Monday, November 03, 2014

October 2014 in Review

I get so far behind on my blog. Life just gets busy and the blog gets forgotten about. It has been months since I edited a fair amount of pictures!

October flew by. The month started off with Chris loading up his backs for a 2 week trip to Denver for an UX certification coarse. He had a little fun, checked out the Denver crossfit and came home to pass his certification exam with flying colors. Meanwhile, Asher finished up his soccer season taking second in the final tournament. The kids had 2 days off of school making for a long fall weekend (Note to self, next year go to the lake!). We were able to visit the forest and the zoo and take in the nice weather.  Alivia received the First Student of the Month for 5th grade. She was quite exited about that.
Of course, it would not be Halloween without booing and trick or treating. We of course Boo'd our friends the first of the month and ended the month with a little candy. Alivia and Addison were vampires and Asher was a soccer player.
Now onto the busy November where Asher will turn 7!! years old and we will celebrate Thanksgiving!

Stay warm and keep in touch!
The Austin Family