Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Alivia's 1st Sleepover

Alivia has had her share of sleepovers at our home. For us, they are pretty painless until bedtime, then ALIVIA is usually the one fighting to go to bed. When she has been asked to stay over before, she has told me that she was not ready. That is, until Zoe.

Alivia spends a lot of time with her friend Zoe, who happens to be our neighbor. Zoe is very outgoing, unlike Alivia, and I think Alivia likes that. They play well together for the most part, too. Zoe spent the night here the other night, and last night, Alivia finally agreed to spend the night away from home. She told Zoe's Dad that she may be scared, so she would have to bring her pillow pet. Too cute.

I guess the girls did fine. They snuggled up together in Zoe's bed after watching movies. This morning, Zoe taught Alivia how to make breakfast (Really? How nice!). Guess they had a good time.

At 6 years old Alivia already likes being with friends more than us. Makes me sad...but at least she is a social little girl and getting over her shyness!

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