watched the kids, stored some of our stuff, gone housing shopping with us, let us stay there until we found the apartment in spite of some boomerang effect (Chris brother and family and now Chris and our family have both moved back home at some point. I do not know Chris' brother's situation, but Chris and I had no place else to go and it was not planned. Looking back, we should have gone to a hotel, but under stressful conditions his parents home was just safer and easier), and had to have us over A LOT because we can not stay cooped up in the apartment for very long without losing our minds. Also, Chris has gone over there now twice because I have worked both a Saturday and a Sunday night shift in a row so need the apartment quiet so I can sleep. Oh, and we can not forget the topper - they have our cat! I am sure this is not what they had in mind for Chris' Moms first winter of retirement. When we are not at their house bugging them, they babysit for Chris' brothers 2 small kiddos - so I am sure they are wiped out as well. Yes, we do recognize all of this and think our parents are amazing!

You really find out how much friends and family care or don't care when you are in a situation like this. It saddens me to know how little some people care. Let's just say - neither of our siblings have called one time to see how we are doing. My sister does not call or email anyway and neither does Chris' brother- but still. If the situation were reversed, Chris and I would have gladly opened our home and hearts to help them. I am so saddened that I will have a hard time giving up my Holidays or sharing our kids' birthdays anytime soon. Those are special times to be spent with those you love AND LOVE YOU BACK! Chris and I both think they are laughing about our situation, which is nice to think about. At this point, we have to assume the worse since they have not called us.

As for friends. Ugh. Yes, we did sell our home in a bad economic time. But, we did not purposely put ourselves in THIS situation. We get the impression that think we caused this drama on ourselves - so let us suffer. Now that I am writing that out, perhaps they are not really friends.

I guess good and bad has come out of this in many ways. We now know we need to find good friends. Do they exist? I have had 2 close friends since I was 3 or younger that I think would go out on a limb for me. That is not very many when you consider my age. So, we are learning to be even more independent considering we know we can not depend on anyone. I do think it has brought us closer as an immediate family. I mean, how much closer can you get when we are all shoved into a small space for an extended period of time. This is as close to camping as I may ever get because I do not think I could sleep on a blow up bed again.

The biggest price of all of this is the new reality for us. I am not being selfish thinking we are deserving of a phone call or anything from our family or friends - we just know what we would have done if the tables are reversed.

I am still looking for the bright light in this situation. I am hoping it will come on the day we get into our new home, settled, all snug in our BEDS,  together as a family. It does not matter what home we chose, we will make it our home as a family.

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Monday, November 16, 2009

The Back Up Plan

We have to have a back up plan if the home we are in contract with does not close on the 25th. So, it is between these 2 homes. Unfortunately, the ranch is out of the question due to the high, high price.

Gray home Walk out to forestDining room20913614-2Family room (basement down to the left front).KitchenEating Area/sitting area by window (looking over forest)Family RoomMaster BathAsher's room

Home 1 The Gray House in Lakewood Villages with 3000 FSF on 2 floors (unfinished walk out basement)

Exceptional Quality Finishes In This 2 Story Home On Premium Lot With A Forest Behind. Cooktop & Double Ovens, W-i Pantry, Wide Painted Trim, Wrought Iron Spindles, Birch Cabinets & Floor, Quartz Counters In Kitchen & Baths, Jack-n-jill Bath, 3/4 Bath & Master Bath W/Corner Whirlpool, W-i Shower W/2 Heads. Lots Of Beautiful Clad Windows. Built 2008.



þ  Forest

þ  Walk-out

þ  Jack-N-Jill

þ  Beautiful Upgrades

þ  Drop Zone

þ  3 car garage

þ  Very close to work

þ  Lower taxes

þ  Close to school

þ  Open layout with large kitchen

þ  Quiet neighborhood

þ  2nd story laundry room

þ  Asher gets his very own bathroom

þ  This home has the most amazing finishes - all quartz counters throughout, big creamy white woodwork, wood engrained wood floors, window treatments, walk in shower with dual shower heads, etc. The only cheap thing I found was how the master closet was finished - and we would have to fix that.

þ  Double Ovens

þ  Window Treatments!


ý  Asking price too high (would probably be the highest priced home on the street so far. That is not a good thing for resale. The homes across the street that the home faces are probably priced $100,000 less than the home).

ý  Unfinished Basement

ý  Stained Driveway/Garage that the seller has to repair before we close or escrow the expense to be repaired in the spring.

ý  Not much too look at

ý  Cable boxes in front yard

ý  Small back yard as far as the grass goes, but the lot goes well into the forest and can be make into usable space.

ý  Located in Lakewood Villages (we wanted to live in Shadow Lake)

ý  Very close to neighbors, closer than our old home.

ý  Not many walking trails

ý  No covered deck

ý  No refrigerator

ý  No address plate currently (but the seller has paid for we are hoping she would have that completed)

Home FrontEntry wayPantryKitchenMore KitchenFamily roomMaster Bedroom/ClosetMaster BathMaster Bath with Peek A Boo Lake ViewsEntry

Home 2: The 2 story home by Hill Construction with 2722 Finished square feet on the top 2 floors (Has unfinished walk out basement).

Hill Custom Homes Original 2 Story Plan Is Energy Rated 5 Star + Nationally!Features Include: 2 Story Entry, Formal Lr & Dr, Hand Scraped Oak Flrs, Glass Front Cabs, Surround Fam Room Frplc. Open Kitchen W/Birch Cabs, Granite Ctr Island W/Eating Bar, Ss Appliances, Lg W/In Pantry. Drop Zone W/Lockers & 1/2 Bath In Rear Entry. Spacious Mstr Suite W/Tiled Walk-in Shower, Whrlpl Tub & Lg W/In Closet. 2nd Flr Laundry, Oversized Garage, Covered Deck, Passive. Radon Syst. Across From New Grade School. Built 2009.


þ  Across street from school

þ  Walk-out

þ  Drop Zone - but visible from kitchen and could pose as a eyesore.

þ  3 car garage

þ  Covered Deck

þ  Large back yard

þ  Interesting to look at

þ  Laundry Room 2nd floor

þ  Radon System already installed

þ  Located in Shadow Lake

þ  Hill construction quality

þ  Private drive and terrace

þ  Walking trails around the lake

þ  Peek a boo view of the lake


ý  Asking price too high for what the home offers

ý  Unfinished Basement (but is a walk out and Hill Construction probably could finish it for us eventually).

ý  Narrow stair case

ý  Living area has space issues to deal with (it is just too narrow)

ý  Smaller kitchen

ý  No Jack-N-Jill

ý  No window treatments

ý  Asher does not have his own bath

ý  No Refrigerator

ý  Cheap Faucets in bathrooms.

So, we have another decision to make. Any thoughts? We are open to hear them. Again, for those who have seen both homes, they can't even decide or wish wash between the homes. The gray home is super nice. It's biggest flaw is that it is not in Shadow Lake! The Hill home is just cool to look at in a nice location - a terrace across from Bell Elementary. With that said, the Hill home does not have the baths and is very narrow and just plain smaller than the gray home. My thoughts - we offer on our first pick a low price and work up to what we got the Ponderosa home for. The first one that accepts our offer wins. But, which one do we bid on first? Oh, not again! I am not sure how much more I can take. UGH! Help!


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Friday, November 13, 2009

A Closing Date

We are trying to be optimistic and move forward on the Ponderosa Home hoping that the liens will just go away after the 30 days. If it is truly that easy I will be so shocked! Anyway, a closing date of November 25 has been selected (it just so happens to be our deadline date for the house anyway). It is good and bad. Good in that it seems like progress. It is bad in that we are all just being hopeful and if the liens do not go away we will be even more disappointed, if that is even remotely possible.

Michael, our real estate agent, called this morning with the above news. He also reported that Mr. Fuller (who is the home builder and real estate agent for the seller) was complaining about us going on TV and how it made matters worse. For who - him? I care as much for him and his situation as he does ours! Mr. Fuller also continued by badmouthing the seller of the house, which I find highly inappropriate and unprofessional, especially after all that homeowner has put up with. As it turns out, the homeowner's divorce was just starting about the time they were to close on the home. The seller wanted out of the home and told the builder he would just forego his downpayment and not close on the home. The builder, Mr. Fuller, then gave the seller this big sob story on how the seller was going to bankrupt him, effect many of his subcontractors who would not be paid if they did not close, etc. The homeowner was mistakenly guilted into closing on the home, then putting it up for sale. Imagine his surprise when the homeowner had to sell the home below what he paid for it (just like buying a new car - you buy a new house you pay extra for it being new) and pay Mr. Fuller commission too! Anyway, with all of this said, for Fuller to give the homeowner any kind of bad feedback is highly inappropriate!

So, as of now, we have a close date of November 25. If we do close on the home, we will have a home on Thanksgiving and move in over that weekend. If we do not close on the 25, we will be looking and possibly bidding on another home shortly after the 25th. Yes, that means we would have to move all of our things out of the garage AGAIN!

Let's pray it all works out in the end. And, let's also pray there will be an end.

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House shopping again

Front of the RanchHouse10View from the front door areaDining RoomBasement Wet Bar

Chris and have been actively looking for our back up home over the last few weeks. We now think we have it narrowed down to 3 homes. There is a ranch we really like in Shadow Lake. Chris and I are not ranch people, however. Maybe it is just that ranches are not typically made for a family with 3 kids! This home is a minimalist home in that the kitchen is smaller than some we have seen, there is only a dining room and not an eat in kitchen (so we would have an extra table). On the other hand, it is very modern and has the style that Chris and I just love! The problem? We would have to sell a kidney and a lung to purchase it if we do not want to pull money out of savings (which we do not want to do). However, we would have to do minimal work inside with the exception of shutters on the windows. We also have 2 2 story homes that we are looking at as back ups.

Our plan: We are giving the other home until the 25th of November to clear the liens. If they can not provide us with a clear title - then we will be seriously considering bidding and moving forward on another property. We would drop that house in a heartbeat if the ranch was more within our price range. We like it that much. But, it is not. Also, the gray house we originally offered on is a contender as well. Yesterday when we were looking at it 2 deer ran through the forest behind the home! I asked Michael, our real estate agent, if he threw that out there for a selling point! It was like a sign or something.

So, we will stay put with our plasticwear, paper plates and the leatherman for cutting bread until the end of the month!

Upstairs family roomView from the KitchenMaster BathMaster ShowerBasement Family Room

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

More Bad News

Yesterday we heard word that a 6th lien had been filed now totally over $20,000, meaning yet another 30 days from today (if the lawyers file the paperwork today). Unless these liens are going to be paid off by the builder or the homeowner (highly unlikely), we will be forced to move on and walk away from the $2200 we will lose in the process. Ugh! So, today and tomorrow we are hitting the streets to look for a new home. If you have a suggestion for us (like in France) please send them our way! Wish us luck!

Oh, there is good news. I avoided a black cat last night during my run. Sorry, I have to see good signs wherever I can! Ha!

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Monday, November 09, 2009

Where are things at?

We don't know! Seriously...we are getting so tired of the not knowing it is making our hair fall out.

I don't know where any of our stuff is. I am having to buy the kids more clothes since I only packed them clothes for a week when I packed their things AND I can not find their clothes in the garage. We had the best intentions to organize the stuff in the garage when we moved, but due to lack of time it just did not happen. So, I went shopping today and picked up a few things for the kids. Chris and I will continue to wear the only 5 things we have in our possession, however. Nice! I will never wear these clothes again! I am all for surprises. However, it would have been nice to know we were going to be without our things for so long so we could have packed accordingly.

Chris and I have been looking at other homes. On Friday, we found one home we liked, but it had 2 things wrong with it. First of all, it backed to many neighbors. Second of all, it turned out to be a short sale and it said to allow 8 weeks to hear back from the offer. In a short sale, the seller owes more than the home is being listed at. Therefore, both the seller and the bank have to approve an offer. If you watch HGTV, some people wait MONTHS to hear back from the bank. With all of that said, we decided that it would be 3rd on the list at least. So, Friday we will head back out to take a look at some of the homes we looked at the first time to see which home we will offer on first, if need be. Our poor real estate agent!

Chris and I are trying to be patient. First of all, all of our stuff is in the 4 car garage of the home we have a contract with. It would be way easier to move it right into the house than to move to another home. We will lose money if we walk away from it too. It will come out to $1100. We should get our deposit back because the reason we would walk is because of the liens on the home.

We will give it a month to see how things pan out here. If the seller does not see anything clearing up, we will be forced to move forward on another home. Our hope: to be in our new home, wherever it shall be, by Christmas!

In the meantime, we will sit, impatiently, in the apartment on air mattresses where we share everything, including colds. I will not lie, the living situation is not pleasant. We have minimal toys for the kids, we do not have any furniture, and nobody is sleeping. Additionally, Chris hates scraping his car at 5 AM every morning, and I am dreading it when it snows!

Oh, better go. Time to go night night on the air mattress! WAHHHOOO! At least we will appreciate our home and our beds once we get into a home and crawl into bed.

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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Fly Guy/Biker Boy!

Flying AddisonAviator DaddyWindmills!Pilot AsherBiker BoysShelby TrailOn a walk with Grandma

Today was so beautiful! It was in the 70's and sunny, so we took a chance to go take an airplane ride. Chris went and flew around a bit before calling in Addison, Asher and I. Alivia did not want to go, of course. Asher took the controls and would not let go. Chris swears Asher landed the plane. Ha!

After lunch, the kids, Grandma and I tried to take a nice peaceful walk on the Shelby trails. The trail is pretty, but the kids were not acting pretty. Grandma and I were seriously exhausted at the end of the walk and needed some quiet time! After watching a little TV, we went back outside to play. Asher was so funny on the big wheel. He has no fear, putting his feet up as he rode down the hill into the rock. He would not even pay attention to where he was going! Alivia played with Tiper, the cat, while Addison pushed her baby around in the stroller. Addison got the touch of the flu and really was suffering as the day wore on.

Meanwhile, Chris and Grandpa went on a motorcycle ride, stopping at one of Grandpa's favorite pubs. The boys had fun!

We finished the day with more TV with popcorn with M&Ms. Mmmmm! After a small detour on the way home, all the kids fell asleep, going right to bed when we got home.

What a fun day and a nice break from our new reality!


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