Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Halloween 2015

Happy Halloween a bit late!

This year, Asher was a zombie football player, Addison was a voodoo doll and Alivia was a zombie soccer player. Creative huh?

We set out right at 6pm as usual. Yes, we may have been a bit early. But, by the time we walked down the street, the street up from us was coming our way...all 80 kids! It's insane!

We walked Shadow Lake for 2 hours before Asher, Addison and Alivia's friend Lizzy were ready to quit. Alivia finished off the street in front of us and around us. She was quite the trooper.

One week later...the candy is pretty much gone. Crazy, right? 2 hours of walking for one week of eating (and a year supply of dental bills).

Gotta love Halloween!