Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Day From Down Under

I am not talking about a trip to Australia here, either.

Yesterday started off as a normal day. I took the girls to school followed by driving Asher to preschool. I struggled to decide whether I should run or not. 30 degrees is my low limit, and it was 23 degrees. But, I gave it a go.
30 degrees is definitely the lowest I can run. Seriously, I lost feeling in my toes about a mile in, and the feeling in my fingers soon followed, even dressed for winter. It was a long, cold run. But, hey, I ran (after a morning workout to boot!). I took a long hot shower to warm up. I was cold all morning! I ran a couple quick errands before going to pick up Asher from school.
Immediately after picking him up, we had a lunch date with 2 of his friends from preschool followed by playing with them at open gym at The Kids Body Shop. Asher and his friends had so much energy during lunch that they finished quickly. We had some time to kill, so we took them to Target to browse the toy aisle. I do believe they each added 50 things to their Christmas lists. :) Too funny. Finally, it was time to play. Asher ran and ran and ran and ran, jumped into the foam pit, and did flips on the trampoline. He was crazy!
After open play was over, Asher was immediately mad at me because his friends could not come over to the house and play today. I explained that they will play again soon, just not today. He refused to put on his coat and stomped to the car.
Really? That is the appreciation I get. I don't know what I expected. Okay, yes I do. A "thank you mommy" would have been awesome. And, I thought I had seen it all. Oh, Asher had more to bring out. Yay.
We had 20 minutes to rest before walking to school to get the girls. I recommended he lay down a bit because he clearly was tired. Oh, this made him even more mad at me. He stayed in his room, quiet, but really mad at me as I soon found out.
When time to go to school, Asher refused to come out of his room. I had to pick him up, now kicking and screaming, out of the house, put him in the wagon to walk to school. He refused his coat and shoes. It was ugly. I opened the garage to a neighbor staring at me. Seriously, Asher sounded like I just harmed him, bad. He was screaming at me!! I stopped 50 times on the way to school to put him back in the wagon. When he jumped out, he did not follow me. He stayed on the sidewalk even as I walked away. With all of my efforts, I got hot, taking off my coat. I sat him on top of my coat and walked into school right as Alivia walked out. But wait, where is my coat? Asher was still crying and yelling at me. I knew he had thrown it out of the wagon in rage. Really? It had the van keys and house keys in the pocket as well as my cell phone. Come on! Addison came out 10 minutes after school was dismissed (due to having a substitute she said).
We walked home, and no coat was found. Great! We got in the car and went door to door asking about my coat for an hour and a half! I was so mad! All of this because why exactly?
Today we got up and went up to school to wait. I wanted to wait until all the kids were inside to see if anyone left my coat on the full table of lost and found. Sure enough, there was my beloved coat sans the keys (the phone was actually at home all along!). Two hours later, the school called with my keys (they had taken them out of the pocket to call me from the ID on my library card tags on the keyring). I was so thankful! I could drive the van again, nobody had the keys to our house, etc, etc. Whew.
What a day! What could have been a nice day turned into that. I really will never understand kids and how they think.
While running errands today, Asher said to me, "Mommy, you are the nicest Mommy ever." Awww. So, I asked, "Really, did you think that yesterday?" He responded, "Yes, I just did not want to go to school."
Let's hope this does not ever happen again. :)
When does Chris get home again??!! I think I need a cocktail (if I only drank).

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