Saturday, April 13, 2013

To Move or Not

So far...we are staying put.

Just when we find ourselves saying, "Let's move," Chris' work pulls something that makes us think now may not be the best time.

So, for now, we are staying.

Not sure if that will change tomorrow...but it is what it is for today.

I guess I will go back to trying to enjoy winter in April.


At least the sea gulls stopped by shadow lake to visit.

Happy Birthday to Chris

Last weekend (yes, I am that behind on this blog), we helped Chris ring in another birthday! Since his big birthday last year was celebrated away from the kids in sunny Florida, Chris wanted to spend the day with the kids this year. So, I had a lot of fun activities planned for him to select from.

First, breakfast came from Daddy's favorite, Panera. The kids were about as thrilled with this as Chris was. As Daddy worked out, I finished up on his birthday treat (a home made chocolate cake with chocolate frosting that was so yummy!). After getting cleaned up, Chris wanted to take a family walk around the lake. The kids were not happy about this one bit. So, Chris decided to have them stay at his parents down the street while we continued our walk with Pippa around the lake. It was quite peaceful actually. We need to do that more often!

After talking with his parents, Chris decided to take advantage of the Home Depot mulch sale and go and buy a few bags of mulch. 75 bags later, he was home ready to dump it. Huh, that was not on my list of fun things to do. I suggested roller skating or a movie! Anyway, instead we mulched the entire yard. that done just before it rained and snowed all week. (sarcasm).

After our hard work all afternoon, we ordered pizza for dinner. That's special, right?! But, we were able to top it off with the delicious cake and ice cream. The kids gave their Daddy a gift card to Subway and chocolate covered almonds (because he is a bit nutty yet sweet), while I gave him new jeans that I believe were made of gold and the imitation ho hos that he asked me for instead of the cake that I made anyway. :) All in all, better than the napkin holder that I will never let him live down giving me.

Chris reported having a happy birthday best spent at home. Many More, too, Mr. Austin.

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

March 2013 In Review

 Another wild month behind us. Addison lost 3 teeth. That is a big deal to a 6 year old. Addison lost 3 teeth in a week. That is a big deal to the tooth fairy. Just saying. Asher started swim class. He is doing great! He loves the water. Alivia is running her little heart out in Girls on the Run. She is doing amazing. She ran 3 miles with me over spring break! Impressive, am I right?! That is good for an 8 year old. I got another year older (sigh), while Chris prepares to get another year older this weekend (sigh). We had more snow (moan) but the kids liked to play in it. I wish I could say the same about shoveling the darn stuff. We just finished up a fun week of spring break and celebrating Easter. Now, back to reality. BRING ON SPRING ALREADY!!


Accident Prone

It is not a secret, I am really accident prone.

In Hawaii with Chris, I cut my head open in the middle of nowhere on the road to Hana. A naked girl on site offered to help before Chris took off his shirt stopping the bleeding from my head.

At our previous address, I tried out Alivia's scooter hitting an uneven patch in the driveway going for flight. I landed face down. I still have a nice scar on my arm to remember that one. I now try to avoid scooters.

A couple of summer's ago, I went down our now driveway on my bike, slamming on the breaks to avoid something, and I flew over the handle bars...landing on my face (again!).

Last week, Chris and I were cutting back the grasses for spring and placing them in the large rolling trash bin. The trash bin was full when I tried to roll it closer to the plants Chris was trimming. Somehow the bin got away from me and came back smashing me...wait for the face, AGAIN! Chris turned around to find the full trash can on top of me. I thought my chin was shattered. I opened my mouth and blood ran out.

It turned out to feel much worse than it was. I had a blood blister the size of a dollar coin on the inside of my lip and my chin has a nice bruise. I also manage to get a nice bruise on my knee, possibly from the trash can landing just right on it. But, my face did not look that bad for the fight I had with the trash can.

These are just the events I can remember since marrying Chris. I won't even get into the events of childhood! I must have 9 lives!

Spring Break 2013

We may not have gone on a big spring break vacation, but the kids still reportedly had fun. That is what is important, right?

We kicked off spring break at Jumping Jax in Papillion with Reding family. Funny, I saw a few other people there from Shadow Lake. Lucky for us, the place was not busy. The afternoon was filled with decorating Easter cut out cookies while Asher still went to his Monday afternoon preschool class.

Gabby, Alivia and Addison decorating Easter cookies
 Next up, member's hour and more at the Omaha Children's Museum where we met the Frederick Family. The girls loved Asher's little twin friends (as we typically only see them when the girls are in school!). We had the best time. And, I was so happy that Jill reminded me of member's hour at 9, to beat the rush. 

Maggie, Asher and Alivia
Wednesday brought more time with the Reding Family, this time at the zoo. The weather was kinda cool but not terrible. We were able to enjoy the indoor and outdoor animals, have a picnic lunch and end the day with an IMAX at 2. Alivia ended the day hosting a sleepover with her friend Gabby at our home.

Xander, Asher, Addison, Alivia and Gabby
Thursday was the day that was voted best of spring break. We visited Skate Daze in Omaha where the kids ran through their endless tube system and Addison roller skated (for maybe 10 minutes) with the Eickmeier family. The kids had a blast here. I will have to remember this to take them on very hot summer days, too. Addison ended the day having a sleepover at Kaitlyn's house.

Friday we went to the library and picked up some books and movies to enjoy at home. We spend the day relaxing at home (more because I needed to rest up for work at 7!). They were able to enjoy pizza that night with Daddy while I went to work (ugh).

The kids were also lucky to have Monday off of school. We woke up to a crummy April Fool's joke by mother nature...snow! We went back to the library and the kids read in quiet places, played educational games on the computer, etc. I love it that they love the library! Finally, a quiet place they like to go AND READ! Win win!

It was a fun spring break. It may (and probably will be) my last spring break as a really part time employee. Our future spring breaks may be more challenging to figure out. But, I am glad I was able to enjoy this one with them and our friends.

Easter Card Picture for 2013. Loved Asher's little tie (so cute!) and the little outfits I found for the girls.