Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Our Life in Water

Asher, Addi, Alivia and our neighbor friend (and Alivia's BFF) Zoe

Okay, so we got a pool pass to Omaha Public Pools this summer. Let's just say, I would highly recommend it. The kids and I are having a blast. On these hot days, we load up about 2 and head to the pool. We usually swim from shortly after 2 until 5-6. We have only gone to Oak Heights and Zorinsky at this point, but there is one more pool we want to try out.

This afternoon, in the midst of one of the hottest afternoons of the summer, the kids and I were at the pool. We were there with very few other people, actually. I know, that's crazy! I could swim across the length of the pool and never be in contact with anyone.

Asher and Addison are really learning to swim with their frequent contact with the pool. Addison was even brave enough to go down the BIG waterslides at Zorinsky. I was impressed! Alivia is just growing more comfortable in the pool, too. She goes off the diving board upon occasion, swims in the "deep end" but has yet to go down the big water slides at Zorinsky (there is always next year). It is so fun.

We are enjoying our summer, making many memories. This summer, the many memories are being made at the pool.
Asher at Zorinsky
Addison at Zorinsky
Addison at Oak Heights
Asher at Oak Heights

Monday, July 18, 2011

Cars 2 in Review

Last week I took the kids, along with our friends the Allens  and our neighbor Zoe, to see Cars 2. My kids were really tired since the day before was Addison's birthday. There was a long preview movie of Toy Story. I am not sure the point of those. Asher was nearly ready to go home by the time the movie started. Then, half way through the movie Alivia asked me, "Is this the real movie or still a preview?" The producers should know that these movies are for kids, and they have short attention spans.

Anyway, we were able to stay for the entire movie. Stay we did, stay awake Addison and Asher did not. The kids all said they enjoyed the movie. Mommy, well, I thought it was a strange movie. I was jealous of Kim for having to leave to take Keegan potty. Ha!

It is always fun to go to the movies, especially during this heat wave!

June in Review...Finally

Better Late than never...June is over. Really?! In June we worked real hard to kick off summer right. We joined Omaha Public Pools, so hit the pool often. Addison went to the lake BY HERSELF with Grandma and Grandpa and had a lot of fun. Alivia has had numerous play dates trying to keep in touch with her BFFs from elementary school. Zoe, Sydney, Nyah, and Gabby have all come to play and go to the pool with us. Asher just kept busy being Asher and following his sisters around. Oh, and we adopted a little Papillon 9 month old dog we named Pippa. She has turned into a lot of work as we work to fully train her.
We are well into July now and having a fun summer. So sad that it is our last full month with the girls at home...:(


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Addison's 5th Birthday!

Yesterday, Addison Rose turned 5 years old. It is difficult to believe that it has been 5 years since we brought home a little 5 pound baby girl. And now...look at her! She is a beautiful little girl full of life and spunk like you would not believe.

We had a busy, and fun filled day. We got up and headed out for the day. We did a little shopping before taking Addison and Alivia to the salon for a little pampering. Addison had a major tangle in her hair and I mean major. I had spent a few hours trying to get her hair untangled without success. So, she needed that fixed. She had her hair cut and french braided, make up and her nails done. They even put sparkles in her hair! She looked fabulous! Alivia had her hair french braided, sparkles put in her hair, and nails done. She actually refused the make up! They had fun. I would recommend Concepts Salon and was happy to hear they had another location, perhaps a little closer to us.

We picked up Addison's birthday cake and cupcakes before coming home and getting ready for Addison's 4 pm party time. The kids were so excited.

Since we do not have any kids in the family to invite to birthday parties, the kids get to select a few friends they want to invite. Addison invited her friend from preschool Bella, then Emma and Leah, and Zoe.  Addison also selected to have a doggy party, going shopping with me to select her party supplies. She selected a doggy activity book, a dog puppet, and Grandma Bet made "puppy chow" that we put is n treat bags for the goodie bag (Addison LOVED the puppy chow, too, eating the remaining chow all gone after the party). Addison has so many stuffed dogs it is crazy. Not to mention she is crazy about our dog Pippa too (and very responsible for the most part).

Addison had a fun party and received many nice presents. She received an iPod shuffle from us and a desk, hutch and chair from us and Grandma Bet and Grandpa Bill. She got the same desk as Alivia (and Alivia got a new pink chair just like Addison's new purple chair, which she was pretty excited about!). Addison also loved the rocket balloon set from Emma and Leah, playing with that a lot today. Who knew balloons could be so fun and entertaining for so long?!

Addison is growing up. She is a free spirit and is quite independent. She is probably the least cuddly of our kids. She will give you a hug and kiss only on her terms. Pretty funny. She has some looks that could kill when she is not very happy with you. She likes to color, write and is a good left handed writer. She is excited and ready to start kindergarten in a month. I just wish I felt the same way.

Happy Birthday Addison! We love you.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Beating the Heat

We have been hitting the pools nearly everyday during the week, coming home and playing on the slip and slide. But, we did not think that was enough. So, Chris took the kids and picked up our second blow up pool of the season (the kids put a giant unrepairable hole in the first one). We love Omaha's Oak Heights pool and Zorinsky pool so far. We are loving the pool pass! We typically invite friends to come with us every time we go. The Mommies that come along makes it more fun for me, too!

This weekend, the kids got wet to stay cool in the blow up pool. Chris up the music on outside and the played and screamed (against my wishes), and splashed. It was fun to watch them and even get wet ourselves. The kids had friends join them yesterday afternoon playing for hours in the grassy pool. The pool is nice in that you just let the air out and the water comes out. No shoveling all the water out. Chris blows it up quickly with his air compressor. I would give this pool good reviews!

Whatever works to stay cool. I think today we will go back to the pool before dipping into the blow up one!

Ice Age at the Forest

On Friday morning, we loaded on the bug spray and headed to the Fontenelle Forest with some friends. We walked the boardwalk, stopped at Acorn Acres to play. It was muddy and buggy at Acorn Acres. The kids, 5 of them mobile. RAN the boardwalk barely stopping to look at the Ice Age exhibits. One the trail was a bear, an . armadillo type thing that the kids played on (yes, something they CAN play on), and many things to touch and read about including poop samples (what is up with that anyway? The Children's Museum has poop samples with their Ice Age exhibit, too!).

After our boardwalk walk, everyone was hot and in need of some AC. After a little snack, we went downstairs to check things out and play a little.

It was a fun morning. The kids just liked being today and eating Ms. Stacy's good popcorn. The bugs were not as bad as I anticipated, but we all got at least one bug bite even with our spray.

Until next time...
Alivia, Sydney (in Alivia's class), Elijah (who will be in Addi's class), Addison, and Asher (Evan is in his stroller).

Little feet

Saber tooth tiger

Addison, the mad scientist.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Papillon Update...A Name

Little Fuzzies.

So...we have a name that everyone agreed on...PIPPA! Pippa the papillon. Kinda goes together and the girls like it. Asher, well, he can say it. He really does not care much.

Pippa is SLOWLY getting used to us. It did not help to have the fireworks going off every night freaking her out. At night, she sleeps at the foot of our bed. We keep our door shut so she does not bother the kids. It seems to work fine. Right away in the morning, we let her outside. However, if we do not go out with her, she refuses to go potty. Within minutes of coming back in, she is searching (smelling) for a potty spot inside. NO!!

So, I am potty training a 4th...this time, a furry child. Sigh.

Pippa visited the vet today and was found to be healthy but underweight. We will have her spade once she gets to be a healthier weight. She is not eating much here as she grows accustomed to her new home, but is eating more every day.

The kids love her. They play with her, cuddle with her, walk her and more. Pippa is great on the The first couple days were challenging, but today she did fine. She does not go potty on walks, however. Sigh. Good thing I have nothing but time, to sit outside and watch her go potty (which can take 45 minutes every 2 hours!).

For now, I will be potty training via the leash while at home. She is leashed to me so that she does not have free reign of the house. I will continue to take her outside frequently. When we are away from the home, Pippa will be in her kennel. When she does go potty outside, we reward her. With time, hopefully, it will click, again. She was supposed to be potty trained, afterall.

So, we have a 4th kiddo in our house. Sweet, cuddly and furry...but a 4th kid. :)

Alivia & Pippa

Naptime: Addison with Pippa (who is asleep!).

Little Thief: Pippa likes to steal clothes and carry them away!

Meeting a new friend at the Aksarben Farmer's Market on Sunday.

Sitting Pretty in the yard.

Pippa sunbathing.

Independence Day 2011

Happy Belated 4th of July!

The day began early in the morning with Alivia awake half the night sick, complaining of a stomach ache, head ache, and sore throat. At 3am, I was thinking...strep?

By morning, Alivia said she felt better. Okay. But, it did not take long for us to see she was not better.

We got up and did our normal morning things. Then I made some zucchini bread for Chris and for my Grandma Jones, who has not been feeling very good.

We loaded up the kids and headed out. Since Alivia was not feeling the best, she stayed downstairs as Asher and I went upstairs to deliver the bread and briefly visit my grandma.

Alivia was then feeling good on Motrin and Tylenol, so Chris loaded up on supplies for dinner.

The kids...they took a much needed nap. By the afternoon, Alivia was not doing well. She was complaining of a headache and stomach ache, in tears. Addi and Asher played outside enjoying the halfway mark of summer while Daddy started the feast...grilled shrimp, veges (for me), chicken, bread with grilled garlic. Mmmm.

Alivia in bed, the rest of us had a quiet night, watching Harry Potter movies until 10. Addison was asleep for the fireworks and did not want to watch them. Then, she woke up briefly to get sick for about 10 minutes. Ugh! Off to bed she went.

Quite uneventful 4th of July. Seemed more like the dead of winter around our house with the germs everywhere. We found out today that the girls both have strep. In 24 hours we should be ready to get back out and enjoy summer!