Saturday, March 14, 2015

Happy Birthday to Me

Last week, Chris and I took the first Allegiant air flight out of Omaha to Clearwater Beach, Fl to celebrate my big 40th birthday. I bought this trip for myself.  I have to say...I did good!
We arrived Thursday night just in time to eat at our hotel restaurant, the Palm Pavilion. It was amazing! Chris and I both had shrimp salads and they were filled with shrimp! Yummy!! We hotel was also the Palm Pavilion. It was perfect for couples. And the restaurant was right there on the beach! Loved it!
We got up Friday morning and Chris hit the local crossfit box while I hit the beach to run. 6 miles and a handful of shells later I was back exhausted. I was quickly getting sicker with my chest cold. Friday turned out to be rainy as Chris and I got trapped down at the pier and had to run back. Icecream helped is warm up, lol. Hey, it was my birthday and I wanted sorbet! We went back to the Palm pavilion for dinner because it was that good!
Sunday Chris ran with me. It was freezing and I was seriously sick. Chris found 5 whole sand dollars and a starfish though! He is a good luck charm! We then picked me up some drugs for my cold before making our way to to St Petes Beach. We fed the meter and just laid in the sand  listening to the ocean. Chris got a little too much sun on his face but it felt great. So relaxing...just what we both needed. We topped off the night with local pizza from Kings in Clearwater Beach (very good).
Sunday morning we had to Allegiant air may be cheap but they only fly out a couple days a week. It was a quick yet fun trip and a great birthday present. 
When we arrived home at lunch time, the kids surprised me with decorations and little presents they bought me (the only ones I would open). Super sweet. My kids and my parents are amazing.
I think I will buy my own birthday present every year. :) I did good if I do say so myself. I can't wait to go back to Florida in May with the kids!

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Saying Good Bye to My 30's

Tomorrow marks the end of a decade. That's right, tomorrow is the last day I will be 30 something. That's hard to type out and admit frankly.


I will be the big 4-0 on Friday.

Luckily, Chris is older than me and has experienced the big birthday already. That should make me feel better...but it doesn't.

I know, I should be thankful that I get to experience 40 at all. I get that. It, for whatever reason, doesn't make me feel better right now.

I am thankful for what I accomplished in my 30's though. I had 2 out of my 3 babies during my 30's (I know, I am an old Mommy. If I had it my way I would have had 3 babies in my 30's! That may be my biggest regret). I was a working Mother, a SAHM (Stay at Home Mom) and back to a working Mother...all in my 30's. I now know I should have quit my job when I had Alivia in my 20's, and I probably should have never returned to work. :) I ran in my 30's. I ran a half marathon and ended my decade with 2 full marathons. That is a big deal for an old gal like myself! We traveled, we moved, we grew older together as a family, while I lived my 30's.

It was a good decade. I suppose I should grow up and be ready to be 40.

My friend Heidi said it this way, and I am not quoting but this is what I got from talking to her. Forty isn't so bad. But after 40 comes 50 and that's bad. So I guess I better be okay with the age I am at now because I am not going to get any younger.

So Happy Birthday to Me. I bought myself a trip to Florida for my birthday. We only live once, and we don't know for how long, so I am going to enjoy my BIG day on the beach with my toes in the sand. I may just stay there, too.

The Beginning (of yet ANOTHER decade)...