Saturday, January 23, 2010

1st Overnight Guests - Almost

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Last night we nearly had our first overnight guests (if I do not count the mouse, that is). My parents came to visit us and packed their bags to stay. They had been without electricity since Wednesday night when the ice had caused the electrical lines to break, and there home in Iowa was now in the 40s inside. Without heat and hot water, it was just not livable, at least comfortably.

The kids were so excited! Grandpa went to Egypt and got Mamas Pizza, our favorite. We never get it anymore since moving way the heck out here. After we wore Grandma and Grandma out jumping in the jumpy jump, we put on a streaming netflix movie, 88 minutes (great flick too!).

At 10PM, Grandpa's phone rang with a report that their electricity was back on. We finished the movie and they were on their way.

Guess we are one step closer to being prepared for an overnight visit. Now, we just have to get the bed up. :)

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