Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 Goals

As we end 2010, it is time to look ahead to 2011 and to the year's goals. Here they are, in no particular order.

1. Finish the 2010 photo album and finally finish Addison's baby scrapbook (before she turns 5!).
2. Save, save, save: We really want to save and invest more this year now that this home will hopefully suck less out of us this year.
3. Finish painting the interior of our home. We have the entryway, master bed/bath and basement left.
4. Recarpet basement post kitty.
5. Surround ourselves with less drama, with friends and family who love us as we are. I am going to try less, meaning if I have to try too hard to make relationships work, I am going to let them go.
6. Plan 1-2 family vacations for 2011.
7. Take one trip with just Chris and I (my parents have already agreed to help with the kids!).
8. Keep up with exercise, and get the kids involved daily.
9. Play more and worry less. Easier said than done.
10. Become more involved in our "new" church.

We are ready to bring on 2011. Happy New Year!


fourkidsmom4 said...

5. it is tough to do, but I agree totally.

The Austin Life said...

Let's see how we do, Brenda! I have done well avoided people/situations in the past and have felt less stressed by doing so. Family and friends are important...but only if they are not toxic. Any suggestions other than moving to Michigan? :)

fourkidsmom4 said...

I thought you commented on one of my posts... :)

Other than prozac... ;)

Stay focused on your husband and children. We are very involved at our church. It is our "small town" in a big city.... even though still big compared to Shelby.

All I can say is keep plugging. It took us 8 years to find our current circle of friends....but they were worth the wait.

If someone is a true friend, you don't have to "work" at the relationship. (IMO)

The Austin Life said...

I believe your last comment is key..."If someone is a true friend, you don't have to "work" at the relationship. (IMO)."

Thanks, Brenda! I will keep plugging away!