Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Our Life in Water

Asher, Addi, Alivia and our neighbor friend (and Alivia's BFF) Zoe

Okay, so we got a pool pass to Omaha Public Pools this summer. Let's just say, I would highly recommend it. The kids and I are having a blast. On these hot days, we load up about 2 and head to the pool. We usually swim from shortly after 2 until 5-6. We have only gone to Oak Heights and Zorinsky at this point, but there is one more pool we want to try out.

This afternoon, in the midst of one of the hottest afternoons of the summer, the kids and I were at the pool. We were there with very few other people, actually. I know, that's crazy! I could swim across the length of the pool and never be in contact with anyone.

Asher and Addison are really learning to swim with their frequent contact with the pool. Addison was even brave enough to go down the BIG waterslides at Zorinsky. I was impressed! Alivia is just growing more comfortable in the pool, too. She goes off the diving board upon occasion, swims in the "deep end" but has yet to go down the big water slides at Zorinsky (there is always next year). It is so fun.

We are enjoying our summer, making many memories. This summer, the many memories are being made at the pool.
Asher at Zorinsky
Addison at Zorinsky
Addison at Oak Heights
Asher at Oak Heights

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