Monday, January 04, 2010

When it rains...

...why does it have to always pour?

Today, Chris came home with some bad news. On the way home from work (his first day back from vacation), the light came on in his car to check the oil. Humm, that's weird, he thought. He made it home, pulled into the garage, and got out to check things out. Oil was EVERYWHERE but in the car! The dipstick was dry, but there was oil all over the floor, the driveway, the garage, etc. Seriously! What a nightmare. Needless to say, you can not drive a car without oil, so we have to have it towed. Great! Joy! Marvelous!

Chris stood in the kitchen nearly shaking. What the **** is wrong? Oh, the car was not the only thing. Because, as you know, when you are us, it never just rains, it always has to pour. Lovely.

Chris goes on to tell me that his job has given him two options, none that are really good ones. 1. Keep his current job until March where he will then find himself unemployed or 2. Go to a company job on base (Offutt) where he will have a job until summer, maybe fall, before finding himself unemployed. All of this is because of contract cutbacks where he is one 7 developers being laid off. Seriously! He has been there 11+ years! I guess on the positive side --- they gave him notice. However, we just moved our family across town into a new home to be closer to a job that he now no longer has! Oh, and I really do not work. So, our only source of income...well, it is now nearly gone.

We were so positive that 2010 would be better. We are not getting off to a good start here.

So, now what? Well, Chris OBVIOUSLY, is taking option 2, if there really is an option. Either way, he has to leave his current employer, lose all of his tenure, benefits and look for a new job. More than likely, it will not be in Papillion or anywhere close to Papillion. It will hopefully be local. That is all we are hoping for at this point. Seriously, are we going to have to move AGAIN??!!

Sorry if I have a bad attitude. If someone else would be all positive in this situation it would only be because they are high on something they should not be taking. My attitude is of reality. I am Krista, not Pollyanna.

So, we are dreaming of a sunny day - no more rain pours, please.

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O'Toole said...

I am SO sorry Krista! I'll pray and pray for you guys! God only gives you what you can handle. Let me know if there is ANYTHING I can do for you guys.