Sunday, June 29, 2014

Adventureland 2014

The Austin family has big plans for 2014. Disney has been booked before this year is over (but the kids do not know yet). What better way to prepare the kids for waiting in lines, riding rides, and more than a little trip to Adventureland in Des Moines.
The kids and I stayed at my parents home in Iowa last Sunday night. My parents and I could not decide if we should go to adventureland on Monday because the weather kept saying rain, but we decided to risk it. We are so glad we did!
We got up and left at 8am arriving 10 minutes before 10, when the park opens. I bought the tickets from work, saving $ off of the $40!! Entrance fee! (Btw, that is insane!). It was not too busy with overcast skies. The kids jumped right into riding rides, checking each one out. We got the impression quickly that all he rides went around in circles. My Dad and I rode most of the rides with Addi and Asher while Alivia sat out (party pooper). There was one ride, the lighthouse, that Alivia decided to ride after my dad and I went on it with Addi and Asher. My dad was half to all dizzy and said he had to sit out. Asher said he would go with Alivia. I went with, but there was 2 people per seat, 4 per "car". I sat with Asher who met the height narrowly for the ride. Alivia sat in front alone. She started crying just before the man came around to check, so I switched and sat up front with Alivia. Big mistake. The ride went around in a circle and the shot out to the side throwing you to the side of the car. Asher held on for dear life. I turned around and held onto him from the front as Alivia closed her eyes into my side.
We barely survived the ride. It shook us all up. Alivia was scared, Asher was lucky not to have been thrown from the car. From them on, the kids had to ride with an adult on anything but the tilt a whirl.
Asher and Addison were brave, soaking in the fun. Addison rode the 2 wooden roller coasters. But, she did not like the hill of the Tornado. Asher rode all of the coasters, including the upside down one in which he rode in the front car with grandpa! Crazy! My dad and I went on to ride the Dragon 3 more times in a row due to no lines. My Dad said that someone else should have decided if we should of ridden the third time as we were too impaired to decide at that point! :)
There were very few lines anywhere. It was so weird yet so nice. The water park was the first and only place Alivia and I waited in line, at the Typhoon. Asher wanted to ride it and the biggest water slide but he was too short. Addison, however, did go down one of the bigger water slides! That girl is brave!
We had a very fun day! We could not have gone without Grandma watching Alivia and Grandpa being such a good sport going on the rides with me and the kids. We made wonderful memories.
That night, back on the farm, my body was riding roller coasters as I went to bed. I was exhausted.

In the end, Alivia told Grandma she didn't think she was ready for Disney. On well, ready or we come!

Going to adventureland?
Here's what to bring:
1 sunscreen
2 swimsuits and towels for water park (we rode all the rides and went to the water park about 2:30 staying 3 hours)
3 wear comfortable shoes, tennis shoes not flip flops
4 wear dry wicking clothes for quicker drying and don't wear a white t shift!
5 pack a picnic. There is a nice picnic area right outside the park
6 pack snacks. We brought water bottles in and a few snacks. My dad bought Asher kettle corn. Other than that, we did not buy anything in the park.
7 patience and a patient stomach. You will need both!