Saturday, December 29, 2012

2013 Goals

In this Austin Household, we do not make New Years Resolutions, we make New Year's Goals. You see, there is a difference. I find most resolutions are forgotten by, let's say, February at best. Goals, well, we look to achieving them all year long. Let's look back at our goals for last year.

Now for 2012 Goals

1. Finish 2011 Album Check and on display.
2. Finish Addison's baby book (3rd year's a charm): Um, no. I think I will give up. She has a baby book, just not the expensive scrapbook. At this point, I would not remember everything anyway. She is 6!
 3. "fluff" the master bedroom. I can't wait for this one!! With a possible move, all big updates were and are still on hold.
4. Celebrate Chris' BIG birthday in style somehow (no secret what he wants!). Kinda check? We were in Florida, where is was working. We tried anyway.
5. Family Exercise Check as always.
6. Invest more Make this yellow...can always do better.
7. Dual 365 Photo project - Chris and I are doing one TOGETHER this year! Scary, right?! After quitting initially, I ended up finishing year 2. I just snapped pictures and put them on 365 without much thought, but I finished. I will not be doing it again...but I finished.
8.. DISNEY! Chris says no matter where we live, we will go in 2013. We were to go the first of December 2012. We thought, if we were going to be living there, may as well save our money until we live there. Well, we will see where we live in 2013...but Disney is back into the plan.
2013 Goals!
Now onto 2013. Chris and I are both looking to 2013 with hesitation. He may get promoted or he may lose his job. Really, it is difficult to look ahead that way. We have been on hold so long that I am not sure what moving forward looks like anymore. I'm secretly hoping he seeks a job outside of where Obama has most of the control for the next 4 years because I'm pretty sure we will not survive. Chris' goal, to hang on tight (either to what he has or what he will be getting), because we see 2013 to be really challenging and bumpy no matter which direction it goes.
Other Austin Goals:
1. Disney
2. Mommy employment. That's right, I will finally get off my butt and do something. Visiting with people recently, I have heard that many think I am just sitting here doing nothing. I welcome them to come over during the 2 weeks Chris is in Florida especially or when I am working overnights sleeping a couple hours between shifts. So far I have no takers. I am honestly scared of what the job outlook will look like. I do not want to work full time nights as a nurse where I will be stuck working nights, weekends and Holidays until our kids get married. Yeah, not really my cup of tea (and I like tea). But, the alternative is difficult to get. So, we will see what I do.
3. This is the stunner...MOVE. Yes, Chris and I may be moving in this year. Not sure this is a goal or not. One, we do not like forking out the nearly $10,000 in taxes every year to live in Papillion, NE. Really, it is just Nebraska right?! We live on a piece of dirt that costs more in taxes than my Dad's entire farm in Iowa. That does not make any sense to us. We want to pay off our mortgage, yes, live in the free and clear. And, paying $10,000 annually in taxes will make it that much more difficult to achieve that goal. So, a move is in the works as a possibility. I do not want to move again within this state. But, if Chris or even little old me snags a job in another state, we may take it. Again, we are putting on our seat belts and we will see. We have to weigh all of our options, but we are up for an adventure and looking to where it will take us.
4. Finances: With my working, we hope to stock away all of my earnings.
5. Fitness: Keep up fitness and nutrition to keep our family on the right track. 

Really, that is all I can write down at the moment. Just writing down the first 3 goals, I am stressed. We hope to enjoy the last few months with Asher at home and help prepare him for Kindergarten in the fall. The girls will take Catholic Education again this summer here in Papillion preparing Addison for her first Communion next spring in 2014. We will enjoy more time at my parents home at the lake this summer (and I mean a lot of time there) and we will work on enjoying life to the fullest.

Blink and we will be 90 years old. :) So, let's get started...bring it on. We are strapped in and ready for this ride. Bring on 2013!

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Courtney F said...

I am with you, we make goals too. I am amazed at your list! I hope it all works out well. If you guys do move, we have to do at least one more meet up before you go! I am proud of you that you finished two years of 365! WOW! I stared again yesterday, but don't feel the commitment. Anyway, I hope you continue to blog so you don't drop off the face of the earth. :) Um, no, I don't think you sit ever.