Friday, February 25, 2011

February in Review

What a month! We kept busy with our usual trips to the OCM, Forest and the zoo, but we also visited Skate Daze and played outside when the weather was nice. February began with snow days, brought 60's mid month and ended with the melting of the 2-3 inches of snow we got on Friday night. We also ended the month with 4 out of 5 of us sick for a week. Everyone is slowly feeling better, and I am thankful to have wonderful immunity!

Now, bring on March, and do I dare say, nicer weather?

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Still Sick

Yes, we are still sick. Alivia was sick Saturday night through yesterday. Today, she is finally back in school. Tuesday, Addison woke up with a fever and remains sick. Chris got sick Tuesday after work. Then Asher got sick Wednesday. I, have been lucky so far.

What do they have? There symptoms include high fevers, cough, congestion, body aches, chills, and fatigue. If Alivia is any proof, it lasts 4-5 days. So, I guess I have a few more days before we are in the clear. Their pediatrician believes they have a strain of influenza not covered by the vaccine (since we all had it).

Now, I just hope that I don't get this at all, especially after everyone else gets better. Wish me luck on that.

During the time with Tylenol and Motrin on board...TEAMWORK!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Just Plain Sick

Alivia went to her friend's house Saturday and returned just not acting like herself. She loaded up on maybe 10 big blankets and still said she was cold. Then she asked, "Is it bedtime yet?" Alivia never asks to go to bed!

She was not much different on Sunday. She sat around loaded up on blankets watching TV. Chris thought she was maybe just being lazy. I uncovered her and took her temperature. 104.1. Um, let's take a bath and unload the blankets. The temp came down some, but she still wanted to go to bed. Monday, President's day which was a day off of school for her, continued much of the same. More TV, more blankets, more Motrin and Tylenol continued through the day. By 6 pm, Alivia and Addison both wanted to go to bed.

Tuesday, the 104 temp continued for Alivia and now Addison has the fever. Alivia has a cough and some congestion, and no appetite, but really no other symptoms. Addison is quiet with a fever and no other symptoms. I would rarely describe Addison as quiet.

So today, we are waiting to feel better. And, I am hoping that the fever only hits 2 in our household.

No such Chris is sick! 

Waiting for her fever to break.

Dog Sitting

For nearly 11 days, we have been dog sitting for Kota, my parents Labrador Retriever. She is 2 1/2 years old and full of energy. Originally, the plan was to have her stay mostly in the laundry room. That lasted until Grandma and Grandpa left, then she was out and running.
We were lucky that the weather was fabulous during most of her stay. We walked together, we ran together, she loved playing fetch in the backyard, and she even liked going to the playground with us once last week. She mostly slept on her bed in the laundry room, but Chris had her stay in our room one night and then we just left her out to sleep wherever after that. She was great around the kids, and they loved playing "vet" with her, giving Kota pretend shots.

Now, around other dogs, Kota is not so good. Think about it, Kota lives on my parents' acreage and never sees another dog! So, really, she did quite well considering. On day one, she ran over a snowdrift quicker than I could keep up with. When we jumped over, I fell right on my tushy! So, I continue to try and heal my broken butt. On the first day I ran around the lake with her, the neighbors let their 3 golden retrievers out in the yard behind their pathetic wrought iron fence right as we got to their yard. I was running on the trail (that their home backed to) on a sheet of ice. So, when Kota when chasing after these dogs, I slid, fell, and then was dragged to "greet" these dogs. The owner stood near by, scooping poop in his yard, laughing out loud. I, personally, found no humor in my bloody hands. I stood up, pulled Kota back to the trail, and ran the short distance back home.

I found there are either really friendly dog owners and really mean ones. Walking at Walnut Creek, I had a man stop and talk to us and was really nice. I also found more unfriendly dog owners. I had a doggy owner tell me at Walnut Creek that perhaps I should get a dog my own size like she did. I quickly snapped at her, "I am doggy sitting and adjusting," you snot. I also had many dog owners while running around the lake that had their dogs not on a leash running with them or they would let their little dogs (snacks for Kota) out to go potty without a leash in the front yard. Seriously, come on!

All in all, we loved watching Kota. But, we will not be getting a dog any time soon if ever. It is a lot of work. Kota was like having a 4th kiddo (which would not be so bad actually! :)). I mean I had to bathe her, feed her, pick up her poop, play with her, make her is she any different? Okay, she has a bit more hair.

When my parents arrived today to pick her up, Kota was so excited. She ran all over the yard and then ran to the pick up door and wanted in. Funny, I thought she liked it here, so much she would want to stay! I guess there is no place like home.

Kota is welcome to visit or stay with us anytime. We will miss her. Maybe we will go and visit her soon.

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Running with Kota

Kota, ready to go home. I think she wanted to drive.

Lap Dog?

Kota jumped right in the truck and was ready to go home!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

February at the Forest

Another day of pretty nice weather in Nebraska, at least for February. So, after Chris and I ran our morning runs, we loaded up the kiddos for the forest.

It was pretty dead looking around the forest. Most of the snow had melted, which cleared the paths for the kids to run and play in Acorn Acres. Alivia had wanted to visit the forest for quite some time since she is normally in school. Alivia and Addison ran the boardwalk, while Asher rode on Mommy and Daddy's shoulders. It was crisp, but sunny. It was nice to be outside enjoying the weather, while these nice temperatures last.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Walking And Playing at Walnut Creek

Another day, another day of fabulous weather. Today we hit the first park of 2011.

First, we walked and ran the nearly 3 miles around the Walnut Creek Lake and Recreation Area in Papillion. It was beautiful! We have taken the kids to the playground many times, but we have never walked around the lake. The lake is very pretty with many geese. The geese left us alone and so did Kota, who we took along for our walk. The kids kept occupied looking around as I pushed them around the lake. It is a lot of work to push Addison and Asher and walk Kota at the same time. I was spent! But, after our walk, the kids got to play at the playground. The park is nothing special really, but Addison and Asher did not care. They had a blast! Kot kept me busy too.

All in all, it was another fun morning spent in this beautiful weather. I could have done without Addison forgetting her American Girl doll, but we won't talk about that (I did return 2 hours later and found the doll just as she left it. Whew!).

Now, we will just continue to dream of spring.
Kota in the car!

Addi & Asher spontaneously held hands on the way home...too cute!

Thinking Spring

I know, I know, it is February in Nebraska so it can not be spring. But seriously, it sure feels like it! The weather has been just fabulous this week! Yesterday it hit 68! degrees!! We are so thinking spring...

In the morning, Addison had preschool. Asher and I first surprised Daddy with his favorite lunch from Panera (that he could eat later, of course). That was fun for Asher and for Daddy! Then, Asher and I hit the trail with Kota for a morning walk/wagon ride. How fun, well, kind of. Kota stops and smells every scent, good or bad, if you catch my drift. I have a blister on my finger to prove how poorly behaved she is on walks and when she "greets" other dogs. However, it was a perfect day. Very peaceful for Asher and I.

We returned home and took to the swing set. Asher loves his Mommy time while the girls are in school!

In the afternoon after naptime, we walked up to school to get Alivia. Back at home, the kids rode bikes, played on the playset and got out their toys with Daddy while I took to the trail to run. I ran my route opposite, and I about killed myself. I started out going up a steady incline ending with a nice hill. Funny, I never noticed the incline and hill when I was going DOWN it! But, at least I got to run it in shorts, in February!

Upon my return, the kids played outside until it was dinner time. It is so nice to get outside and enjoy some fresh air. Ahhh....let's just hope this is not a big tease.


Me, must chillin' after my run IN SHORTS IN FEBRUARY!