Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 Goals

As we end 2010, it is time to look ahead to 2011 and to the year's goals. Here they are, in no particular order.

1. Finish the 2010 photo album and finally finish Addison's baby scrapbook (before she turns 5!).
2. Save, save, save: We really want to save and invest more this year now that this home will hopefully suck less out of us this year.
3. Finish painting the interior of our home. We have the entryway, master bed/bath and basement left.
4. Recarpet basement post kitty.
5. Surround ourselves with less drama, with friends and family who love us as we are. I am going to try less, meaning if I have to try too hard to make relationships work, I am going to let them go.
6. Plan 1-2 family vacations for 2011.
7. Take one trip with just Chris and I (my parents have already agreed to help with the kids!).
8. Keep up with exercise, and get the kids involved daily.
9. Play more and worry less. Easier said than done.
10. Become more involved in our "new" church.

We are ready to bring on 2011. Happy New Year!

December 2010 in Review

What a month to end the year! We kept busy as usual visiting the OCM and the Lincoln Children Museum, Bounce U, play dates and more. The girls both had music programs at their schools. At home we made Christmas cookies before celebrating Christmas. Now bring on 2011!

Click HERE for December Pictures.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Jesus Loves Me

Addison is obsessed...and we think this is a good thing.

Addison's favorite bedtime story: Bible Stories
Who Addison most wants to hug: "If Jesus was here, I would give him a hug."
What did Addison want to do with her Christmas money: "I want to give this to the Church, Mommy."
Favorite word to spell? J-e-s-u-s, of course.
What movie did she beg Daddy to watch today? Part of a 6 hour movie of Jesus' life.
Most asked question? "When is Jesus going to come back to Church with us?"
What Christmas display could she not get enough of? The nativity and baby Jesus, of course.
What does she miss most right now? Sacred Heart preschool, hearing more about Jesus, and seeing her friends.

Date Night

Last night, Chris and I got a babysitter and set out on a date. It has been pretty quiet around our house, to say the least, so I set up a date to hopefully liven things up a bit.

Our dates usually have a reason, shopping for a kids' birthday presents, Christmas shopping, something. Last night, I had Chris line things up.

We ended up within minutes of our home at Old Chicago in Shadow Lake. We had a chance to talk with fewer interruptions while getting some adult beverages (okay, I had a virgin daiquiri...but it was still really good!). We did do a little shopping before returning just over a couple hours later.

Our babysitter worked out fine, and the kids liked her. Alivia really liked her because she allowed Alivia to play games on her IPhone! Asher, well, he said he was mad at me for leaving him with "her." It would not matter who it was, he would not have been happy!

Let's just say there will be a next time...and it will not be that long from now. Maybe I should line up a babysitter now.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Open Bounce!

After picking up Alivia from her first sleepover, we set out for another play date - with Alivia's friend Sydney, her brothers, and Mommy Stacy, and family friends Jill, Gabriella and Grant. Unfortunately, everyone else had the very same idea. Bounce U was at capacity within a half hour! The kids had fun...and again, that is all that matters. And, I got some good adult interaction! Thanks Stacy and Jill for meeting us and tolerating the chaos!

 You got to love winter break!

Alivia's 1st Sleepover

Alivia has had her share of sleepovers at our home. For us, they are pretty painless until bedtime, then ALIVIA is usually the one fighting to go to bed. When she has been asked to stay over before, she has told me that she was not ready. That is, until Zoe.

Alivia spends a lot of time with her friend Zoe, who happens to be our neighbor. Zoe is very outgoing, unlike Alivia, and I think Alivia likes that. They play well together for the most part, too. Zoe spent the night here the other night, and last night, Alivia finally agreed to spend the night away from home. She told Zoe's Dad that she may be scared, so she would have to bring her pillow pet. Too cute.

I guess the girls did fine. They snuggled up together in Zoe's bed after watching movies. This morning, Zoe taught Alivia how to make breakfast (Really? How nice!). Guess they had a good time.

At 6 years old Alivia already likes being with friends more than us. Makes me sad...but at least she is a social little girl and getting over her shyness!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Winter Break Visit to the OCM

Today the kids and I visited the Omaha Children's Museum while Daddy went back to work (guess he had enough of us). We arrived for member's hour from 9-10...then the floodgates opened. Gees! It was crazy! I do not like being anywhere when it is that crowded. Asher clung onto me overwhelmed by it all. By the time we left, the line to check in was going out the door!

At least Alivia and Addison had fun, right?

Monday, December 27, 2010

Progress Towards 2010 Goals

2010 is about over, believe it or not. So, how did we do on our 2010 goals?

The 2010 Goals:
1. Invest more, spend less. This was a challenge with all that our home needed. This year we will make this goal more of a priority.
2. Finish the Austin 2008 & 2009 photo book and FINALLY finish Addison's 1st year scrapbook (that I am doing by hand - not digital): The 2008-2009 albums are finished, Addisons...not so much. Guess I will have to put that goal back on the 2011 list.
3. Family vacation and a trip for Chris and I. We took family trips, but Chris and I did not get that alone trip. Not sure if this will happen in 2011, either.
4. Chris' personal goal. Well, he did get a new job...but not really what he had in mind. He is much happier now though.
5. Have all our kids (including Chris) potty trained.WE ARE DIAPERLESS...YEAH!
6. I have a goal of my take better care of myself. Well, if skipping many nights of sleep is healthy, than check. how my body is reacting...I am guessing that is not a good thing.
7. Eat healthier, cook more, & exercise. CHECK.

We are not beginning to make our 2011 goals. We will have to focus more in 2011 I guess!

I've Had It

When I was growing up, my mom used to say, "I've had it!" after a long day. It could have been a long day of my sister and I beating up on one another (okay...Nikki usually beat me up...but we never kept score), a long day of helping my dad in the fields or just another long, busy day. But, she had had it!

Today, I have had it. Actually, I think I had had it last week...but, who's counting.

Some things really burn me out. Today, it is being over scheduled, over drama'd and maybe a bit overwhelmed. I am currently the only "as needed" nurse where I work, so I am working more. Okay, I am working MUCH more, much much more than I would like. The pay may be nice when I get paid, but I really don't think it is worth it. I work all night, fight to sleep during the day a bit, before getting up to enjoy some time with the kids. Then, in a couple days, I find myself repeating this. Seriously, I thought I was a stay at home mom?

I am now remembering why I quit my full time job. I am not cut out for this. And, to top it off, there is the other life drama that has to be thrown into the mix. Oh, come on, what kind of test is God throwing at me? Doesn't He know that I have a low tolerance threshold?

I guess I will start praying a little louder...

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Austin Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010 in Iowa: Alivia 6y, Addison 4y, Asher 3y

Merry Christmas!

What a wonderful day spent together as a family. Our day began much different than expected. Asher woke us up at 7AM, and then I had to go and wake up the girls! Everyone got in their Christmas outfits and prepared for Mass, then went downstairs to see if Santa had paid us a visit. (I know...Santa and celebrating Jesus' birth are not one of the same!).

The kids started with their stocking before tearing through their presents. Alivia, age 6, was so excited that she would rip through a gift, scream, and then head to the next one. The kids were done opening their stockings and presents within a half hour! It was crazy!

Alivia's favorite things: All her new clothes from Justice, vet set, pillow pet and a pink IPOD
Addison: American Girl bitty baby, pottery barn pram stroller, and pillow pet
Asher: trucks, light saber and space shooter

We went to the 9AM Mass at Saint Columbkille. It was a beautiful, quiet Mass (and Dr. Calderon sat behind us!). So loved being able to sit up front and not contend with the Christmas Eve chaos! So much more peaceful. Asher kept asking, "Where is Jesus?" and I would point to the nativity. Then, he would say, "No, Jesus walking!" He just does not understand yet...and my explanation kept confusing him further. We will have to keep working on that one!

We stopped at home quickly before picking up Grandma Marci and going to Grandma Bet and Boppa Bill's house for the day. Grandma served a wonderful meal followed by a generous supply of presents. The kids were just as excited about their new things from Grandma and Grandpa.

Alivia's Favorites: Polly pockets and pink barbie car
Addison's favorites: American Girl Doll swing and vet set.
Asher's favorites: Golf set, football and t-ball set. Could a boy ask for more? Oh, he loves his new front loader, too, even taking it outside to scoop snow.

It was a fun day with family in a beautiful winter wonderland at the farm. So glad my Grandma Marci, who is 98 years old, was able to make the trip. It would not have been the same without her. We celebrated with the traditional Angel Cake for Jesus' birthday, too. The kids (and adults alike) really like that!

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Jesus!

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

This year Christmas Eve was a day to chill out as a family. Alivia had a sleepover that ended this morning and Addison was awake most of the night with yet another bout of the stomach the girls were not up for much. After a day of napping and taking it easy, we ended the night watching the magical Polar Express while drinking hot chocolate and preparing for Mr. C. Tomorrow, Christmas morning, the kids hope to get up and open their presents before we go to Mass to celebrate Jesus' birthday...the biggest party of the year!

Now...let the spirit of Christmas begin...