Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas!

Our day began early, 4:50 AM to be exact, with Asher and Addison waking me to tell me that Santa had come. I looked at the clock, turned to them, and told them we will see what Santa brought in a couple hours. They did return to their rooms, not sure if they returned to sleep. I, on the other hand, was wide awake. They scared me half to death, so my heart was racing. Time to work out, shower and get ready for Mass I guess.

I was done and all ready for Mass and it was still quiet in the house. What do you know? It was not long and I heard little feet upstairs.

All that shopping and the gifts were opened and paper was everywhere within minutes. Alivia was excited to see roller blades and mechanical pencils (the girl does not ask for much but is upset when she does not get what she wants. :) ), Addison was excited to see a Barbi sick dog kit and a new board game (sorry, no guinea pig), and Asher was thrilled to see a pirate ship and an iPod touch. Chris and I decided not to exchange since we pretty much have everything we need at the moment. Mrs. Claus did give Chris some glass bottles of Coke and the Little Debbie version of Ho Hos. :)

We went to Mass to find Grandma Kathy, Great Grandma Pat, and Grandpa Bob, so they sat by us in the front row. Mass was full but not crowded, and it was a beautiful Mass.

Now onto Party number 2 with my family. My Aunt Marsha was sick, so it turned out to be just my parents and my Grandma. Small but wild group! We quickly got to dinner where we ate too much. Clean up was not too bad though. Then onto the huge pile of presents! Alivia received some nice new sweaters, necklace and a lala lalaloopsy doll house she did not know she wanted but played with all night. Addison received roller blades (giving us more reasons to go to Skate City), her own lala lalaloopsy set up (roller coaster or something). The girls played with those along with Addison's Polly Pockets Pet Shot all night. Asher received some bat man toys, a punching bag toy, and a roaring dinosaur. Needless to say, there are no shortages on toys in the Austin house tonight. Whew...Austin Toys Shop anyone? Seriously! Grandma Bet and Grandpa Bill sure know how to spoil their Grandkids. The noise level in our house was so high from the excited screams. Chris received some nice new pans per his request and my mom updated my mommy wardrobe nicely as usual (thanks Mom). My parents also, unknowingly, started the Disney 2013 savings account. Although it was in the works for 2012, we did not go since we did not know if a move to Florida would be in the works. Now, no matter where we live, we will be going to disney in 2013 (shhh, it is a big secret).

After the wildness of presents, it was time for angel cake for Jesus' Birthday. We were all still full, but found a place for more. :) Everything looks and tastes so much better on Christmas for some reason.

It was a fun day spent together with those who love us most. Merry Christmas!

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Courtney F said...

How awesome! Sounds like the perfect day! Merry Christmas!