Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Happy 3rd, Second Wedding Anniversary!



Okay, let me explain. Chris & I were married the first time on August 28, 1999 (yes, that is the date, really was that long ago) in the Methodist Church (the Church I was brought up in). On January 31, 2004, Chris and I were married again in the Catholic Church as I was in the process of joining the Church. So, today marks our 3rd second wedding anniversary. A lot has changed since that cold day in 2004. Well, it is still cold. Other than that...we went from just the 2 of us (excluding the 2 cats we had at the time) to the 2 of us with 2 beautiful little girls (& now just one cat). We hope to pick-up dinner from somewhere to mark the occasion. We try and do a special dinner on this anniversary and gifts on our August Anniversary. Someday, I am hoping for a second diamond for this second wedding. Maybe today Topher will surprise me with that. Ha ha!


Happy Anniversary, Topher! This is the 3rd Anniverary to the best decision I have ever made (or is it almost the 8th anniversary...?). I love you!

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Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Dilemma

Last week was not unlike any other. I had several lunch appointments which makes things seem crazier I think.  Friday night my parents and my sister came over for an impromptu pizza night. My parents were in the area and my sister was hungry. Alivia was exhausted and went right to sleep...until Topher and I got to bed. Chris helped me to see how the PS3 worked playing with others on the web. I actually played and it was kind of fun playing with other people. As soon as we went to bed and our heads hit our pillows, both girls were awake and crying. What was the deal? Chris swears they were talking to one another and had this planned. Needless to say, we were all rather tired come Saturday morning. We got up and did a little shopping before going to Grandma Kathy's and Grandpas to get the cat cleaned up before they arrived back from their trip to Jamaica.

Aunt Nikki came over shortly after we got home to play for a bit before Alivia took her nap. A nap she does not take. She is typically just naughty in her room until I tell her to forget it. Nikki ended up coming back after dinnertime and stayed for more PS3 Adult playing time on the web. Nikki and I are not good...but it is fun for a while. Again, shortly after falling asleep, the girls once again woke us up. I don't know what Addison's deal is...she rarely wakes at night. Alivia, on the other hand, is back to trying to stay dry at will be waking us up for a while until we can get used to that again.  So, it is back to doing lots of laundry again, but we are hoping she catches on quicker this time.

Chris and I spent part of the weekend trying to organize the house. We are trying to see if we need to move into a larger space at some soon point or we just need to remove some of our stuff. I am hoping for the later. So, we will have a big garage sale come springtime and many trips to Goodwill probably before then.

Okay, the dilemma. Do we get rid of the baby clothes and baby things? Chris says, "YES!" I, on the other hand, am dragging my feet.  I think Topher should be flattered that I want to have more kids..:) However, at this point, he is done. I think the timing is bad to ask considering how much sleep we have had the last few nights. So, the decision...I am keeping the clothes, etc. At least for this year.

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Alivia is 32!

New Year's morning surprise
Snow Bunny

32 weeks old that is. Chris tells me to just say she is 2 1/2...but she is more than that technically. Our little girl is growing up too fast. She is now outgrowing her 2T clothes, clothes that just a couple months ago had to be rolled up and pinned up! It is just so sad to see her grow up so fast. It seems like yesterday that she was Addison's age and size.

Alivia is back to WORKING on potty training at night. She reverted for whatever reason, so we went back to putting on a pull-up for a couple weeks so we can sleep. Also, I could not keep up with the laundry! We are hoping to go back to no pull-up this weekend. She is finally getting better with her colors now and recognizing some of the ABCs. In her free time (all her time is free though) she likes to eat snacks, ride her scooter, play on her slide and in her tunnel system, cook at her kitchen set, play with her babies, and eat snacks (oh, did I say that already? :) ). She is a great cuddler and loves to gives hugs. She also looks forward to reading books at nights...always talking us into more books. She is a good sleeper on most nights now, too, which is nice. She loves her gymnastics class, too, already balancing on the beam and almost doing a sommersault. This morning she slept in a bit. While I was in the shower she woke up and went downstairs to get herself breakfast. The boxes of cereal were not opened, so she stood on a box of cereal to reach the baked Cheetos! Yes, that is what she had before breakfast this morning. The last time she tried to make herself breakfast was on New Years Day morning. She got out the Cheerios, got a bowl (dirty one) from the dishwasher, put the cereal in the bowl, got the milk out of the fridge, and poured the entire carton of milk on her cereal. She then tried to clean it up with a towel. When Chris arrived on the scene, she was sitting in her chair eating her cereal without a care in the world. She was hungry!

Happy 32 months Alivia. We Love You!

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Just another week...

Every week seems like a blur lately. Last week I was busy every night on my work stuff. Thursday night Grandma Bet & Boppa came and brought pizza. Alivia had fun playing with them for bit, too. On Saturday we went to open gym. Alivia is really getting into her Monday gymnastics class, and the open gym gives her a chance to practice. She has now perfected the balance beam by herself! It is amazing to see what they do on such a small space. She is now trying to do a somersolt. She likes jumping on the trampoline best, I think. After all this snow we have gotten, you'd think we would be out sledding, but Alivia is scared of the snow. I don't know where this fear came from exactly. She did go down a small hill at Grandma Kathy and Boppa Bobs on Sunday. We were over there so Chris could snowblow since they were out of town. 

Addison has been going through new changes, too. On Friday she actually started to swallow her baby food! Oh, this is big progress. She now takes many bites at a time - up from 4 at the most. She is still not a fan of rice cereal, though. She now is very vocal about her needs. For example, she cries when Alivia takes her toys. Alivia often is telling her to "be quiet" when she squeals. I could write something new Addi is doing everyday probably.

I am getting prepared mentally and somewhat physically for my meeting out of town next month. I found out today that I will be rooming with a total stranger, so it ought to be a fun 4 nights. It would be like going up to someone in Target and asking them to spend 4 nights with you in a hotel room, a girl of course. Uh, no thank-you.

We have no big plans for the upcoming weekend really. There is not an open gym, so we will have to find something else fun to do to keep active. 

You can now see all of our posts/pictures by getting a vox, too.

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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Please...Say Thank-you!

Okay, I am not Miss Manners or even close to her, but what happened to having manners? Is it not cool or fashionable to have them anymore or something? We have a rule at the Austin household, handed down from my Mom I think - you cannot wear it, play with it, or spend it until you have written a THANK-YOU note, unless the use of the item is a part of the note - in a picture or something. (Personally, I would accept a verbal receipt of the gift along with a verbal thank-you at this point).  Why am I so strict? I want the people that give us gifts to know that we appreciate their kindness and generosity and to express our gratitude. What really bothers me is when we send a gift and never hear from the people we sent it to. Did they receive it and just not get around to acknowledging the receipt, or did they think the gift was so bad that they did not know what to say to us? What is it? All I can do is guess.

 Please...Say THANK-YOU! my soapbox, at least for now...


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Monday, January 15, 2007

A quiet, cold weekend

Last week was a busy week. Aunt Nikki came over for dinner on Wednesday and had a "play date" with Alivia. She helped to wear Alivia out so she slept well.

I did go to hospise to see my Grandpa George this week. I stopped in on Friday alone and he knew who I was. Sometimes he doesn't, which is hard. He asked about Chris and the girls, too. Friday was pizza night...but we decided that we have to tell Mamas Pizza that we want cheese and sauce on our pizza from now on. Chris and I rented "Little Miss Sunshine." Sorry, we do not see what all the hipe is about.

Saturday, after doing some finger painting, we went to open gym at where Alivia is taking her gymnastics class. She has a lot of fun there. It was quiet, too, so she could investigate all the equipment on her own.

Sunday we were planning on all this snow, so we stopped by the grocery store after church. We came home and Chris tried a new pizza recipe I had found. I was planning on making it, but Chris just did it. It turned out pretty good. Beth came over for dinner, too, and gave Chris good marks. Sunday was a quiet day, which are nice to have every once and awhile.

Addison is finally starting to really eat solids. She will now take 4-5 spoonfuls before turning her head and sucking her thumb (all done). She is moving more each day. I can no longer lay her down to play and expect her to stay in place. Alivia likes bringing her toys, too, which is cute. She is back to sleeping through the night, too!

Progress towards goals: I decided that there are a few things wrong with following the Dr. Laura house cleaning method: First, one needs to be home most of the day (as most at home Moms are as Dr. Laura recommends). There are a few other things standing in my way of the perfectly clean house: one busy child who likes to move toys and other items all over the house, time, tired, and a desire to play with my kids when I am at home. Humm...

After a little snow (maybe 5-6 inches), we are going to take a little late start this morning. Daycare is closed, so Alivia and Addison will spend the day with Grandma Kathy. This week, Alivia is back to gymnastics. I hope to take the girls to see Great Grandma Marci this week. We will see what the rest of the week brings.

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Friday, January 12, 2007

Happy 1/2 Birthday, Addison Rose!


Addison turns 6 months old
Addison's 6 months

Addison is 6 months old today. She had her 6-month check-up and is now 13 lbs and 26 inches long! So, what can Addison do at 6 months? She can sit up alone for longer periods of time, she scoots on her belly, belts out squeals, reaches for objects and scoots towards them, and is now quite aware when Mommy and Daddy leave her sight. Although she started cereal at 5 months, she started swallowing it only yesterday. Her first ear infection has now cleared up, but the habit of waking up at night has not, unfortunately. So, that is something we have to work on and fix ASAP before more of my hair falls out (oh, never mind, it seems to be doing that anyway). Addison had her 6 month pictures taken, and they can be viewed at

Happy Half Birthday Addison!

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Monday, January 08, 2007

Alivia, our little monkey

Swinging from the rings
Jump Higher!
Alivia on the balance beam

Tonight was Alivia's first gymnastics class. Alivia went from being shy to being open and playful instantly. She loved gymnastics class! It was good for her to be active after being cooped up in the house, too. She played on the rings, the ball pit, tried going over the bar, worked on the balance beam and jumped and jumped on the many trampolines. She had a blast and is looking forward to next week. Let's just hope next week the ride home is a little smoother.

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Sunday, January 07, 2007

The True Test...

Kids at Play
Cutie pie

One can always tell what goals they are going to actually work towards after 1 week. I remember back in the day when Topher and I consistently went to the gym. We were always so annoyed by the New Years crowds,  but we knew in a week it would be better (and in a month it would be back to the normal crowds). After a week, we have stuck to most of our 2007 goals. However, neither of us has yet to step foot on the treadmill (unless you count when Alivia, Addison and I got on the treadmill and walked at .5 for 2 minutes).

It was a busy week. Chris returned to work on Wednesday, but then had to stay home with Addison on Thursday. He took her to the Dr where she had an ear infection among other things and was placed on her first dose of antibiotics. It is so hard to see the girls so sick so much of the time!

I had a new Dey employee riding with me on Thursday and Friday for my only dose of training.  Oh, does anyone have the $ to buy a pharmaceutical company? Dey, the company I have worked for for the last 7 years, is for sale. Oh, and the main drug that I sell, DuoNeb, has been approved for generic sale. We'll just see what the next few months bring.

Yesterday, Alivia, Addison, Aunt Nikki and I did a little shopping. Nikki helped put Alivia down for her nap in the afternoon. It was a fun afternoon. Today we ran a few errands and finally have wireless internet in the house. That is so nice! Now Topher can play PS3 with other PS3ers on the internet. That is so weird I think.You would be amazed to how many people want to shoot at people in a game on Saturday night at 10 pm (Topher included). This afternoon, Lucas and Uncle Brent came over to have our little Christmas. Alivia got a new baby! She continues to love her twin babies that they gave her last Christmas (she takes them EVERYWHERE).

So, what have the girls been up to? Alivia is into singing. She loves her ABC song and twinkle twinkle little star (she sings along with Baby Einstein). She talks along with Topher and I like she is 16. So scary how much that little girl knows. Alivia has now perfected riding on her new plasma car. Now she makes Topher and I chase her on her scooter which actually requires some effort. She also has started to dress and undress herself. Addison is now scooting away. Now that she is feeling a little better, she is back to being quite a little chatter box. She is now on a better schedule - napping at 10 and 2 usually. Her nighttimes are still random, sometimes she wakes up and others I have to wake her up in the morning. She is still a very good baby and a joy to our family.

Alivia starts her gymnastics this week, so she is excited about that. We will see how she does. I hope to see my Grandpa George in hospise this week. Addison has her 6 month check-up (so hard to believe she will be 6 months old this week!) and will have her 6 month pictures taken, too. So...another fun filled yet busy week. Untill next time...

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Monday, January 01, 2007

Topher & his PS3

I thought this post deserved to be alone. Chris finally got out his PS3 tonight. He was so excited just to hold the thing that I had to laugh. He only let me hold it for a moment like he thought I would accidentally drop it. He is like a little boy seeing the new Elmo Doll or something. Now, I just hope this thing works like he thinks it is going to. For as much as he had to pay for it - it should be 2 big diamond earrings in MY ears! Oh, but one of the things I did learn from my Dad (the man who owns an airplane, a Harley, 1 and now maybe 2 jetskis, and a boat) is that men like toys. Enough said I guess. I love you anyway, Topher.

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Time off is WONDERFUL!


Alivia & Lucas
The crazy house
The Nativity
Daddy & his Babies...
Daddy & Addison

Tomorrow is back to the daily grind for me anyway. Chris is taking another day off. He will have 11 days off! I just had yesterday off extra (my boss was in last week) but I have loved the extra time. I would love staying at home with the girls all the time. I think Alivia will have a very hard time going back to Judy's on Wednesday (Daycare). She likes playing at home. She told me tonight that I should stay home with her all the time. Oh, if she only knew how much I agreed!

Alivia has really gotten into the Christmas lights this year. I posted a couple pictures from our light seeing on Saturday night.

We finally got our first snow yesterday. We went to the 9 AM Mass and saw a car off the road on the way (and our church is only 5 minutes away). We had rain, sleet, then maybe 4-5 inches of fluffy snow. Chris went out and got pizza for our New Year's Eve dinner and he snow blowed the neighborhood a bit. That is how we like to spend our New Year's Eve. The girls had fun playing in the snow today for a bit since the weather was mild.

Today we started our goals...some proved to be too much right now. Like, I did not run a second, at least on the treadmill. I divided my household duties through the seven days to make things easier, so I thought. Today I had to clean the bathrooms. Easy enough, right. Well, maybe if we had just one or two bathrooms - but we have 4! I also had to finish up the laundry that is never done and get some of my Dey work done. Needless to say...the bathrooms are not perfect but they are cleanER now. Seriously, I think I would be a great housewife full time because I am so organized by I am pathetic at it part-time because I need more hours to do the job. I also would rather play with my kids and wait to do the house stuff when they are sleeping. How are everyone else's resolutions going?

This week I have a new girl riding with me Thursday and Friday. I was supposed to help with the training at my job but just declined. I have too much on my plate right now to take on training.  We will see what my boss thinks about that.

Addison has started waking at least 1 time at night now. She has not been eating well during the day with her cold, so I think that contributes to this new pattern. She has yet to actually swallow any rice cereal, so we think we may move onto something different. She may just be taking after her Daddy and being a bit picky. She also is crawling around in her crib at night - so I find her all over the place when she wakes.

Well, I best get to bed before somebody wakes me.  

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