Saturday, December 01, 2012

Asher's 5th Birthday

On Thursday, November 29, Asher turned 5 years old! Crazy, right?!

We started the day with the surprise of a few presents. Asher opened a hulk, a bunch of pirate loot (including a Asher the Pirate book, pirate activity book and a "Walk the Plank Asher" puzzle). He also got a Captain America sweatshirt and a Captain America Mask that looked better on Asher than on Chris (just saying). 

Asher had preschool on Thursday morning, so it was his normal routine with perks. Since it was his birthday, he was the star helper and was able to wear a special star crown for the day. He was greeted by his friend Maggie who was so excited to wish Asher a Happy Birthday. It was super cute. Asher brought treats (which he told me he threw away. He is growing pickier by the day!).

After school, we packed our lunch and went to the Omaha Children's Museum to meet his friend Xander. The boys ran and played through the museum, which was actually pretty quiet. He was lucky to be able to see Santa in their new display, and asked Santa fora  pirate ship. It was so cute to watch him carry on a conversation with Santa.

After the museum, the boys played until school pick up time when Xander went home. Then it was cake time. Asher wanted chocolate cupcakes, so I picked a few up at HyVee. Asher did not like them. Seriously! I made M&M brownies for school and bought cupcakes and got strikes both times! He also opened his new scooter and he and Addi played outside testing it out.

After the fresh air, it was time for dinner. Asher selected to eat a Lansky's for dinner. Asher wanted beef pizza. It arrived and he refused to eat it. Chris and I got cheese pizza and it tasted like their was bleach in it or something. It had a weird, soapy or maybe metallic taste to it. I could not eat it. So, I could not blame Asher. STRIKE 3! Seriously, the boy can't find anything he wants to eat today!

Asher has grown up a lot in the last year. He has developed a sense of independence that he did not have a year ago. He plays well with one sister at a time or okay on his own, too. He likes to draw us pictures, write out his ABCs and play with his friends. He dislikes shopping, walking to get the girls from school, or being late for a snack or meal. He is a sweet little boy...perfect just the way he is.

Happy Birthday, Asher!
Asher at 5

1. Favorite  color: Blue
2. Favorite Toy: Airplanes
3. Favorite Fruit: Purple Grapes
4. Favorite TV show: caillou
5. Favorite thing to eat for lunch: Beef pizza
6. Favorite Outfit: Airplane shirts
7. Favorite Game: Game of life on the Ipad
8. Favorite Snack: Goldfish Crackers
9. Favorite Animal: Bears
10. Favorite song:  Jingle Bells
11. Favorite Book: Shark Book
12. Best Friend: Cameron
13. Favorite Cereal: Cocoa Puffs
14. Favorite thing to do outside: Play on the playset
15. Favorite drink: chocolate milk
16. Favorite Holiday: Christmas 
17. What do you like to take to bed with you at night? Teddy Bear and PJs with soft tags
18. Favorite thing to eat for breakfast? Egg beaters and bacon
19. What do you want to eat for your birthday dinner? Lanskys for Pizza
20. What do you want to be when you grow up? A pilot

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Courtney F said...

Aw! How sweet! They grow up way too fast for sure!