Thursday, July 14, 2011

Addison's 5th Birthday!

Yesterday, Addison Rose turned 5 years old. It is difficult to believe that it has been 5 years since we brought home a little 5 pound baby girl. And now...look at her! She is a beautiful little girl full of life and spunk like you would not believe.

We had a busy, and fun filled day. We got up and headed out for the day. We did a little shopping before taking Addison and Alivia to the salon for a little pampering. Addison had a major tangle in her hair and I mean major. I had spent a few hours trying to get her hair untangled without success. So, she needed that fixed. She had her hair cut and french braided, make up and her nails done. They even put sparkles in her hair! She looked fabulous! Alivia had her hair french braided, sparkles put in her hair, and nails done. She actually refused the make up! They had fun. I would recommend Concepts Salon and was happy to hear they had another location, perhaps a little closer to us.

We picked up Addison's birthday cake and cupcakes before coming home and getting ready for Addison's 4 pm party time. The kids were so excited.

Since we do not have any kids in the family to invite to birthday parties, the kids get to select a few friends they want to invite. Addison invited her friend from preschool Bella, then Emma and Leah, and Zoe.  Addison also selected to have a doggy party, going shopping with me to select her party supplies. She selected a doggy activity book, a dog puppet, and Grandma Bet made "puppy chow" that we put is n treat bags for the goodie bag (Addison LOVED the puppy chow, too, eating the remaining chow all gone after the party). Addison has so many stuffed dogs it is crazy. Not to mention she is crazy about our dog Pippa too (and very responsible for the most part).

Addison had a fun party and received many nice presents. She received an iPod shuffle from us and a desk, hutch and chair from us and Grandma Bet and Grandpa Bill. She got the same desk as Alivia (and Alivia got a new pink chair just like Addison's new purple chair, which she was pretty excited about!). Addison also loved the rocket balloon set from Emma and Leah, playing with that a lot today. Who knew balloons could be so fun and entertaining for so long?!

Addison is growing up. She is a free spirit and is quite independent. She is probably the least cuddly of our kids. She will give you a hug and kiss only on her terms. Pretty funny. She has some looks that could kill when she is not very happy with you. She likes to color, write and is a good left handed writer. She is excited and ready to start kindergarten in a month. I just wish I felt the same way.

Happy Birthday Addison! We love you.

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