Friday, December 28, 2012

Lincoln Children Museum

We have a tradition every year to go to the Lincoln Children's Museum during winter break. With that said, we have a certain day that we go, when the other schools are still in session and our district is out. This year, that particular day fell on a snow day. So, we selected today to go. It'll be okay, I thought. How bad can it be?

We arrived right at opening, at 9:30, and found a parking spot in the garage up front. So far so good, right. After paying nearly $40 for the 5 of us (Gees!), the kids went to playing. Addison loved the vet area, of course, moving quickly to the baby nursery. Asher liked the fire truck. Alivia liked the grocery store. We moved downstairs before the crowds intensified. It was so bad I could not keep track of the kids. There were people everywhere. And, for some reason, every child you saw had a runny nose (no tissues or parents in sight). Seriously. I wanted to go home about 1 1/2 hours in.

We played until lunch before having a picnic lunch I packed upstairs. The kids played a bit more on their favorite areas before calling it a day.

Every year, this is a place we look forward to visiting. I do believe this is probably the last year we go. I was not impressed. There is not that much different than the Omaha Children's Museum, where we have another family pass for another year thanks to a gift from my parents. So, I believe we may be done with our annual visit to Lincoln. I will have to find something else fun to replace it.

The kids had fun, and that is all that matters. Addison slept all the way home...until the next play date arrived. :)

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