Tuesday, December 07, 2010

They're Back!

We lived at our last address, surrounded by new construction most of the time, and never saw a mouse. We have lived in this house a year and have had 2! Remember last year?

Yesterday, I busied myself cleaning 3 out of our 4 bathrooms while Addi and Asher fell to sleep at nap. I came downstairs and sat at the island in the kitchen to relax for a minute before I went back to work. When, wait, what is that noise?


No, we got rid of the cat. What is that? And, where is that coming from?

What I was hearing was scratching...and it sounded like it was IN THE ISLAND!

I called Chris who told me to take care of "it" before he got home. Um, funny.

So, break over. That was a nice 10 second break. I now had to defend our home against a MOUSE! I knew that I had to make sure EVERYTHING in the pantry was in a plastic container or the mouse would eat it. So, I completely cleaned out he pantry until it was time to walk to school to pick up Alivia. Luckily, there was no evidence of a mouse friend. Whew.

Chris came home and  laughed as he asked me if I was feeling okay (like I was hearing things). Funny. He went downstairs to work out as I walked out the door to walk to school.

I returned home, fixed the kids a snack, and began unloading the dishwasher while Chris went outside to run. I went to put a travel cup away in the pantry when a mouse practically jumped at me! I screamed and screamed and screamed! It was like I was in the house alone as the kids, who were downstairs playing at this point, did not come up to see what was wrong with Mommy! I yelled down to Alivia to have her bring up blankets so I could cover the bottom of the door and stand watch until Daddy got home.

Daddy returned home and got to work. He took out the basket of art supplies thinking the mouse was in there. But, I still heard scratching. He started to look through the next basket, but I did not think he was in there, so Chris moved on as I finished going through it. Then, the mouse jumped out at me AGAIN, and ran under the dishwasher!

Chris pulled out the dishwasher to find the second half of our beloved island is completely hollow. Lovely. Why we have no idea (What a total waste of storage space!). Chris crawled all the way in there looking under every hole and only saw one small space (which is all that is needed) around the water pipes where the little baby mouse could have gone. Chris filled all the holes in and crawled back out. There was no evidence of a mouse under there at all...as the space was clean!

We are teaching the kids to SHUT THE GARAGE DOOR! We have no idea how this mouse got inside...but we can prevent the easy entrance of the garage door that is often left open (the kids think we heat the garage...because I know they were not born in a barn!).

We now are waiting and waiting and waiting...traps all set. Seriously...how disgusting! At least I know he can't get to our food this time!

Behind our dishwasher in the island.

Chris IN THE ISLAND...Brave soul

On a mouse hunt

Can you believe this island is hollow?

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