Tuesday, September 12, 2017

18th Wedding Anniversary

In August, Chris and I celebrated 18 years of marital bliss (lol). We went to dinner, of course, but that is not enough for me. Ha. So, Chris decided to take me camping. Not glamping, camping...you know, in a tent. I have NEVER spent the night in a tent except at a birthday party as a kid (and it was freezing and I hated it).

We went to Colorado, 1 hour from Aspen, and spent 2 nights in a tent near Twin Lakes. Chris had this big goal to hike Mt. Elbert. Well, first, he forgot to acclimate. Kinda important. We got to the campground on Friday, attempted to hike Mount Elbert the next morning after suffering from shortness of breath during the night due to the elevation (and freezing half to death because it was in the 30s!). We hiked 7 hours in all, nearly reaching the top, before my body gave out. I was dizzy, nauseated, had edema, and thought I was going to die. Seriously, I had no idea how I was going to get down the mountain. Oh, and get this, 10 minutes into my hike, the hiking shoes I had borrowed from my mom fell apart one by one. First the left sole started to fall off, then the right, then they both completely fell off leaving my in slippers to hike a mountain. Insanity. NEVER AGAIN. I am super cheap but I will be buying hiking shoes before my next trip with Chris. :)

Sunday, after our Saturday of fun, we tore down our camp and took the scenic drive to Aspen. It was beautiful. Aspen was beautiful too. We had an amazing breakfast at Aspen Over Easy (you have to try the fresh juice!),  yummy frozen yogurt and then the best pizza ever at Taster's Pizza (I would go back for the pizza alone!). We stayed at a really nice hotel that felt mom and pop like. (Hotel Durant).  Overall, we loved Aspen, just wished we could have been there longer than one night. Monday morning (Labor Day), we flew out of bed to go on a quick 4 mile run. It was freezing, completely dark (clearly Aspen does not believe in street lights) and many odd males wondering the dark streets alone. I was so thankful Chris decided to get a few miles in with me.

We had an amazing quick weekend getaway. The worst part...the stupid drive (see, I did not say getting elevation sickness!), and the best part was all of Aspen. Seriously, if I had a million or 2 dollars, I would buy a condo in Aspen.

Until next year...

August in Review

We are nearly into mid September and I am just getting around to August. Oops.

August flew by! Seriously. 

We finished up our summer fun by getting in as many activities as possible. We got a few pool estimates and still can not decide if we want to put our money into an inground pool. Chris and I celebrated 18!! years of marriage. And, my favorite part, Chris and I started weekly date nights. Seriously, I look forward to them every week. And my least favorite, I went back to work. Ugh. I enjoyed working very little so much. All good things have to come to an end.

Alivia started 8th grade at PMS (yes, that is what they call it), while Addison is in her last year of Elementary (6th grade) and Asher is in the 4th grade. So far so good. Addison had to say good-bye to her BFF Sidney. I cried my eyes out for her. It was so sad.

Chris and I ended the month with dinner for our anniversary. We are loving our new found date nights. It has forced me to go buy clothes other than running gear and the scrubs I wear to work. I know, crazy. I have found a new found love for shopping for...ME!!

The end. Now onto September. About time now that it is September 12!