Thursday, December 20, 2012

Merry Christmas from the Austin Family 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Austin Family!
Our family has ridden one heck of a roller coaster ride this year. Chris has been in the front seat for most of the time. Chris’ never dull job proved to be a little more exciting than we expected or wished for this year. With all of the government cuts, Chris job has been really been effected since he is a government contractor. Last March, with pending cuts in his Bellevue office,  Chris accepted an opportunity going to MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida, building widgets for Central Command. This position consists of traveling to Tampa 1-2 weeks a month while working the rest of the month from his now home office. In September his more permanent job in Bellevue was cut and Chris took on this Tampa role as a more permanent role. We pondered taking the relocation offer and moving to Tampa, but the timing was awful with the kids just getting back into school. For now, Nebraska remains our home. It has been a major adjustment having Chris gone a lot for Chris and for the kids and I. Chris’ new job is quite intense and has him putting in 12 hour days, even when he is at home. So, it has been a challenging year. Chris did get a kayak this last year and likes to get away to our little lake whenever he can. He also has continued to run and has taken up biking in the last couple of months.
Alivia is eight years old and is a third grader at Bell. She likes to stay busy with her friends, draw, ride her scooter and play on her iPod. She had her First Communion last spring and was excited about taking that big step. She also played soccer in the spring and hopes to play again this spring.
Addison is now six and in the first grade. Addison likes to keep us on our toes and likes to keep us fixing things. She loves her babies and her many stuffed dogs.  Addison took a drawing class last winter and is quite the artist. She likes her swimming class best and is now considering gymnastics.
Asher just turned the big 5 and is now ready to start Kindergarten next fall. Unbelievable! Asher attends preschool at our Catholic Church and has done quite well. He has many friends that we stay busy going on play dates. He also played soccer in the spring, but we believe he was too young to grasp the sport yet. He keeps busy during the day going to swim class, pottery classes or hitting the local hot spots.
As for me, I am still at home with the kids. My role has expanded some with Chris being away, which I have found challenging. I am definitely not a man! I’m still working 3 times a month at UNMC as an on call nurse between Chris’ trips.  I like to keep the kids busy going to local parks and play dates . They know the zoo quite well. Before dawn, I try to get up and do Turbo Fire, run or work out to  I am about to finish my second year of taking a picture every day for the 365 project. I have also gone to visit Chris in Florida twice, once for his big 40th birthday in April and then again in September to celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary. Asher and I are trying to plan another trip to Florida soon.
 Pippa, our Papillon puppy, would love to greet you. So, stop by and see us if you are in Papillion. Pippa will bark like mad when she sees you coming and then lick you to death, leaving little fine white hair all over you. Gotta love her though, at least that is what Chris keeps telling me.
From our family to yours, Merry Christmas and Best wishes in 2013!
God Bless,
Chris, Krista, Alivia, Addison  & Asher

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Courtney F said...

Sounds like quite the year! I hope 2013 brings you more peace and a better routine. I am praying for you