Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Apple Country

I really wanted an iPhone. So, that became the plan. I would get an iPhone when I finally got to the store to get one.

Chris really needed his own line. When he is at work, it would be nice to call him on a cell that does not take away our small plan of minutes. Also, when we are running errands, it would be nice to call each other. He just needed a phone!

So, I went shopping. I loved the iPhone. But really, what does a SAHM need a iPhone with that data plan for? I stay home with kids. Why do I need Internet access when I am at the zoo or Children's Museum? Should that not be a luxury of, let's say, working moms or traveling moms? Where I am at, I am either away with kids where I have a cell where people can call or text me, or I am at home with WiFi on my iPad and a computer that I can check email and check the weather with. Although Chris was the deciding factor in swaying me away from the iPhone, I really just wanted the phone for its camera anyway!

In the end, we got 2 phones that were free online. Chris reports that in the reviews of these phones, they say, "This is the perfect phone for tweens." Um, I am nearly 3 times the age of a tween! But, I will ignore that comment, for now.

We did, however, buy 2 iPads, one for Chris and one for me and the kids. The kids and I love ours. I check email, surf the web and play a couple games on it (Words with Friends is pretty fun). Chris has kept his away until he gets his set up and accessorized. Our friend Gina recommended this cool case that has made me like the iPad even more. The Apple smart case I found to be junky and did not protect the back of the iPad. I love the new cases, although the price just dropped $8 overnight!! Come on already!

In all, the girls have shuffles and so do I, Chris has a touch that he will be giving to Addison for Christmas, Alivia is getting a touch for Christmas, and now we have 2 iPads. Thank goodness we have stock in Apple. The next thing is to get rid of this PC!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday, Asher!

Today our little Asher turned 4 years old! Where does the time go? It was a fun day for our little guy, that is for sure.

After the girls left for school, we (Daddy, Asher and I since Daddy extended his Thanksgiving Vacation to spend with Asher on his birthday) loaded up and went to the Omaha Children's Museum. There was hardly anyone there, which was so nice. Asher played with the dinos in the sand for quite some time upstairs before making our way downstairs to see the Christmas Light show. We played a bit on the main level before heading out to pick up lunch.

Lunch was Asher's favorite, McDonald's Happy Meals, taken to the girls at school! Asher likes cheeseburgers with Ketchup and pickles only. Chris was laughing out loud as I ordered our happy meals. Alivia: Cheeseburger ketchup only, Addison: Cheeseburger plain, and then Asher's meal. For once, the order came back right. The girls were happy to see us and eat lunch with us. It is always a fun treat to eat with them.

Next, we visited the Kids Body Shop in Papillion for open gym. Asher had fun running around the gym playing in the foam pit, jumping on the trampoline, etc. Chris and I were disappointed that we were only able to watch him have fun (Parents are not allowed on the equipment...BOO!).

We had time to come home to chill for a bit before the girls came home from school.

We ended the evening with dinner, cupcakes and presents. Asher loved his Blue Track from Fat Brain Toys. The girls even liked it!

At the end of the day, I gave Asher 4 kisses for his 4th Birthday and read him Dr. Seuss' Happy Birthday to You! What a fun day.

At four, Asher is definitely full of energy, sweet, loud at times, thoughtful, loves his Mommy and Daddy and loves to give hugs and kisses.

Asher's Favorites:
Foods: Pizza, Chocolate special K, ice water, steamed carrots, and dessert.
Things: Movies, Tags from clothes (he can be seen walking around with his PJs as he likes the tags from Carters PJs best.  He just plays with the tag while sucking his lips. Weird.), Jeeps (he gets this from his Daddy), motorcycle rides, and airplanes. He is super excited for his upcoming airplane birthday party with his grandparents and little friends.
Favorite Toys: Plasma cars, batman and Spiderman, and his matchbox cars.
Sleeps: 8pm-7:30am. He likes to have Mommy sit with him until he is asleep. (sigh).

Food: Milk
Things: Sleeping alone, clothes without soft tags, his sisters teasing him.
BFF: Cameron

Happy 4th Birthday Asher....and many more!

Alivia's Half Birthdy - 7 1/2!

Yes, we still celebrate half birthdays.

On November 25, Alivia turned 7 1/2 years old.

I am no longer making the 1/2 birthday cake since Alivia and Asher's half birthdays are within days of each other's birthdays. It is just too much cake!

But, we still recognize their day by singing, "Happy Half Birthday!" and getting them a little something.

As Alivia turns 7 1/2, she is growing up. She is a nice girl most of the time, but she has a little teenager in her that is not so cute. Oh 7 1/2?! I can only imagine what I will be saying at 13 1/2.

Fav Food: She eats very little but likes treats (candy, junk food). If she had to pick, it would be PBnJ. Nice, huh?! For breakfast she loves honey nut Cheerios. She does like cheeseburgers. Other than that, she will not eat any meat.
Fav Store: Gap or Justice. She is becoming more and more difficult to shop for.
BFF: Zoe
What to do in her free time: Play with Zoe, watch movies, play on the computer or iPad.
Sleep: 8pm-7am most days, even weekends.
Best subject in school: Writing. The girl is often seen writing short stories for her teacher. She loves her second grade teacher, Mrs. Eller. Alivia also likes to draw at home.

Happy Half Birthday!!
Alivia in her new shirt from Von Maur (I know, Addi was wild when this was taken!).

Friday, November 25, 2011

Tree Trimming 2011

Our tradition is to put up the tree the day after Thanksgiving. Chris is usually up and getting the stuff up before I even brush my teeth. Today was no different.

Chris puts up the tree, lights it and THEN the kids and I help to trim it. He is so used to this that it no longer bother him (the fact that we do not help him...mostly me). It works well as he has his way of doing it, and I like his way, too.

The kids were so excited to get out the Little People Nativity. Alivia was freaking out talking 100 miles per hour about finding ornaments she made and Christmas items she had forgot about. Addison was busy reading the Christmas books that they pulled out from the Christmas boxes, while Asher was just happy rolling his cars through the Nativity.

Tree is now trimmed, lights on the house and in the trees outside, and the Christmas gifts purchased (just have to be wrapped), so now we can sit back and relax our way through the Christmas Season!

Thanksgiving 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yesterday we had a fun day going to Iowa to be with my family for Thanksgiving. We picked up Grandma Marci at 10:30 and were off to my Aunt Marsha's home in Iowa. My cousin Dave was in from Chicago, so he and the kids had fun. He has always been one to "play" with the kids, even when I was a kid! The kids love least to a point when they start crying. :) Dave even got Chris drinking scotch, and Chris liked it. So much so, that he actually wants to buy a "good" bottle for at home. Huh, I did not think I married my Dad until yesterday. Now, I am not so sure. At least the scotch helped Chris when he hit his shin trying to hurry into the family picture (above). It's good for something, I suppose.

It was a good day of food, family and fun. We were all tired when we arrived at home. Thank you Marsha for a beautiful day!

The kids all said they were thankful for Mommy and Daddy and food. What more could we ask for?

They thought this path in Shelby was haunted!?! 
Alivia with Dave

Asher playing with Wade's cars.

99 year old Grandma Marci.

Gathered around the table.

Hungry Addison!

Playing in the leaves
Typical Dave putting leaves in Asher's underwear!

Run Asher Run!

Hello Horse!

Asher...nearly 4 years old.

Asher, taking a piece of Shelby home with him in the form of leaves.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tree Lighting

Wednesday evening we went to the tree lighting at Shadow Lake. Okay, it was crazy busy. But, the kids saw the tree lighting, Santa, Rudolph, the Grinch, Raggedy Ann and Andy, Frosty the Snowman and more! We waited and took a carriage ride too. It was a beautiful night, and a great way to kick off the Christmas Season.



All Smiles

Alivia and Addison with Mr. Grinch!

Carriage Ride

Cuddling up during the carriage ride

The Shadow Lake Tree

Carriage Ride