Thursday, January 07, 2010

Winter blast

Evening Sun DogDrift out our front door...Nice!After the snow plow...super niceChris in -20 shoveling after the plow

What is this the 4th big snowstorm? First in October, was there one in November?, 2 in December and now this one. Seriously, Alivia is going to be in school well into June at this pace. Ugh. Who picked to move to Papillion anyway. Okay, I will not go there.

We are now on snowday #2 of this week. Yesterday I did take the kids out to Walmart. Crazy! 3 kids at the store is not good - at least our 3. Addison and Asher do fine at the store. But...Alivia? Let's just say she was really testing my limits, and my limit is rather low lately. Today, I needed to fill up the van with gas. So, I went out again. I quickly got stuck in the 6 foot drift at the end of the driveway that I did not notice until we were stuck. I managed to get out of it and plow my way out of Shadow Lake's unplowed streets. Bbrrr! We made it home just in time for the snow plow to go by. Nice. I got out the snow blower and shovel and cleared the driveway so Chris can get home later, but I see much of my work has been covered with snow already. Guess I will have to go back out in a bit while Addi and Asher sleep. Brrrr.

Here are pictures of our winter blast. Our back yard looks like an endless ocean of snow. I think I will just sit right here until I see a robin.

Ocean of Endless SnowMore snowAnother Sun DogSun dog part 2Our Street...SomewhereWhere's the StreetWinter Wonderland 2010Trash day?

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Final Score said...

wow! I cannot even begin to imagin what waking up to this must be like! Although it's beautiful, I'm sure it's also a burden!

Austin Family said...

It can be fun to have snow days though! :)