Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Just Plain Sick

Alivia went to her friend's house Saturday and returned just not acting like herself. She loaded up on maybe 10 big blankets and still said she was cold. Then she asked, "Is it bedtime yet?" Alivia never asks to go to bed!

She was not much different on Sunday. She sat around loaded up on blankets watching TV. Chris thought she was maybe just being lazy. I uncovered her and took her temperature. 104.1. Um, let's take a bath and unload the blankets. The temp came down some, but she still wanted to go to bed. Monday, President's day which was a day off of school for her, continued much of the same. More TV, more blankets, more Motrin and Tylenol continued through the day. By 6 pm, Alivia and Addison both wanted to go to bed.

Tuesday, the 104 temp continued for Alivia and now Addison has the fever. Alivia has a cough and some congestion, and no appetite, but really no other symptoms. Addison is quiet with a fever and no other symptoms. I would rarely describe Addison as quiet.

So today, we are waiting to feel better. And, I am hoping that the fever only hits 2 in our household.

No such luck...now Chris is sick! 

Waiting for her fever to break.

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