Friday, February 18, 2011

Thinking Spring

I know, I know, it is February in Nebraska so it can not be spring. But seriously, it sure feels like it! The weather has been just fabulous this week! Yesterday it hit 68! degrees!! We are so thinking spring...

In the morning, Addison had preschool. Asher and I first surprised Daddy with his favorite lunch from Panera (that he could eat later, of course). That was fun for Asher and for Daddy! Then, Asher and I hit the trail with Kota for a morning walk/wagon ride. How fun, well, kind of. Kota stops and smells every scent, good or bad, if you catch my drift. I have a blister on my finger to prove how poorly behaved she is on walks and when she "greets" other dogs. However, it was a perfect day. Very peaceful for Asher and I.

We returned home and took to the swing set. Asher loves his Mommy time while the girls are in school!

In the afternoon after naptime, we walked up to school to get Alivia. Back at home, the kids rode bikes, played on the playset and got out their toys with Daddy while I took to the trail to run. I ran my route opposite, and I about killed myself. I started out going up a steady incline ending with a nice hill. Funny, I never noticed the incline and hill when I was going DOWN it! But, at least I got to run it in shorts, in February!

Upon my return, the kids played outside until it was dinner time. It is so nice to get outside and enjoy some fresh air. Ahhh....let's just hope this is not a big tease.


Me, must chillin' after my run IN SHORTS IN FEBRUARY!

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