Thursday, December 20, 2012

Snow Day!

It has been a while since the kids got to enjoy a snow day! They did not even have one last year (which was nice because that meant we did not have the snow!). The snow had to come, I suppose, eventually.
Overnight we had some snow. I'm not sure how much as we had a long of wind, but it was enough to keep us busy shoveling the driveway and playing outside most of the day. I snowman is yet to be built, however.

This morning, Chris and I cleared the driveway and our seemingly endless sidewalks. I shovel while he snowblows. I believe we should do it the other way around next time. But, it got done. the kids played and played in the powdery, yet sometimes wet, snow. It was cold, but Alivia and Addi did not seem to notice. Asher got cold quickly and went inside. Alivia stayed outside all morning.

This afternoon, I took the kids plus one friend to the school to sled down the big hill. They had a blast, again, until they got too cold. Then it was time to come home for cocoa. Alivia and her friend went back outside while Addison and Asher warmed up inside watching Christmas movies.

All in a good snowday. Tomorrow, Christmas break officially begins. Humm...what shall we do then?!

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Courtney F said...

Aw! What a wonderful snow day! I am glad you stayed safe but had fun too