Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Papillon Update...A Name

Little Fuzzies.

So...we have a name that everyone agreed on...PIPPA! Pippa the papillon. Kinda goes together and the girls like it. Asher, well, he can say it. He really does not care much.

Pippa is SLOWLY getting used to us. It did not help to have the fireworks going off every night freaking her out. At night, she sleeps at the foot of our bed. We keep our door shut so she does not bother the kids. It seems to work fine. Right away in the morning, we let her outside. However, if we do not go out with her, she refuses to go potty. Within minutes of coming back in, she is searching (smelling) for a potty spot inside. NO!!

So, I am potty training a 4th...this time, a furry child. Sigh.

Pippa visited the vet today and was found to be healthy but underweight. We will have her spade once she gets to be a healthier weight. She is not eating much here as she grows accustomed to her new home, but is eating more every day.

The kids love her. They play with her, cuddle with her, walk her and more. Pippa is great on the leash...now. The first couple days were challenging, but today she did fine. She does not go potty on walks, however. Sigh. Good thing I have nothing but time, to sit outside and watch her go potty (which can take 45 minutes every 2 hours!).

For now, I will be potty training via the leash while at home. She is leashed to me so that she does not have free reign of the house. I will continue to take her outside frequently. When we are away from the home, Pippa will be in her kennel. When she does go potty outside, we reward her. With time, hopefully, it will click, again. She was supposed to be potty trained, afterall.

So, we have a 4th kiddo in our house. Sweet, cuddly and furry...but a 4th kid. :)

Alivia & Pippa

Naptime: Addison with Pippa (who is asleep!).

Little Thief: Pippa likes to steal clothes and carry them away!

Meeting a new friend at the Aksarben Farmer's Market on Sunday.

Sitting Pretty in the yard.

Pippa sunbathing.

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