Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Getting Back Out There

After years, months and days of not working full time, I have started to get back out there and look for employment. I know, everyone thinks I am so lazy. Really, I do not care what they think. :) What other people think about me is irrelevant. I have only not worked at all for 1 year since I left my pharmaceutical job 5 years ago, and by that I mean worked outside of the home. Having 3 kids and a house to take care of is a lot of work.
I did not work outside the home at all while I was nursing Asher. As soon as Asher turned 1 and started drinking out of a cup, I worked at night at Janie and Jack. I worked there for fun, but it turned out to not be fun at all. Shortly after leaving there, I got the PRN nursing job that I have now. Really, I had no idea what I was getting into. I just wanted something to keep my license up. I worked 2 eight hour shifts a month for the first couple years. Then I increased it to 4 eight hour shifts, then I started working 4 twelve hour shifts, then down to working 2 twelve hour shifts and one eight hour a month,and now they want me to go back to all 8 hour shifts (and back to 4 nights a month). Really, I only work 3-4 times a month, but it seems like I miss so much more. I miss 2 weekends a month with the family, I miss several hours of sleep since I typically only sleep 4-5 hours if I am lucky between shifts, and I really do not feel like I fit in at work. It is far from something I ever envisioned myself doing, but it has helped me to keep my nursing license current.
Anyway, with our lurking bleak future outlook, I started to look for a real, full time job. I have interviewed for a nursing job, but I would be working EVERY SINGLE weekend. I would never see our kids and I would only see Chris in passing. I really did not want to do that. If Chris becomes unemployed, I would take it. But, until then, I have some options (at least I hope I do). I have a phone interview lined up for a pharma job, which is really what I want to do. My full time experience is mostly in the pharma industry, but it is very difficult to get back into.
Getting up, dressed, kids up and dressed, and heading out the door into rush hour traffic for my interview...the memories all came back to me. This sucks! I hated the rushing around, the lack of time to get anything done at home, the split second conversations in the morning as that is all I had time for, etc, etc. Am I ready for that? At this point, no, but I will have to be ready or not. Shoot, I did not even know what to wear. I totally need a new wardrobe, just for interviews! I am 5 years older, will they hire this old mom? My resume is out and leaving my inbox daily.

Now...the wait begins.

Friday, January 25, 2013

The Stuff Our Kids Say

All kids say things that make you laugh, but I want to remember the little funny things that my kids say, you know?! So, I'm blogging about them.

Addison was looking at the stars on an iPad App (It is really cool. You move your iPad to the sky and see where the stars, planets are. Pretty cool). Anyway, she moved over to the Pisces Constellation. She sounds it out saying, "Piss eees. Really?!"

Asher and I were in his room. I was cleaning up in his closet while Asher was just outside in his room playing. Meanwhile, Chris was in his office working (but obviously Asher could hear him). For whatever reason, Chris shocked himself (electrical shock that is) and swore out loud. Asher then says, "Mommy, Daddy just said a bad word."
I'm in the closet, so I did not hear Chris or Asher and responded to Asher, "What?" I meant, "What did you say, Asher?" not "What did Daddy say?". So, Asher responds, "Shit." I was like, "Um, what did you just say?!" And Asher then told me that he just said what Daddy just said. Daddy, after a 40 minute time out for swearing (LOL) had to apologize to Asher for saying a bad word and had to go to bed 20 minutes early (LOL). It was too funny. But, Daddy agreed to only use nice words, at least out loud.

I have to mark these funny moments down as Alivia is more restricted in what she says now. Boo. She is growing up too fast.

Do you have any funny stories to share? Come on, I know you have something?!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Half Birthdays

On Saturday, we celebrated Addison AND Alivia's half birthdays. Alivia's was in November, but Mommy forgot. So, we just celebrated for both of the girls on Addison's official 1/2 birthday.

Addison is now 6 1/2! Time flies! She is still spunky, full of energy, an early riser and early to bed kinda girl. She likes to play with puppies and buy a stuffed dog anytime she visits a store. A dog is always tucked away in her backpack at school so she can carry him or her when we walk or drive home. Addison loves having either plain special K or chocolate mini wheats for breakfast, is a huge fan of REAL bacon (no turkey bacon for Addison) and her favorite meal is chicken over pizza or anything else. Addison has not outgrown whining and does so often, too often for her age! Our little Addison is also sick ALL THE TIME. I was called today, actually, to come and get her from school after she got sick into her lunch box. Poor Addison. She is going to the doctor on Wednesday to hopefully find out what is going on with her stomach. Addi likes to play with her friend Kaitlyn and loves to talk about her friend Payton (a little boy!).

Alivia, now 8 1/2, is definitely a tween. She likes anything to do with her ipod touch, playing with her friend Elizabeth, and being social. Alivia also has a little boy in her class that is the next best thing since sliced bread. Really, at 8! This is all too early for us. But, for now, they are just friends with a boyfriend label. She likes to wear "cute" comfortable clothes, likes fruit but is otherwise an extremely picky eater, and likes to play with her lego friends. She is a polite little girl and is quite tidy (which is so nice!).

We celebrated with a cookie cake from Eileen's, and both the girls liked it better than the 1/2 cake I normally make for them.

Happy 1/2 Birthdays, Girls...

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Looking Over the Edge

We have been hearing about the Fiscal Cliff for months now. I despise these words. Those two words mean something more to our family.

The election meant something more to us as meant a job or no job potentially. The election did not turn out in a good way for us and the no job seems to be in our sight.

Chris has even thrown out "Let's put the house on the market now," scaring me to death. The timeline is short, probably we will know by March.

Chris received an email update from his company CEO this week that really looked bleak. He started it by saying, "I hope you had a nice holiday," following it up by words that meant because 2013 is going to bite. Cuts under the sequestration have been delayed by two months, about the same time the nation will reach the debt ceiling. Chris' company gets 90% of its revenue from government contracts. Yes, 90%. If the department of defense gets the big spending cuts as predicted, Chris' job will be cut along with many others. Of course, Chris' CEO wanted him to continue to work his every loving tail off (like continue 12+ hour days right up until we cut your butt to the curb and leave you with nothing) to please the customer while they can.

We knew 2013 would be a challenging year, and Chris' company always knows how to kick it off right. This is the third year in a row that Chris has lost his job right after the New Year, but usually he is able to save his job somehow. This time it is different. This time, they have a lot of help from the Obama administration. And, Chris' company will have no job for Chris to try and get after his current one is cut.

For now, the for sale sign in not in the yard to sell our home. I have, however, applied to numerous jobs. If Chris loses his job, I have a job that I can grab at UNMC where I would be full time working nights/weekends without benefits (The hospital has been on a hiring freeze for months. So, I can pick up the hours but I can not get the benefits. Therefore, I can only work there until I find another job as we need benefits!). A job as a nurse will not nearly cover the loss of Chris' income. So, the house would probably go on the market within a week of Chris losing his job. With all the techies from his company on the streets, the Omaha area will be saturated making it more difficult for Chris to get a job locally (or anywhere his company has a location or where some other government contracting company is located).

Good thing we strapped in at the start of the year. We are looking over the edge of what they are calling the Fiscal is a long ways down...and I'm afraid of heights.

December 2012 in Review

December 2012 Pictures

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Fitness in 2013

Happy New Year! As with every year, fitness is a continued goal in our house. Last year we completed a second round of Insanity, biked, ran, I started Turbo Fire and body rock TV, zumba, swimming, etc, etc. We are always trying to try new ways to stay fit. As I found, it I stick to one thing (Running), my body adjusts to it and I stop seeing results. That is no fun.

Motivation. What is my motivation? I want to stay fit. Staying fit keeps one younger, looking and feeling stronger, and feeling better about yourself, right? Right. No antidepressant needed...working out it my drug. :)

I try to stick to an hour every day with 1-2 days off a week. Really, I work out daily unless I am working...then I do not work after I work the first night at least. In 2013, I will continue with what I am doing now, turbo fire and aka the dailyhitt as well as running when the weather permits. I am sure we will come up with something new, different and fun to try in the new year, too.

The dailyhiit (Body rock) has undergone some changes. Their website is new and updated, now called the daily hitt, and I am having problems following all of their changes. However, I am going to TRY to step in up with 5 workouts a week of bodyrock. Seriously, it is 15 minutes of challenging bodyrock high intensity interval training. I'm in love. Will show updates or results as I see any.

So, what are your fitness goals? Anything you want to share?