Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Fitness in 2013

Happy New Year! As with every year, fitness is a continued goal in our house. Last year we completed a second round of Insanity, biked, ran, I started Turbo Fire and body rock TV, zumba, swimming, etc, etc. We are always trying to try new ways to stay fit. As I found, it I stick to one thing (Running), my body adjusts to it and I stop seeing results. That is no fun.

Motivation. What is my motivation? I want to stay fit. Staying fit keeps one younger, looking and feeling stronger, and feeling better about yourself, right? Right. No antidepressant needed...working out it my drug. :)

I try to stick to an hour every day with 1-2 days off a week. Really, I work out daily unless I am working...then I do not work after I work the first night at least. In 2013, I will continue with what I am doing now, turbo fire and Bodyrock.tv aka the dailyhitt as well as running when the weather permits. I am sure we will come up with something new, different and fun to try in the new year, too.

The dailyhiit (Body rock) has undergone some changes. Their website is new and updated, now called the daily hitt, and I am having problems following all of their changes. However, I am going to TRY to step in up with 5 workouts a week of bodyrock. Seriously, it is 15 minutes of challenging bodyrock high intensity interval training. I'm in love. Will show updates or results as I see any.

So, what are your fitness goals? Anything you want to share?

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Courtney F said...

WOW! You inspire me to keep on going! Way to go on your discipline. I know you are the most diligent exerciser I know!