Saturday, December 29, 2012

Holiday Cards or Not

This year, I really pondered whether or not to send those crazy Christmas letters. Chris and I have taken a Christmas picture and sent out an annual update every year since before we were married. That is a lot of years.

Come to find out, some did not like my letters, or at least some of what I was writing in them. You know me, I am not so fond of being censored or being told what not or to do. I also found that I was sending out the letter to family that did not even know we lived in the same town. Why? Why why why am I doing that? If they wanted to know how we were or vice versa, we would visit, call, whatever. Right? And yes, I love hearing from our friends. Many of our friends are now connected online and know kinda of what we are up to. If not, there is always this blog.

So, this year, 2012, was the first year since 1999 that I did not send out a single Christmas card, picture or letter. I did mail out a few New Years picture cards, ones that I wrote, "Thank you for the Christmas present" on the back of.

Really, it was a lot less stressful. I did not have to worry about what pictures to include or curb what was going to be written. I wrote the letter on this blog, of course, so I could include it in our annual photo book. However, I do believe I have found a new trend, no letters. Besides, we spent all our USPS stamp money ($1500 to be exact) on a cluster box mail box that now sits in the neighbors garage until spring waiting to be installed. I have no love for the USPS at the moment anyway.

We will see what next year brings. But, if you are waiting by the mailbox for our letter, you can come back inside. :) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year via the internet. :)

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