Thursday, September 08, 2016

Addison's 10th Birthday Room Makeover

Addison turned 10 in July while we were at the Lake. For the kids' 10th birthdays, we makeover their rooms, starting with Alivia, now Addison. Being at the lake, it just was not done in time for her birthday. She did see the bedding and some of the accessories prior to her birthday, but her room remained the same.

Addison was in a full bed. I am not talking about any full bed, this full bed was once her crib, then her toddler bed, then her full bed. A lot of memories were in her bed. She did not want to part with it but she wanted a queen sized bed like Alivia now has and Asher has always had (because he inherited our spare bedroom bed from Ethan Allen. Lucky kiddo if you ask me!).

So, the first thing did was making a shopping trip to Nebraska Furniture Mart where Addison selected her bed and nightstand. She was excited. I did not buy it that day because I was hoping Chris could come with me and help me select the mattress. As time went on, I could see that was not going to happen. So, my parents agreed to help me with the selections. My mom laid on the beds and selected the mattress for me. :) Thank you.

Next up was selecting a paint color. Her colors were gray, teal and white. We selected Sherwin Williams March Wind. Who knew 2 gallons of paint are now just under $100?!?! Crazy.

Over Labor Day weekend, we were finally free. No soccer on a weekend is unheard of. So, against Chris' will, we hunkered down and redid Addison's room. Once we got going it all went pretty fast. And, the results are nothing less than peaceful.

Addison loves her new room and so do we. Chris and I are totally jealous that it isn't our room. Maybe next year?

 She still needs a new office chair,
 some more art,
And a new lamp (that is on order). It will come together eventually.