Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Family of 6!

That's right...we are now a family of 6!

Chris and I, Alivia, Addison, Asher and now...??
What shall we name her? Her given name so far is Glinda after the good witch of the Wizard of Oz, but we can give her a new name before we register her. Decisions, decisions.

We found this cute little 9 month old Papillon in Ceresco, NE at a Papillon breeder. She has been somewhat trained, but will need more work. I hope to take training classes with her and one of the girls.

We had selected 2 dogs. Addison and I liked one, Alivia and Chris liked another, and Asher did not care. In the end, Addison caved. She told Alivia today she just wanted a dog so she picked Glinda since nobody would change their mind, but she really wanted the other one! How sweet is that?!

No matter what, Glinda is adorable and sweet. She cuddled in our bed all night, ran errands with us this morning (we went to Petco to buy her some supplies!), and now she is napping. The kids all want to hold her. Asher does not really care one way or another. He says she is cute and then goes off to do his own thing.

Who knew I would finally cave in and get a dog? I did not want the more work, but Addison really wanted a puppy. In the end, Addison changed my mind. Ruin the grass? Who cares? It is just grass? Walk the dog? Oh,  it is good for us (although I am not sure about the winter). So far, I am really enjoying her and the love she gives.

The black/white one Addi and I liked.

2 week old Papillons!

Riding Home.

Sitting pretty

Fast Asleep.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


The girls have been getting to know some Amphibians. First it came in the form of a frog found in the mulch around our house. Alivia and Addison played with him until he had 2 broken legs! No kidding! They carried him around like he was just another member of the family, begging to bring him in the house and even in the car! (I said no to both by the way). The girls would walk around the yard watching the frog eat bugs. After 2 days, Daddy finally convinced the girls that the frog would be happier at the lake.

Today we visited Grandma and Grandpa at the farm where they found 2 frogs and a baby frog. They played with them all day, putting them in cars, toys, carrying them around the yard, putting them in a toy airplane and taking them for a flight, and we even saw Addison kiss one! Yuck!

For now, the frogs are in the garage. Tomorrow will be another day, another day of play.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Before And After: Curb Appeal

Another goal of ours was to add a little curb appeal to our home. We sit on this corner lot, yet our yard was just there. We wanted to add boulders and an eye catching something at the corner. Well, this is the result thanks to Jake at Annie's Nursery. After the long wait, we are pleased with the result. We now have plans to add a few more boulders around the house...then it will be complete.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Expanding Missouri River

Chris is on vacation all week. Every day we are trying to do something fun. The weather has not been too cooperative, but we are at least trying.
Monday we went playground hopping. The kids had a blast. It really does not matter the playground, old or new, they think it is fun.
While we were out, we went down by the Bellevue toll bridge to take a look at the mighty Missouri River. This is what we found. Seriously, that is crazy! Glad we live in Papillion, but our thoughts are with those who are not so lucky.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Big Storm!

Last night as we were beginning to read stories to the kids, the sirens went off. The clouds were swirling and it just looked plain scary. Luckily, we just got rain and wind, without damage. Whew!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day 2011

Happy Father's Day! What a busy day!

We got up this morning and quickly were out the door traveling to the flight breakfast in Iowa. It was fun to see my Dad in his element and all the cool airplanes. Chris really likes going to this every year, too.

We then came home and ate lunch. Asher was clearly tired as he asked me to walk him up to nap and sleep with him a bit. I had a major headache and could not wait for that! While we rested, Chris and the girls splashed in the sprinklers and played with their new friend, a frog they found in the yard they named toady. Nice, eh?

Asher and I awoke like 3 hours later! We got ready and set out to the pool. This was Chris' first time at the pool. He watched the kids do their thing, jumping off the sides and swimming, showing Daddy their new skills. It was nice and warm, too.

Then, it was time to visit Chris' parents and wish his Dad a Happy Father's Day. The kids played there a couple hours before we all were ready to go home.

What a fun filled day. Happy Father's Day!!

Date Night

Friday night, the kids went to Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Bob's house OVERNIGHT! Chris set this up so we could get some much needed time alone. The kids were so excited that they walked right out the door when Grandma arrived to pick them up. It was too funny.

On Friday, Chris and I went out for a quiet dinner, went to the book store, then ran into the pet store. The pet store? Yes, we are considering buying a little puppy, so we wanted to get a few things just in case. Who knew buying for a puppy was so much like buying for a newborn?

After that, we came home took a bike ride around the lake (see picture below) and watched movies until midnight. I can't recall the last time we did that.

On Saturday, we were both shocked to wake up and see that it was nearly 9:30! I can not recall the last time that happened either. We set out for another day of adventures. We loaded up our bikes and went to Walnut creek and rode around. It was so peaceful. We saw turtles, geese, fish, toads and more. It was fun. We got a quick TCBY trip before picking up the kids at 1.

We love our kids, don't get me wrong. But date nights, especially overnight, are so important we find. Thank you, Topher, for making this one so much fun. We are both so relaxed now going into Chris' week off of work! Yeah!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Morning in Downtown & Another Fun Day

Asher took this of Mommy!

I thought this was funny! And, they had smells, too...ewh!

This morning, we headed out to Downtown Omaha for some fun. First we head the Gene Leahy Mall so the kids could go down the slides and see the wildlife. They loved going down the slides over and over again...until the "Big" kids arrived. Then, they were done. We saw some swans and fed them a bit before heading out to our next stop.

We arrived at the Omaha Children's Museum just as they were opening and went upstairs to see the dinosaurs. Asher, who loves dinos, could care less really. He liked the playset best! We did go all around looking at the dinos, searching for fossils, and more. It is pretty cool up there. And, they still have the zoo animals. Yeah!!

We went downstairs and hit the usual spots before the exhaustion of staying up until 10 playing (yes, Asher refuses to go to bed!). They were in bed, asleep, by 12:15.

Two hours later, we were off to the pool.

Gotta love summer. Too bad none of this activity is making Asher go to sleep at night!

The Adventurous Austins

Yesterday was quite the day.

We got up and took Alivia to Catholic Education (which is 1/2 day daily for 2 weeks in the summer). Then, Addison, Asher and I went to the zoo. It was such a fabulous day to be out! The weather was just perfect! We arrived home just in time to meet Alivia (we carpool with a friend, which is so nice!).

After lunch, we went to the Sump library for the magic show. It was so fun but crowded. The kids maybe "got"  25% of it, however.

Then, it was time for the pool! Love the pool. There was hardly anyone there. I could swim the length of the pool without having to swim around anyone. So nice! It was like having our own pool! Alivia brought her friend Sydney, who said, "This pool is the bestest pool I have ever been to!" She has the best manners!

After the pool, we warmed back up at the playground right by the pool before heading home.

We played at home at home into the night. I was totally exhausted...the kids, not so much.

Night night turned into midnight. Asher just never gets tired and refuses to go to bed and stay there. Ugh! He finally went to sleep at 10:30! What do I have to do to wear that boy out?!

It was another day of adventures for us...summer fun and many memories!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Come Fly With Me... a few months!

Yesterday we went to my parents' house so Chris could help with the airplane. Progress is being made! By the time we left, the wings were placed (and then taken back off). Guess the wings were just supposed to be fitted, not permanently placed just yet.

It is starting to look like an airplane!

What do you know, my Dad CAN do just about anything!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Missing Addison

On Monday, Addison went on vacation with my parents to their lake home at the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. She had asked me the week before if she could go to the lake. With Alivia in Catholic education, we just could not break away to go to the lake. So, I asked her if she wanted to go with Grandma Bet and Boppa Bill.

She said YES!!

We called every day numerous times a day to talk to Addison. Alivia and Asher really missed her, too, especially Asher. Asher just was not himself the last couple of days.

This afternoon...Addison came home!

We were all excited to see her. The kids played, fought, and got back to normal.

Addison had a lot of fun. She brought back gifts for Alivia and Asher, a cat and a frog. Alivia got clothes, too, and Addi got some new clothes. Addison brought home something else...memories. Her favorite part - Grandma's swing!

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

SPINDLES!! Hallway Before and After

Remember the check list? When we went to move, we created a check list. Much of what was on that list was not in this house. I know, why did we even have a list?

Anyway, wrought iron spindles was one of the things on that list.

And, after a year and a half, we now have them.

The result: Fabulous.

Just what we wanted...and more.

Finally, something else we can check off that check list.




Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Let's Splash!

Summer is here. Okay, maybe not officially, but something like it is sure here.

Yesterday after Alivia's Catholic Education, we went to the pool. As we arrived, a life guard approached me and said, "Everyone this lady and back, sorry, we are at capacity." What a disappointment!

So, today I packed a lunch for Asher, Alivia and Alivia's friend Gabby who is in Catholic Education with her, and we went to the pool. We purchased a family pass this year to Omaha pools,which we are all so excited about. We can go whenever we want. Yeah!! I joined Oak Heights, but can go to any of Omaha's pools with it.

Today we spent nearly 4 hours at the pool. With sunscreen, we hardly got a tan. Pretty impressive considering it was 97 degrees with a major heat index today.

Oh, I can hardly wait for my next dose of the pool!

Alivia's friend Gabby takes the plunge.

Alivia jumping in.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Biking Walnut Creek

Today we took a bike ride around Walnut Creek Recreation Area. This marks the first time all the kids were on their own bike all the way around the lake!! Okay, to be honest, Addison and Asher had a "hand" in getting around the lake. If anyone knows what that is like, riding your bike while holding onto a child's bike is hard work.

It was fun. We saw flowers, fish, geese, and even a giant frog! All in a good day of fun.