Friday, November 25, 2011

Tree Trimming 2011

Our tradition is to put up the tree the day after Thanksgiving. Chris is usually up and getting the stuff up before I even brush my teeth. Today was no different.

Chris puts up the tree, lights it and THEN the kids and I help to trim it. He is so used to this that it no longer bother him (the fact that we do not help him...mostly me). It works well as he has his way of doing it, and I like his way, too.

The kids were so excited to get out the Little People Nativity. Alivia was freaking out talking 100 miles per hour about finding ornaments she made and Christmas items she had forgot about. Addison was busy reading the Christmas books that they pulled out from the Christmas boxes, while Asher was just happy rolling his cars through the Nativity.

Tree is now trimmed, lights on the house and in the trees outside, and the Christmas gifts purchased (just have to be wrapped), so now we can sit back and relax our way through the Christmas Season!


Gina and Derek said...

Can't wait to see it! Also, I really like that braid/twist you are doing with Add's hair.

jguyer said...

Love your tree! We've had a real tree for 8 years now... thinking we want to get a fake one for next year!

The Austin Life said...

Thanks Julie. I can not contend with the mess of a real tree. And, now with a dog in the house...oh, I can only imagine what she would do to it!! You should shop for a tree now while they are all on sale!