Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Broken Foot Dressed in Purple

Now I'm a Sexy Chick (I used to dance to this in Zumba...boy how I miss it!!).

Today my wonderful Mom came down so I could go to the Dr to get my foot looked at again and treated. With Addi and Alivia home with strep, I could hardly take them into the doctor with me. I do have my limits (OB apts I can do, taking my sick kids with me to the Dr. is where I draw the line! :)).

Anyway, when presented with the option to have a hard cast with crutches or a soft cast with a walking boot, I selected the latter. I was told that either of these methods would provide faster healing over just the shoe I had and wrapping it. A soft cast is a layer of some soft wrap surrounded by a layer of wrap in purple (I selected that color as they did not have pink! :) ). This boot, all $400!!! of it, is so big and heavy that I feel like I am lifting weights every time I step with it. I guess it beats crutches, but still. Chris wondered why I could not have just stuck a board under my foot and ducted taped it. He was kidding, at least I think he was.  I know I would much rather have spent $400 on some cool boots at Von Maur than this boulder of a boot, but I will do what they say I have to do so I can get back to my life.

Not working out is killing me. Really, I am trying not to think about it. But, I watch Chris get up early nearly every day to work out than do Insanity every night, and I feel just plain lazy.

But, really, I can not find anything to do on one foot other than upper body stuff. I will just sit out I guess. Funny, the nurse who checked me in at the Dr. just started Insanity last night. I wonder if she will still be doing it at my 2 week check up.

So, I have this sexy book and soft cast on for 2 weeks, than more xrays (cha ching$) and then they will probably remove the cast and just have me wear the boot for 2 more weeks. Then I will return for more x-rays (cha ching$$$) to make sure it is healed enough to take off the sexy boot. So in 4 weeks I may be free, 6 weeks may be free to yoga. Running maybe by Christmas??


So, I guess I will just sit here for the next few weeks and chill.

Sexy Chick, huh?

 Maybe I can catch up on my reading. I doubt it.

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