Monday, February 12, 2018

Whole30 Take 2

On my last whole30, I said I would never do it again (see June 2017). I do recall hating it, and hating it a lot. I am not even sure why I decided to do whole30 again this time. For one, I have been eating more cookies than vegetables and decided I needed a reset. And, since I am not running for the most part due to a nagging stress fracture, now was a better time to reset!

I started on 1/28 and hope to go through March 1, so more than a 30 day whole30. Last time I did whole30, I was attempting to do so while running 7 miles a day. This time, I have been walking for the most part and doing my BBG cross training. I am finding my energy much better this time and less depleted. Now, a couple weeks in, I ran 5 miles today and did not feel half bad. I ran slow, none the less, due to running in snow in zaktraks and babying my leg, but I ran. I am able to complete my BBG workouts.

I am not sure I can come up with any right now. My energy is just okay. Oh and my face may be clearing up. But as I type this, I have a fever blisters that have taken over my lips.

I think I have actually gained weight...but I have not weighed myself.
My stomach is usually upset from noon on. If I work overnight, I go to the bathroom 10-12 times. NOT KIDDING. I had a stuck gas bubble or something the other night that caused me to collapse to the floor in pain. I actually thought something was going to explode. All this from eating healthy? Seriously?!?! I have GI symptoms like no other. I do not recall this from last time. Last time I felt emaciated. This time I know what I can eat for the most part.

Last time I refused to bake because I just wanted to eat it. This time I have made bars, cookies and chex mix without issue. I like baking, so I hate to give it up. And, I was able to bake without licking the beater. Amazing! I just tried not to smell the cookies.

I am hopeful I will be able to re introduce the food properly this time. I am hopeful in the end of my 30 plus days that I will feel better. Here is to hoping. Because right now I feel like crap and really want a cookie.

Florida 2018

The last 2 winters my parents have gone to Florida. Last year I visited in January, so this year I repeated that. I love visiting my parents, the break of winter, the break from my crazy job, etc. Last year I went alone. This year I decided I was going to take 1 kid along with me. I decided to bring Addison with me.

It was a difficult decision. Should I bring Alivia before she goes into high school, Addison before she goes into middle school, or Asher before it is awkward that he has to share a bed with his mom for a week.

I selected Addison. :)

Addison was thrilled to come along. We got on the plane in freezing Omaha to land in Florida, where it was not that much warmer honestly. They had freeze warnings while we were there. It did not stop Addison from jumping in the water, making sand castles, burying her Grandpa in the sand, digging deep holes and finding shells. We also drove down to the Everglades and saw some alligators on an air boat tour. That was very fun. That was the high light of our trip. Addison balanced our time between the beach and the pool, even when I thought I would die from freezing to death. (Really, I am not kidding).

After 5 weeks away from running due to a stress fracture, I tried running the beach. It did not work for me. So most days I got up early to WALK the beach. One morning I even got lucky and spotted a dolphin!

Addison enjoyed the trip as much as I did. Grandma and Grandpa probably wore out from our visit. Addison loved all the snacks Grandma bought her too. She may just be a little spoiled.

I am hoping my parents make a return trip to Florida again next year because I want to visit!