Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Accident Prone

It is not a secret, I am really accident prone.

In Hawaii with Chris, I cut my head open in the middle of nowhere on the road to Hana. A naked girl on site offered to help before Chris took off his shirt stopping the bleeding from my head.

At our previous address, I tried out Alivia's scooter hitting an uneven patch in the driveway going for flight. I landed face down. I still have a nice scar on my arm to remember that one. I now try to avoid scooters.

A couple of summer's ago, I went down our now driveway on my bike, slamming on the breaks to avoid something, and I flew over the handle bars...landing on my face (again!).

Last week, Chris and I were cutting back the grasses for spring and placing them in the large rolling trash bin. The trash bin was full when I tried to roll it closer to the plants Chris was trimming. Somehow the bin got away from me and came back smashing me...wait for the face, AGAIN! Chris turned around to find the full trash can on top of me. I thought my chin was shattered. I opened my mouth and blood ran out.

It turned out to feel much worse than it was. I had a blood blister the size of a dollar coin on the inside of my lip and my chin has a nice bruise. I also manage to get a nice bruise on my knee, possibly from the trash can landing just right on it. But, my face did not look that bad for the fight I had with the trash can.

These are just the events I can remember since marrying Chris. I won't even get into the events of childhood! I must have 9 lives!

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Courtney F said...

Oh gosh! I am accident prone too. It stinks when it finds you!