Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Alivia's Half Birthdy - 7 1/2!

Yes, we still celebrate half birthdays.

On November 25, Alivia turned 7 1/2 years old.

I am no longer making the 1/2 birthday cake since Alivia and Asher's half birthdays are within days of each other's birthdays. It is just too much cake!

But, we still recognize their day by singing, "Happy Half Birthday!" and getting them a little something.

As Alivia turns 7 1/2, she is growing up. She is a nice girl most of the time, but she has a little teenager in her that is not so cute. Oh brother...at 7 1/2?! I can only imagine what I will be saying at 13 1/2.

Fav Food: She eats very little but likes treats (candy, junk food). If she had to pick, it would be PBnJ. Nice, huh?! For breakfast she loves honey nut Cheerios. She does like cheeseburgers. Other than that, she will not eat any meat.
Fav Store: Gap or Justice. She is becoming more and more difficult to shop for.
BFF: Zoe
What to do in her free time: Play with Zoe, watch movies, play on the computer or iPad.
Sleep: 8pm-7am most days, even weekends.
Best subject in school: Writing. The girl is often seen writing short stories for her teacher. She loves her second grade teacher, Mrs. Eller. Alivia also likes to draw at home.

Happy Half Birthday!!
Alivia in her new shirt from Von Maur (I know, Addi was wild when this was taken!).

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Gina and Derek said...

This is such a great idea to quick write all of these little idiosyncratic details about her! She (and you, and her future kids someday) will love this.