Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Piper is FIRED!

Piper, our cat, seriously is not a cat. Maybe I should say she is a lazy, scaredy cat.

This weekend at work, my co-worker was telling me how they have mice in their home. Mind you, their home is in Dundee and is not new, but was probably built better than our home was. Anyway, I googled how to get rid of mice for her and was reading it off to her. Gross.

So, today I get home for picking up Addison from Preschool and started to unload some of the groceries Asher and I picked up at Target when...why does the bread have holes in it? The bread and chips are kept in a basket on the second shelf of our pantry. I lifted up the bread to find old, dried bread all over the basket along with a lot of MOUSE droppings!! YUCK!!!! I took the basket out and tossed everything. Yuck! I followed the droppings down the shelf to the coloring books and art baskets. Funny, there was poop in one of the coloring book baskets. What kind of mouse eats those? I started going through the baskets as the kids finished their lunch (which was newly purchased from the store!!). As I got to the big coloring book/art supply basket, a mouse jumped out!!! I screamed and screamed and screamed and screamed!! I have no clue where the mouse went because the coloring books were trapping me in the pantry (and I was screaming!). Piper, the cat, oh, she went running and hid under the dining room table. What a great cat! I then decided that I was done in the pantry until Chris got home from work. So, I went to get out a new trash bag and low and behold, there was a little mousy poop on top of the paper towel holder under the sink. Seriously, there is no food under the sink...where are there mouse droppings in there? There are several droppings under the sink after I started clearing it out. There are also holes for pipes and electrical cords under the sink that a mouse could easily fit through and get into our hollow island. Yes, mice could be hiding in our nice, beautiful hollow island. Lovely. Marvelous! We never had mice at our old home!! What is the deal here?!! Luckily, I did not find any droppings anywhere but on the floor and the first shelf of the pantry. The other baskets and shelves appeared clean. That is good news, if I can come up with anything positive to say.

Let me just say that I cleaned our bread basket out just last Thursday after getting a large supply of groceries. I used the little hand broom I keep under the sink just last night after dinner (but I had only slept 4 hours since Friday night - so I could have totally been looking into the eyes of a mouse and missed it altogether). Needless to say, I am completely grossed out and will refuse to eat anything from this house unless it comes from the freezer until these mice are gone.

So, I am now downstairs, the kiddos are upstairs napping, and our mice enemies are somewhere in our kitchen waiting for our next move. The plan: To go and purchase steel wool to fill holes, and many traps to kill these things.We will not be buying poison because I do not want them going into our island to die, thank you. We will not be buying live traps because I have read that you need to take the mice 20 miles away or they will just return. I am not traveling 20 miles with a live mouse in the car!

The war is on. I mean war!!

Here is the uncovered evidence. Sorry...if you are squeamish...move away from the Austin blog. And sorry, I did not capture the little mouse on film either!

Nice, eh?Bread Basket of Mousy LovePresent on top the papertowelsPresents Under the sinkUnder the sink again

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