Sunday, May 29, 2011

Last Day of 1st Grade

Friday was Alivia's last day of the 1st grade. She got up early on Friday morning and got ready for school so she could ride her bike and scooter before Zoe and her Mom picked her up for school. When they arrived, Alivia was in tears saying she did not want to go. I believe she was sad to have to say good bye to Miss Erickson and her friends for the summer. She eventually got in their car and went to school.

After school, summer began with a rain shower. So, we drove up to school to get the girls. I captured last moment pictures with her teachers and friends before getting Zoe from her class area. Zoe burst into tears as she hugged her teacher good bye, then Alivia burst into tears. The girls were just a mess by the time we climbed into the car. It was so sad! They were happy to have lunch and go to Zoe's house to that helped.

Alivia brought home lots of work for us to look at and a positive report card. Alivia is a good role model in that is a good thing. Now, if she can just start being a good role model at home...

Now, onto summer fun and preparing for the second grade!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Alivia's 7th Birthday!

Today Alivia turned 7 years old. It is so hard for me to grasp that our little 4 pound baby girl is now a 7 year old who loves to listen to her iPod, draw, shop for herself :), and play with all of her BFFs (including our neighbor Zoe).

At 7, Alivia is a great reader, loves math best, and has turned into a great swimmer. She likes to ride her bike and play outside. She has, however, developed a little attitude that worsens with lack of sleep. So, we must keep her rested! :)

After having her big party with friends over the weekend, she had her Grandparents for ice cream cake tonight before going to Zoe's to play for a bit. She received a bigger bike from us and some PJs, a winged scooter (that is really fun!), butterfly habitat, lots of drawing stuff (which she will love to use to draw pictures and make cards, clothes and more.

Although she may not admit it...she had a fun day. We ate lunch with her at school, brought treats in for her class in the afternoon, and had a party at night. What a big day!

Happy birthday baby girl! You will always be our matter how old you are!

May Day at the Forest

Yesterday morning we met some friends at the Fontenelle Forest. It had really greened up since the last time we visited. It was beautiful, quiet, and smelled so fresh! The kids played a bit at Acorn Acres, then ran the boardwalk, and then we took a short trail walk. I always love walking the trails. The weather was perfect for it, too.

After all that exercise, we were hungry. So we grabbed a picnic table and had a little picnic. We finished up and went downstairs to play. The kids got a little play in before we were bombarded by the school kids as it has started to rain. It was time for us to go home.

We arrived home just in time for a nice nap in the rain. Ah...what a peaceful morning. LOVE the forest!
Leah, Asher and Addison, holding hands...

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Alivia Celebrates Turning #7!

For Alivia's upcoming birthday, she had 5 friends come over for a birthday sleepover party (while only 4 stayed the night). At noon on Friday, the school called to tell me that Alivia was sick. Oh no! She was complaining of being dizzy and a stomach ache. She slept for nearly 2 hours, then seemed better. So, the party went forward.

We picked up her friends after school and came home for cake. Her cake this year was a Kit Kat cake featuring a 2 layered chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and crushed M&Ms in the middle, topped with more chocolate frosting and while M&Ms, and of course, Kit Kats around the outside. I am not going to lie...this cake turned out to be a little tricky for me. And, in the end, I spend way more money on the thing than I would have if I would have just bought one! UGH! But, the girls enjoyed eating and singing Happy Birthday to Alivia.

After cake, we loaded up in 2 cars and went to the activity center at Mahoney. It was raining, so it was a perfect day for it. The girls ran around in the tube system for 2 hours. It was well after dinner time when we convinced them to go home and eat.

Once at home, they enjoyed lots of pizza and breadsticks before Alivia opened up a few presents. Then, the girls had a present from Alivia...matching princess pajamas. After a big bubble bath with the jets on (and they loved that), the girls got in their matching PJs. They then watched a movie inside their indoor camp site in the basement with a tent and sleeping bags. One little friend went home at 9 while the girls finished their movie. At 10, I began to encourage sleep. It took probably another 1 1/2 hours before they went to sleep. Why? Alivia.

The girls were awake for breakfast shortly after 7, playing until pick up at 10. The girls were all very well behaved. The only problem...Alivia. She was overwhelmed or something and was therefore quite disobedient and quite rude. She would be laughing one minute and in complete tears the next. Chris and I have decided in the future that Alivia should only have A friend for her birthday for a movie or dinner or something simple. Maybe when she is 10 or 16 she can have another sleepover party.


Next, her actual birthday this week. I can't believe our little Alivia will be 7!

The girls in their matching PJs from Alivia...looking like little princesses!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Going Back

Sorry, I am a tad behind. I find it difficult to get on the computer during the day, and by night time I am ready for bed!

Anyway, earlier in the week, Addison, Asher and I went to Omaha to run some errands. We had 2 trees that did not survive (out of 19 or whatever...that's not bad!) and I needed to get the paperwork in on replacement. I drove all the way to Lanoha's nursery to find out the two trees we need replaced are unavailable until fall. So, if you drive by our home and see our trees dead. We know...and are working on it. And, believe me, going to the nursery with Addison and Asher is hard work!

So, I rewarded them with a little shopping and trip to our favorite park from when we were in NW Omaha. I am still sad going back, but I am adjusting. I still say if we move again, I would never move back there. I would like to move far away next time. I mean, if there is a next time.

Anyway, we love Piedmont Park. They have fun things you just can not find at other parks and playgrounds. The weather was beautiful, the air smelled clean, and it was just nice to be outside and hear the kids laughing.

Overall, it was a good trip. I will probably venture out west again (love shopping there!). But, Papillion is now our home.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Addison and Bella

This weekend, Addison was invited to her BF birthday party at the Kid's Body Shop in Papillion. What fun! First, they swam for about a half hour. I was very nervous about the swimming part. But, Addison was fine. She jumped in with her friend Bella and kept going under water. It was so cute to watch them play together.

After swimming, the kids moved into the gym area for more fun. There are rings, balance beam, a foam pit and more! Seriously, what fun for a kid.

After playing and playing and playing, Bella had pizza and adorable Hello Kitty cupcakes. It was so cute!

Addison had a wonderful time. She loves her friend Bella. But, with that said, she still would rather go to school with Alivia than to go to private school with Bella. We will just have to have play dates.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Addison's Preschool Graduation

Today was Addison's Graduation from Sacred Heart Preschool. They put on such a fabulous program! The kids sang, prayed, graduated  :), received a picture memory book (which is so sweet!) and we watched a slide show of pictures of their year of preschool. It was so sweet it made me teary eyed!

I can not believe our little Addison is ready for Kindergarten!

Addison's BFF Bella

Praying Addison

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Splash Play Date

With it being 97+ and all today, what better way to spend it than outside in the water. So, when friends of ours invited us over for a splash party - I was thrilled! What better way to celebrate after Addison's last day of preschool, too.

Addison, Asher and Leah (my friend's little girl I watch on Tuesdays to help them out) arrived to the splash party shortly after 11. Elijah, Addison, Asher and Leah hit the slip and slide, the sprinklers and the baby pool. The slip and slide was a huge hit and was fun to watch them scream, laugh, play and run. Oh, to be a kid!

After an hour and a half of fun in the hot sun, it was time for us to head home. I could tell, after waking up at 5:30 or earlier this morning, Addison and Asher were totally wiped out. And, sure enough, a nap is what they needed!

What a fun day! Thank you, Stacy for the invite! What a great idea!

Addison's Last Day...

Addison on her FIRST day of preschool.

Addison on her LAST day of preschool. I even had her wear the same dress!
 ...of Sacred Heart preschool was today. :(
Addison's Class

She is now finished with Sacred Heart Preschool and is ready to go to Kindergarten in the fall. She said her good-byes to all her friends. She already misses her dear friend Bella. We love Sacred Heart and would recommend it to anyone. I wish Addison wanted to go to Elementary School there, but she wants to go to Bell with Alivia.

Addison, although still shy at times, has really blossomed over the last year. She looks more like the almost 5 year old little girl that she is. She is more outgoing, is beginning to read, and writes for sure left handed. Many times, she even writes completed backwards (nosiddA is how she writes her name sometimes). She has little problem leaving my side. Today, however, she was sad to say good bye. I could tell, it really bothered her than preschool was over.

Now, I just have a few months to get myself ready for Addison to go to school!

Here is a poem Addison's teachers gave her. So sweet:

I'm glad I was your teacher
I've come to love you so,
I can't believe the end is here
I'm sad to see you go!
Remember all the fun we had
In all the things we did,
But most of all remember...
You're a very special kid!

Addi with her BF Bella

Hugs to Bella!

Addison with her teacher

Monday, May 09, 2011

Visit to Heron Haven

My friend Laura told us about Heron Haven, an urban animal sanctuary located just off of 120th and Maple. It is not very well kept, but it was still full of wildlife. We saw 2 deer, geese, birds, squirrels, turtles, and few mother geese! It was fun to walk the short trails and enjoy the beautiful weather. There is a short boardwalk and then another photo trail made of mulch. The mulch trail is where we saw the deer. It was very peaceful.

Going to the Heron Haven? Bring your walking shoes, water and a camera and you will be ready to go. Although we did not need one, it is mostly stroller friendly, too.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Happy Mother's Day! What a wonderful day, other than the wind.

I got up early this morning to go to get my morning run in. It was so beautiful and peaceful out! I was so glad I got up early. When I arrived home, I found that the kids had made cards for me and were waiting with hugs and kisses. Ahhh...Love that! Soon, Daddy came up the stairs with giftbags! Inside Chris and the kids gave me a birdfeeder with bird seed, almond M&Ms (my favorite), and an IPOD nano. So exciting! I can't wait to run tomorrow to try it out!

We then went over to Grandma Kathy's to wish her and Great Grandma Austin and Aunt Pat a Happy Mother's Day! It was fun to be able to see then, if even briefly. We had to get home for our guests.

We arrived just in time. Grandma Marci, Aunt Marsha and my parents arrived for another picnic. And, hold the presses, we finally used the dining room! We have only lived here a year and a no time like the present to break in the dining room.

We had another picnic type meal, perfect for the beautiful day in the 80's. It was just beautiful, if we could only tolerate the wind. Whew! The kids played, watched part of a movie and ate all the yummy food. Grandma Marci was exhausted by the end of the day, and so were the kids. All of them were asleep at bedtime within minutes.

I had an amazing Mother's Day! Thank you to my kiddos, husband, in laws and my parents for making it special!

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day Eve

Saturday after our return from the zoo, it was time to prepare for Grandma and Grandpa! We had Chris' parents over for a pre Mother's Day picnic.

They arrived around 5:30 when the kids had just gotten cleaned up from running through the sprinklers. The kids were so excited! Chris went to work on the grill, and soon we had our little picnic. Other than Alivia's little antics (she is going through a 6 year old phase), it was a fun night. We need to do these things more often.

Trip to the Zoo Birthday House

Addison was invited to a birthday party for a little boy from her preschool at the zoo birthday house. We had never been there before, so we did not know what to expect.

First of all, the zoo was, well, a zoo. The first nice weekend day is probably the worst day to head to the zoo. But, we could not have Addison miss the party! We were lucky and got a parking spot right up front and went to the birthday house. Addison was so excited and quickly accepted the animal tattoo and waved good bye to us.

Meanwhile, Daddy, Alivia, Asher and I headed out to see some animals in the warm to hot sun. We saw the tigers, the bears and the birds - oh no! Then, we had to stop by the play set for a while. We went over the bridge to feed the fish, then viewed the animals on the way back to the birthday house up the hill from the giraffes. It was weird to only have 2 kiddos. And, Chris and I were impressed that Asher walked for nearly an hour and 40 minutes with hardly a complaint! YEAH!!

When the party was over, we were all ready to go home. Another fun family afternoon!