Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Month of November in Review

We had a crazy month of November! We took our monthly trip to the zoo, visited the Children's museum, went to a play date at church, family portraits, Thanksgiving and Asher's 1st birthday! Yikes! We ended the month on a sad note when we lost my Grandma Vera. We will miss her dearly!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving...Merry Christmas to you all! Enjoy these pictures from our month -


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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Missing Grandma Vera...

Today was a very, very sad day for our family as we lost our beloved Grandma Vera (my Dad's Mother). We got the call this morning that she was not doing well, so my sister and I rushed to be with her in Iowa. However, we were 10 minutes late. I will remember my Grandma in many ways. I will remember the days when she and Grandpa parked their camper in my parent's backyard for many summers. I will remember her saying at Christmas, "Do you like it?" & having paper fights with Grandpa George.  And, I will forever remember and say, "pert near," her phrase meaning almost. She was a very thoughtful and generous woman who lived to be 93 years old (she was 60 years older than me). She absolutely loved being a Great Grandma  and so loved Asher (Pictured above this past Easter. We did go ahead and have his party with Chris' family because my Aunt thought Grandma would want me to have it. I tried to make it a special first birthday for Asher as Grandma would have wanted). She kept saying that Chris and I would have 4 kids just like her and have 2 girls and then 2 boys, just like she did (Oh, not sure on that one, Grandma Vera!). Oh Grandma, I miss you!

 May eternal light shine upon you Grandma! We love and miss you already!

Here is her obituary:

Vera Leona Long, the daughter of Roy and Myrtle (Brown) Edwards, was born on October 29, 1915, near Shelby, Iowa. She grew up on farms in the Shelby area and graduated from Shelby High School in 1933. On April 4, 1934, Vera married Wilbur Henry Graybill in Council Bluffs, Iowa. The couple had four children: Norma, Joyce, Wayne, and Derald. They farmed in the Persia (Iowa) area until 1943, when they moved to a farm near Tennant, Iowa; they farmed there for 29 years. Following retirement, Vera and Wilbur moved to Shelby and wintered in Arizona. Wilbur died in April, 1976, in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Vera married her second husband, Cloyce Beresford Long, in 1976. They enjoyed 14 years of marriage before his death, in January, 1992, in Harlan, Iowa. Vera remained in her home until 1997, when she became a resident of the Elm Crest Retirement Community in Harlan.

Vera was a member of the Shelby United Methodist Church. She enjoyed cooking, sewing, working on the farm, square dancing, playing cards, and gardening. She especially liked to visit the casinos.

Vera L. Long died on Saturday, November 29, 2008, at the Elm Crest Retirement Community in Harlan, Iowa, having reached the age of 93 years and 1 month.

Vera was preceded in death by her parents; two husbands, Wilbur Henry Graybill and Cloyce Beresford Long; one daughter, Joyce Berg, in 1996; one son, Wayne Graybill, in 1999; two sisters; three brothers; two grandsons, David Berg and Kurt Gahm; and one great-granddaughter, Lyndsey Gahm. She is survived by one son, Derald (Bette) Graybill of Shelby, Iowa; one daughter, Norma J. (C. Joe) Gahm of Council Bluffs, Iowa; nine grandchildren; 12 great-grandchildren; one great-great-grandchild; nieces and nephews; longtime devoted friends, John and Helen Barrett of Tennant, Iowa; and other relatives and friends.

Funeral services were held on Tuesday, December 2, 2008, at the Shelby United Methodist Church in Shelby, Iowa, with Pastor Orris L. Drake officiating. Shirley Pattee was the organist, and Reva Jean Drake was the soloist. Honorary casket bearers were John and Helen Barrett. Active casket bearers were Mark Gahm, Krista Austin, Nikki Graybill, Karl Lee Gahm, Wayne Graybill, Jr., and Rodney Graybill. Burial was in the Shelby Cemetery in Shelby, Iowa. Memorials may be made to the Shelby United Methodist Church. The Burmeister-Johannsen Funeral Home in Shelby was in charge of the arrangements. Condolences may be left online at


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Asher Wade turns 1!

Happy 1st Birthday, Asher Wade!

Today is Asher’s first birthday! We can hardly believe it has been a year already. Asher has changed a lot in the last month. He is very social at home around those he knows. He loves to crawl to us and give us hugs, nuzzle in our necks, and he head butts us as a sign of his affection! It is so cute. This boy loves to eat. Seriously, he can be in the other room, hear something in the kitchen and come crawling in all excited because he thinks it is time to eat! He gets his arms and legs going when he is excited, typically for food or when he sees me, which can be one of the same. He is now only nursing 1x a day, as I had planned, in the morning. The night time weaning was REALLY hard on me and has been an adjustment on Asher to a degree. He goes down okay at night, but wakes up now around 4:45-5:15 AM! Yikes, that is early. I really do not want to be getting up and feeding him breakfast at that dark hour. Now I am nursing him and putting him back to bed. We will see…this may get complicated as I try to wean that feeding. His favorite foods now are chicken, chopped grapes, mandarin oranges, sometimes strawberries, strained vegetable soup (I was eating soup and he wanted some!) and crackers.  He is now taking the sippy cup well and holds it by himself! Yeah!

Asher now stands for a while on his own but then throws himself forward instead of stepping.  He cruises well. But, when he runs out of things to hold onto, he throws himself down and crawls. We caught him today letting go, taking a step before falling onto his knees. He does like the attention he gets from standing and claps for himself. I think the boy would probably be walking if I did not carry him around so much. J Asher also likes to nod his head yes and shake it back and forth for no. This always makes me laugh. He also is one good dancer, bobbing up and down with his head and legs.  As for talking, he says, more, yes (I think), Piper (our cat) he says really clear and often, Mama  and Dada (He says Mama and Dada a lot!), hi and Bye-bye. He still likes to make this clicking sound with his tongue, something he picked up from Daddy.

Asher’s Favorites: Splashing in water (in the bath, at the pool, at the children’s museum, etc), playing in the cupboards, playing with Addison's potty chairs (he likes to put toys in it...YUCK!), eating, and giving hugs.

Dislikes: Being woke up, having his hair washed, being picked on by his sisters, & an empty stomach.


Asher loved his party today, in spite of the hard day we had (and he did not get a nap). He loved looking at the presents but not opening them, and he loved the cake! We gave him a little people airport and he really liked that. But his favorite gift was a big bus from Uncle Brent and Bridget. 


Having Asher turn one is bitter sweet. We are having fun seeing him turn into a little toddler, but sad to see our baby grow up too fast.

Happy 1st Birthday, Asher! We love you…


Asher's little people airportAsher & his airplane.The big airplane cakeAsher at his partySignature Frame, airplane cookiesAsher & his presentsAsher loved the big bus!Asher eating cake with the kidsAsher loved his cake

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Friday, November 28, 2008

The Season of Giving?

This morning, like many other crazies, Chris got up early to go and catch a few bargains. Bargains like a tinkerbell sweatshirt at Walmart for Alivia for $4 (I'd pay $20 to stay in bed!), and a few odds and ends at Menards. Chris came home saying he had never experienced anything like it. It was greed like no other. He thought if God could see our inhumanity, selfishness, and greed now, He would send all of us to Hell. So, Chris will not be participating in Black Friday again, unless it is online shopping!

Oh, and for a little proof, refer to this horrible incident that happened in New York or this one at Toys R Us. Isn't this supposed to be the Season of Giving not Getting?


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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Cure for Daddy Boredom Take 2

Recall, Chris saying he was bored and my cure was a new faucet install? Well, he started the process of old faucet removal at 4:30 PM (and the main water had to be shut off because there was not a shut off at the site), made 2 trips to Lowes, said some words that I do not think I have heard since high school to get the old corroded faucet off, and completed the project at 2:00 AM! Let's just say, I do not think Chris will be complaining of boredom anytime soon, and I am now banned from buying any more faucets!

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Happy Thanksgiving 2008

Happy Thanksgiving! This marks baby Asher's first Thanksgiving! We traveled to my parents' home on the farm for turkey and all the trimmings with my Grandma Marci. My cousin Dave was in from Chicago, which always adds a bit of excitement! The kids really like cousin Dave. Asher crawled to the highchair before the turkey was on the table, and then was in Grandma's crib asleep before we were finished. He liked Grandma's crib as he slept the afternoon away. Must be that clean farm air.
Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Family Thanksgiving 2008Asher night nightsAsher & Cousin Dave

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

In Loving Memory...1 Year Ago

It has been a year since Grandpa George passed away. It saddens me that our kids will not get to know the wonderful man who was my Grandpa. We miss him everyday, but in our hearts he will always stay!


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A Cure for Daddy Boredom

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Visit to the Omaha Children's Museum


Dino with BabiesRoar!Digging for bonesPlaying grocery storeAddison back in the crib?Farmer Asher?Firebaby Asher...Asher behind the wheelIn the baby room.

Yesterday we visited the Omaha Children's Museum. It was the first day of Chris' Thanksgiving vacation, so thought we should show him a good time. The museum had a dinosaur exhibit which was really neat. Asher really liked it, but Addison and Alivia seemed a little timid. Of course, they had to play in the grocery store, the house, the ball room, etc. To top it off, we had "Bunch a lunch" there. For Christmas we are asking for a family pass from Grandma and Grandpa Graybill, so this was just an early preview of things to come. Alivia's favorite part was the shopping or the house, Addison and Asher liked the water features. 

We all had a lot of fun!

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Monday, November 24, 2008

Going to a Fire Party

Alivia and I went to a Fire Birthday Party yesterday for a little friend of hers from preschool. They first toured a local firehouse, getting to see the fire truck and ambulance up close, before going to the little girl's house for cake. Alivia is so shy. I watched her play near her friends, but rarely saying anything. The birthday girl sat next to Alivia as they ate cake which was nice and cute. Alivia said she had fun, though. This is her second birthday party, and she is slowly coming out of her shell with each one.


Tour of the Fire Station.AmbulanceCake time with Riley (the birthday girl).

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Krista is...

...being all sentimental. working on Asher's 1 year scrapbook on Shutterfly. so thankful for this blog.

...misses Asher because tonight I started weaning. :( talking like facebook. Okay, Chris and I have been on Facebook for a while now. It is a total waste of time. I was getting on when I was pumping Asher's next sippy cup, which is diminishing by the day. Chris and I have caught up with many old and far away friends and family. There are people on there from my high school that I have not seen or heard from in years. This is the closest either of us will probably ever get to a class reunion! Anyway, there is a place on your own personal page that asks, "What are you doing right now?" and when you select it it says, "Krista is..." and you are to fill in the blank. So, when going to write this blog...I had 4 things to use to "fill in my blank." being all sentimental while Second, is working on Asher's 1 year scrapbook on Shutterfly and Third, is SO THANKFUL that I blog everything so I can just enter it into the scrapbook! I love it! Going back and seeing how Asher a has changed and grown. The girls have changed so much too. I will get into that more when I do the 2008 Austin Family Album at the end of the year. Oh, it is so sad how quickly the kids are growing up!

And forth, I miss Asher something terrible tonight. I work Friday nights for about 3 hours (6-9 or something long like that :) ) typically at Janie and Jack. Since Chris was putting Asher down last night, I thought it would be a good night to try weaning the night time nursing, one week prior to his first birthday. He went to sleep without a tear, and he slept until 6:15! :) What a champ! I, on the other hand, am in tears! I miss our time together. I know he will wake up and want me (or to nurse) in the morning, but I still miss him. You would think that after 3 years of being pregnant, breastfeeding or both at the same time (actually nearly 4 years with about 5 months or so off in between the girls) I would be okay with this. But, you all know, I am one big baby!

So, Krista is...

...about to go help Chris put together Christmas Gifts. Good night!

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Just Say...

Offensive? Chris thinks that some of my blogs can be offensive. Well, this is my soap box. However, I don't mean to offend anyone.

Chris is a very quiet, somewhat shy, but respectful man. I respect him for that. Many people, I think, take advantage of him because he is so nice. I used to be a lot like him. I got tired. Tired of people walking all over me because I was quiet.

So, now I am me. I blog out my thoughts and I talk to people about my thoughts. I do think some people (perhaps most people) would rather I would (just shut up) go back to being the shy little girl/woman, I once was (if they knew me then). John Mayer has a song I just love titled, "Say." If you listen to the lyrics he sings, "

"...It's better to say too much

Than to never say what you need to say again."

I agree! I am at a place in my life where life is too short to not say what you need to say. And, I am also in a place that if people can not be nice and treat me nicely and say to my face what they need to say, than I can chose not to have them in my life. I read, probably on YAHOO!, that your personality is made up of an average of the 6 people you spend the most time with. When I read that, I stopped to think who was making up my personality? If you think someone in your 6 is rude, crazy, unfaithful, etc, it really makes you stop and think, "Do I want THEM to make up MY personality?".

So, with that said, I will continue to just say, and probably too much. :)


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Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Ever get that sick feeling in your stomach? Chris and I had decided to not put an offer in on the house we were looking at because the backyard was so sloped, it is a bad time of year, and we could not get the best value for our home (All things aside, it was the yard). We just did not think we could give up our big flat backyard for that one.

Despite our decision, I looked often to see if the house was still for sale.

Today, it sold. Hence, the sick feeling.

Well, we made the decision. Now, I just have to live with it, and compare all future homes to THAT house!

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

He is almost 1!

Come to my first Birthday Party.

Celebrate a bit.

See my 1st cake,

I’ll be wearing it.


The cake will have just 1 candle,

We’ll have lots of food & fun.

So come & help us celebrate,

As Asher Wade turns 1!



We will be celebrating Asher’s 1st birthday with a party in his honor on his birthday, November 29th. We will have a special cake (and there is a big hint within the invitation of what will be on the cake). We are all very excited to have our little baby turn one!


·         Oh, Daddy made his invitations this year! Gotta love having a computer genius as a Daddy! Sign in to see it!




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Confessions of THIS Shopaholic

"I, Krista, am a shopaholic."

Well, at least a controlled one. It is rather difficult to shop with 3 kiddos in tow. So, I just rarely do it. I shop online for bargains, but sometimes the online pricing is more expensive than your find at the store (i.e. The Gap is horrible about this one! I just bought sweaters there that were 25% less expensive in the store than they were online!).

Anyway, I have decided that my job at Janie and Jack is like placing an alcoholic in a bar and telling he or she not to drink, just look at the drinks, serve the drinks, and watch other people drinking and enjoying themselves drinking! That is torture! I am very good about not buying unnecessary clothing for the kids, typically. However, have you been inside the Janie and Jack store? It is amazing! The adorable clothing sells itself. I have to wipe drool off my face several times during my shift.

So, for just a few hours a week, I look and oooohhhh and ahhhhh over all the adorable clothes, help other people shop for the adorable clothes, and watch them shop and have fun buying the adorable clothes. I have been so good, though, and have not purchased a thing (although it is killing me not to). I have to keep telling is not necessary. Oh, and Chris would have me resign if I brought home an "You owe us" slip instead of a paycheck!

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Surviving Christmas Shopping

I started Christmas shopping early last year since I did not want to shop when I was so pregnant. This year I decided to make early shopping a tradition. I make Thanksgiving the shopping deadline so I do not have to stress out during the Christmas rush, fighting crowds, with 3 kids in tow. Christmas shopping with our 3 kids in tow I found to be a little challenging, so I originally decided to shop at night if I could. I shopped a lot online (which is great because it is easier to shop around to find the best prices), and then I did what I could during nap times on weekends and at night (Chris and I even went out together one night while Grandma Kathy watched the kids!). This week, I had to take the kids with me to finish up. They were actually really good for the most part. Alivia helped pick out gifts for Grandma Bet, Grandma Kathy, and for Aunt Marsha. Asher kept getting out of the stroller somehow and ending up in the cargo area. This happened twice while I was paying. Oops! He was sneaking out of the straps that had been loosened when he had his puffy winter coat on. I even found some great deals for myself (& tried on clothes with all 3 kiddos! I got a $150 little black dress for $34!) I came home talking 100 miles per hour to Chris because I was so excited...I was almost done! Today we all went out to get the last minute things for Addison and finished up.

So, we survived Christmas shopping with our 3 kids without a bump or a bruise. And, we are finished by November 15! Now...for the wrapping and putting together of things preferably before Christmas Eve...

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Friday, November 14, 2008

No Fear

Our little boy Asher appears to have no fear (or maybe it is just that he is a boy!). Let's see, escaping his crib at what, 8 months old, black eye at 10 months old, and swimming under water at 11 months old? Huh? A couple months ago during open swim, Asher had his first under water experience. He just took a nose dive in from the sitting position. He did not appear to like it much at the time. Well, today Asher could not get enough of "swimming" under water. He "cruised" along the side playing with the water toys, took me by ONE hand and walked me through the pool, crawled in the shallow waters, and then would just lean over when walking with me to pick up a pool weight by going under! He also took some dives while crawling and standing at the side, too! He appeared to be part fish and not bothered at all by the underwater experiences.

I think we are trouble. All eyes will be on our little boy with no fear for years to come, I'm afraid.


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Monday, November 10, 2008

Made of Money?

I remember when I was a kid, my parents used to say, "We are not made of money," along with "Money does not grow on trees." Well, Chris and I know, obviously, that my parents were right on both accounts. However, I get the impression that others think our money grows in our front yard or something. I get asked a lot, "How do you guys do it?"

First of all, Chris works really hard so we "can do it." He is now doing web design/Logo side jobs, some for free however, in hopes of doing more side work and getting paid. He enjoys this "work" too.

I started my job at Janie and Jack and told a few people about working there (and have since kept quiet). I have told the dilemma as to not knowing why I am working. We are doing fine on one income, and this job does not even pay for a pizza delivery. Then the comment always arises, "You know, if you have so much money, you can volunteer?" Okay, we do not have "so much money." And, volunteer with 3 kids in toe? I am a stay at home mommy, not some lazy, good for nothing trophy wife (oh, but I am some trophy, right Topher?!). Being a SAHM is a lot work, just FYI (side note: I looked into getting a cleaning person to clean once a month to help me out - and it was $175 for 2 hours! Can you imagine what I could be making for working like 18 hours a day!! Needless to say, we do not have a cleaning person and our house will remain dirty). I said we make it work on one income. We, um, budget. I take offense to people of 2 working incomes saying, "Oh, WE can't afford to do that," in response of something we have done, are doing, or plan to do. We can because we save, budget and are smart about EVERY penny we spend. So, here are just a few of our penny saving strategies:

1. Cell phone. 

We have ONE phone, the cell. We have 450 minutes, no text, no email. $37 a month or something like that. Period. No home phone. Yes, I have gone over minutes (now twice) only because I have forgetten to check and have gotten too chatty. Now I am enrolled with this place that will email me when I am running low on minutes: Over my  

2. Utilities

It is hot in our house in the summer and cold in the winter. Heard of blankets and sweatshirts? The kids are used to it because they actually take off their sweaters. I keep it at 67 during the day during the cooler months when we are home, but turn it down when we are not home and asleep. Oh and cable: keep it basic. Bunny ears do not work where we live (or we would have them).

3. Groceries

I have to go to the store every week. Very annoying, but we run out of milk, bread and diapers. I buy very little snack crackers anymore. The kids can eat fruit and healthy things instead of the expensive crackers ($7 for a box of goldfish is seriously insane!). I shop at walmart because they match all the ads, use coupons, and am looking into couponmom and mygrocerydeals. I hate going to the store!

4. We write down every expense in our budget. Ask Chris, he hates this. But, you spend less when you do this. I would use cash, but then I would not know where the money went. We pay for everything with our checking account card, no credit. I will use a credit card with points for big purchases and pay off right away. And, credit is used if for interest free financing purposes.

5. Eating out?  It is very rare. We get pizza. I took the kids out to lunch today as a treat. BIG TREAT. They have to know how to behave when eating out, but it is a treat reserved for special occasions. Eating out is a waste of money when it is $2 for a drink and $5 for a sandwich. I can buy an entire loaf of bread and a pound or more of turkey for $5.

6. Christmas shopping

I shop around online, pricecompare everything before purchasing. We save all year for this, so buying is not an issue. The people we buy for get nice, thoughtful presents (at least I try). We save a little every month so we have enough to buy everything we need. Our kids appreciate what we give them at this point.  Jesus only received 3 we try to not get carried away. Jesus is the reason, after all.

7. We save. We save a little and a lot. It is just a bill that goes out on the 1st and 15th. We don't even know it is missing.

So, we are not made of money. We are just smart spenders.


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Friday, November 07, 2008

Kindergarten Dilemma

Chris and I were really struggling with where to send Alivia to school next year. There is the whole possibility of moving thrown in there, too. If we stay in our home, our options were the school up the street versus St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School, where we attend church. I had, in my own mind, decided to send her to St. Vincents. Yes, we have 3 kids and it is expensive. But, this is important. We would just make it work. If we moved, however, the decision may change. I am not sure Alivia could get into the school in the Papillion, La Vista area because we would be new to the Parish. We would just have to figure that out if, and when we move.

So, I threw out the question to Alivia's preschool teacher this week at conferences. She is, by the way, Catholic as well. Her answer, "I do not believe Alivia would do well in the Catholic School environment because of the class sizes." This issue has been brought up to me before from a friend of mine who once worked as a teacher (but now is a SAHM). She did not know how they did it with 30 kids in a class, with help or not. Alivia's preschool teacher says that Alivia is so shy that if she is missed in class (like she forgets to give her the eyes for the witch in art) that Alivia will just look down and not say anything until the teacher asks her what is wrong. In a class of 30, the teacher worries, Alivia would be forgotten because she is so shy.

Wooooh! That was not what I was expecting.

For now, we are not doing anything. We just received the enrollment papers for Catholic Education. I am going to call and see if the deposit is refundable (if we move, I sure would not want to lose the money because it is more than a standard deposit in my opinion). I really do not think we will be living in the area for our church to be an option, and we have no information, as of now, about the Catholic School in the Papillion, La Vista area.

You would think Alivia was going to college or something! I'll keep you posted, perhaps she will.

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Working Girl?

Tonight I will start my first few hours of work at Janie and Jack (it is an upscale children's clothing store that is a division of Gymboree). Although Chris and I have gone out on a couple of dates, the kids were in bed by the time we left. To be honest, I really do not know why I am working. I saw the store was going to open at Village Pointe and was so excited I applied. I am only working 6-8 hours a week. However, I am always behind on things at home as it is. Friday night is the "night off" I give myself to watch a movie with Chris, scrapbook or do whatever I want without doing any laundry, cleaning, or going for my evening run. Now, I will more than likely be spending it at Janie and Jack. I am also not sure I am ready to leave the nest for 4 hours in a row!

Pros: Gets me out of the house, adult interaction (there are days I only talk to Chris and the kids all day).

Cons: I have to leave the kids and Chris during precious family time, I will fall even farther behind at home, there is little money involved in this "job."

So, with all of that said, I will go tonight. I am not sure how long this will last. Asher is still nursing prior to bed, so I am not sure how this will all work out. Chris will have his hands full, that is for sure! He may send in my resignation before I even get home!

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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Baby Girl Anyone?

Letting go is so hard. But, with the possibility of moving come spring (if not sooner), we do not want to be moving a bunch of baby clothes. So, I am selling them...and look at all of them! I layed them all out at first in our basement for my posting, but have since organized them nicely in OUR DINING ROOM. Yikes! It is our little baby girl store. Gap, Gymboree, Hanna Andersson, Hartstrings, etc...what a little jackpot! (or big one!). Oh, and the picture was just through 9 months, 12-24m not even pictured (and not to mention the baby boy things that I am not sure I am ready to part with)!



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"Uh-oh, Uh, oh..." all Addison would say as she approached her bed, converted into a toddler bed, Sunday night. We selected Sunday night to make the switch since we knew with the time change she would be tired. She stayed put all night and has since. Yeah! Naptime, well that is another story. I wait outside her room until she settles down. She is now napping with her puzzle stool and other odd things that she can not put in her bed. But, big bed or not, she is still our baby girl!

Night one...with all her babiesAddison at naptime

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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Big Moving Debate

Anyone that has looked at home lately probably knows that once you get an agent, your email inbox tends to fills up with potential houses. Well, after Chris and I looked a few homes late summer, we started getting these emails, most of which we ignore. The recommendation is that we sell our home, then start looking for a home (hoping that we find one and are not left homeless). We are extremely picky, too.

Anyway, I opened one of the emails recently from our agent and saw this home in La Vista. Loved it online. But, you know, the homes do not always look like they do online. I took Addison and Asher to look at this one while Alivia was in school yesterday. It was beautiful. There were a couple issues - new neighborhood (so years of construction ahead) and the back yard was flat, then stoped a lot. Our back yard is wonderful now and we spend a lot of time out there. With that said, I set up an appointment for last night for all of us to see.

A little about the home. This home is a relocation, so is for sale by a relocation company. It is on the market for $50,000 less than what the family paid to build it less than 1 year ago. It is beautiful, in my opinion. And, yesterday, they dropped the price again in hopes of finding more buyers. They were open to a contiguency offer. The home was a 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom in La Vista built in 2007. Although we would lose our 5th beloved bedroom, Chris found a space in the finished basement that he could place our office space. This is what it said on the sellers sheet:

"This home is brimming with quality and sophistication, with the very latest in finishes, including archways, moldings, gorgeous painted woodwork and doors, bronze hardware, granite counters, stylized lighting fixtures. Well-appointed kitchen features birch cabinetry, walkin pantry, center isle, & sunroom overlooking fabulous view! Fin. walkout LL. Drop zone w/lockers, Pella windows, 4 car gar. Better than new!"

Chris' initial response was, "so, you want to put an offer in?"

We decided to think it through. And, after a few hours, decided to hold off until spring, at least that is our thoughts today. Our agent wanted us to low ball our home for a quick sale. We were not up to giving away the home we worked so hard on! And, if the offer did not go through with this house, we would be left trying to sell our home in the dead of winter where there are fewer homes for sale. Oh, and there was that thing about the unperfect yard and neighborhood under construction. However, with that said, if I told Chris I wanted the house, he would be writing up the papers before I finished talking, I think. :)

So, it is back to praying about "Loving the neighbor" and trying to fix up and clean out our home for a potential spring move. I think we are pretty sure, at least today, that moving is in our near future. We want to get into a place we like, schools we like, before Alivia has to start school next year. We will see...


The viewMore View...& the yard's hillMaster bath...LOVE LOVE THE TUB!!Master bath ShowerWalk out Basement


Kitchen with a view!Family roomBack of the house



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