Monday, November 27, 2006

Thanksgiving Weekend...


Grandpa George, Alivia & Me
Visit from Grandma and Grandpa Austin
Trip To IA

Did everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving? We got up early on Thanksgiving morning and went and saw my Grandpa George at the Immanuel Fontenelle Rehab Center. We brought him freshly baked pumpkin bread which I think he enjoyed. We spent the rest of our Thanksgiving with Chris' family at the home of his parents in Omaha. There were a lot of kids, so Alivia was a little overwhelmed. Friday and Saturday we just spent the days playing with the kids. On Friday, Chris and I did a little black Friday shopping the only way we will do it - ONLINE! We were able to get one of those special anniversary Elmos (how we got it at regular price will remain our little secret) and some bargains at Old We, I mean Chris, also put up the tree and all the trimmings. Alivia, Addison and I did help put the decorations on the tree, though. Saturday night Addison and I did venture out for a little shopping. I have most of the Christmas shopping complete, but missed my goal of being done by Thanksgiving. Sunday we went to 9 AM Mass where Alivia thought Father Dan was Jesus. It was cute as she said, "There's Jesus!" I had to carry both girls to communion this week and got lucky a friend of Chris' walked Alivia back. Thank-you!

Chris' parents came over to play for a bit on Sunday. That was nice because they wore out Alivia so she took a good nap (and so did Addison and I!).

I have a long list of things to do this week as usual. This afternoon, the girls and I took a small trip to Iowa to the dentist. The girls stayed with Grandma and Boppa while I got my teeth cleaned. The rest of this week, I would like to complete the Christmas shopping and the Christmas letter. I also need to register Alivia in gymnastics to begin in January. Finally, I need to finish my hunt for the perfect preschool for Miss Alivia (is there one in Omaha?). UGH! Somewhere in there I would like to take a class to learn to juggle!

Have a good week!

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Monday, November 20, 2006

Christmas pics, Hot Air balloons, Family...Oh My!

Alivia & Addison
Look at the Hot Air Balloons!
1,2,3,4,5 Hot air balloons!
The Austin Family
4 Generations

We have been REALLY busy the last few days. On Friday, we had family pictures & Addison's 4 month pictures taken at Capture Today ( ) in Omaha.

Saturday afternoon, we went to Lake Zorinsky in Omaha to watch the launching on 10 hot air balloons! It was a lot of fun! Although it was a little cold, Alivia did not seem to mind once she put on Daddy's gloves.

We hosted my family for an early Thanksgiving on Sunday. Grandma Vera, Grandma Jones, my parents (Grandma and Boppa), Auntie Nikki, Aunt Marsha & Great Aunt Roma from California all game for dinner. We had a wonderful day, and it was so nice to see everyone...although we missed Grandpa George (he recently broke his hip and is in rehab).

Alivia and Addison were both wiped out after everyone left. Alivia actually slept from 7pm-7am! Addison woke up once during the night because she did not eat well during the party.

We have another busy week planned. I have to work at Childrens Tuesday night in addition to working Tuesday and Wednesday I should be a wreck by days end Wednesday. Thanksgiving will be at Chris' parents in Omaha on Thursday.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Addison's 4 month check-up


Alivia colors on the paper
Addison laughs at Dr. Calderon

It is so hard to believe that our little baby girl is already 4 months old! She is getting big, too! She is now 11lbs 8oz! They measured her to be 24.5 inches, but I remeasured her at home to be more like 22.5 inches long (which was more like it). She was doing fine at her appointment. She is so more advanced than Alivia was at four months. Believe it or not, though, Addison is SMALLER! Alivia started out a pound lighter but was a pound heavier at 4 months than Addison is. Crazy how 2 kids can be so much different.

We are getting through our busy week as we prepare for Thanksgiving Sunday. I decided today that I do not think I want to host anymore parties for a while. I am so busy catching up at work that I have no time to prepare for Thanksgiving. I am just exhausted all the time. I am ready for the 4 day weekend next week NOW.

Hope you all are having a wonderful week.

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Trip to Chucke's


Daddy, Alivia and Addison at Chucke Cheese
The Girls at Chucke Cheese
Addison Rose, 4 months old

We had a seemingly busy weekend even though we spent most of it at home. On Saturday we took the first family trip to Chucke Cheese. Alivia and Daddy went there after Addison was born, but Addison and I had not been there yet. This was Alivia's reward for sleeping in her own bed for 1 week straight! Yeah! After about an hour, Alivia warmed up to the place and started to have fun. We (oh I mean I) spent the rest of Saturday CLEANING and doing LAUNDRY, while Chris started to put together the Christmas gifts for the girls. We are hosting Thanksgiving next Sunday for my family since my Great Aunt Roma will be visiting from California. Roma has not met the we are excited to see her. Sunday started off rather early. Addison woke at 6, so Addison and I went to the 7:30 Mass and Alivia and Daddy went to the 9. While they were at Church, Addison and I went and picked up the big bird (no, not the yellow one from SS, either). Then we came home and did some more laundry. No, I never get done with laundry. Addison likes to go through 3 outfits on average a day. She is not real good about keeping her milk in her stomach. Addison turned 4 months old today! She is cooing, still rolling over, and does sit ups really well. She will be crawling in no time. She is suffering from a really bad chest cold now. Tis the season I guess. Alivia is working on being fully potty trained at night. With her not sleeping in her own bed, we have not mastered that one yet. Topher and I did not want potty in OUR bed, thank-you. :) Alivia has also mastered counting from 1-12, up from 1-10. We are very proud of her!  I began my search last week for a preschool for Alivia in the fall. This is a very overwhelming task. However, I believe Alivia needs this socially as she is extremely shy around other kids. We'll see what I come up with.

This week is going to be a crazy one. We have appointments almost every night after work. Addison has her 4 month check-up (and 4 more shots) and Alivia will finally be getting her flu shot. We also are getting our Christmas pictures taken this week. Oh, and there will be more cleaning to do to prepare for the big dinner and I am sure Chris will spend his nights up late putting together little kitchen sets and such. :) Until next week...

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Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Maiefski's visit


Today Alivia woke us up at 6am! We went to the 9am Mass. Heidi, Paul, Taylor and Gage arrived shortly after arriving at home. It is fun to see their boys grow up. Alivia just watched them play (as she usually does when "kids" come over to play). They played outside much of the time as the weather was beautiful. They left early in the afternoon. Alivia is taking her version a nap while Chris is taking advantage of the warm weather and putting up the Christmas lights. Where does he get his energy?  Oh, and get this, Chris got 3rd place in our neighborhood's haunted house contest!  Now we have $35 in movie passes (too bad we never go to the movies...). Check out the winners at

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Saturday, November 04, 2006



Addison, 3 1/2 monthsPreFlight PhotoIn flight photoThe pilotsOn finalTummy time

Today we took a trip to Iowa to see Grandma Bet and Boppa Bill (aka Derald, the Bill is for Graybill and is easier to say). Chris and Boppa took Alivia and I up for a brief airplane ride. Alivia looked out the window and seemed to like it. She saw the Lake below and got excited for a brief moment. We then went back to Grandma and Boppas for a wonderful lunch. Alivia played outside on the playset, had a wagon ride, and played on her little car. She also played "downstairs" with all Grandma's toys. Addison showed her stuff by rolling over for Grandma, chatting her little baby noises, and smiling and laughing a lot. What a little doll! The girls were all tuckered out as they slept on the way home. What a fun day on the farm!

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