Saturday, July 12, 2014

Happy 8th Birthday Addison!

Today, Addison Rose turns 8 years old! Hard to believe! The celebration started early with her sleepover party at 4pm last night until 10 am this morning (with one friend spending the day with us). I am beat and Addison is still full of energy!

She invited 4 little girls, the same little girls she invited last year to her birthday, and one (Kaitlyn) could not make it. We started off going to the Ralston Park to play, back home for hotdogs and Addison's favorites, oreo cupcakes for "cake", and presents. The girls ran around and screamed a lot, made their way outside to play, before I convinced them to watch a movie together (that did not last long). They slept a short time in the tent downstairs before enjoying dunkin donuts for breakfast. After everyone was completely spent and full of sugar, we sent them home. :) As a treat from Addison, the girls all received matching PJs from Justice for Girls. The girls loved that, one girl saying, "These are much better than the t-shirt from last year (the one she was wearing to this party, I may add! :) ). I took that as a compliment. lol.

Today Addison has been playing with her friend Halle. They played in our big bathtub with the swimming Barbie's, played outside, bounced in the bounce house and are now watching a movie with Chris and Asher. Tonight, Addison first selected to go to Freddy's for dinner (yuck). But, today she decided to change and go to Lanskies. Wherever we go, I am sure she will not eat or be happy about it. That is our Addison!

Addison's friends gave Addison some nice things. She got a lot of Barbie things, including a Jeep and a Barbie she can color her hair, headband for Addison and more. They all gave her unique and well thought out things. Asher gave Addison a swimming Barbie Doll and Alivia gave Addison a little shorts outfit from Justice for Girls. From Chris and I, she asked for and is going to open later a pair of black high top converse shoes with her name imprinted on them from Chasing Fireflies, a requested flannel shirt from Justice (she asked for a purple flannel shirt that I could not find so hopefully this will work) and an outfit from Justice. Hopefully she will be happy with that as her Grandparents are spoiling her with much more in the way of Barbie.

Now for the Birthday Questions at 8...
1. Favorite  color: purple an black
2. Favorite Toy:  barbie dreamhouse
3. Favorite Fruit:  grapes
4. Favorite TV show: lab rats
5. Favorite thing to eat for lunch: I dont know, Salad?
6. Favorite Outfit:  Outfit from Justice for Girls
7. Favorite Game:  Mindcraft
8. Favorite Snack:  cheese its
9. Favorite Animal:  bunny
10. Favorite song:  heartbroken?
11. Favorite Book:  Junie B Jones
12. Best Friend:  Halle Hassett
13. Favorite Cereal: Plain Cheerioes, cocoa puffs
14. Favorite thing to do outside: play on the playset
15. Favorite drink:  coke
16. Favorite Holiday:   Christmas
17. What do you like to take to bed with you at night? Bunny
18. Favorite thing to eat for breakfast?  Cinnamon toast, bacon and cereal
19. What do you want to eat for your birthday dinner? Lanskies, Salad
20. What do you want to be when you grow up?  A vet and a teacher

At 8 years old, Addison is our challenge. She is honestly a really difficult child to make happy. She asks for ice cream and then gets mad because she did not get enough. Last year she asked for an inground pool for her birthday and was disappointed with the $500 blow up slide pool. I keep telling Chris that she is going to be a tough teenager when she makes me pull my hair out and she is only 8! Luckily, we love her and her challenging ways. I mean, Addison keeps us on our toys and will never let Chris or I sit idle. Addison is very observant and is not afraid to tell you as it is. I like that about her. However challenging, Addison still likes to give me hugs and would never skip a kiss on the cheek before going to sleep at night.

Happy Birthday Addison! Enjoy being 8 sweet pea!