Friday, January 15, 2010

Snowed in again

I love you snow plow driverLOVE LOVE LOVE YOU

After a morning racing to register at preschool and then a fun trip to the Children's museum, we could not wait to get home and have some nice and quiet "quiet time." As we pulled into the driveway...whew, finally at home.

Wait, what? I'm stuck? But, Chris just spent 2 hours scooping off the end of the driveway yesterday. But, the snow plow driver went by again and took snow from someplace and put 3 foot of snow and placed it nicely on the end of our driveway. The van was now high centered on top of the snowdrift that I did not see as I entered the driveway. I thought I was super mad until I tried to open the van door and I could not get out...then I was REALLY mad! I crawled in back and got out Addison and Asher. I quickly cleaned them up and got them to bed.

Quiet time? What quiet time? I went downstairs, got on my snow gear, and headed out. It was now 1pm. At 3:21, the van was finally in the garage. Yes, it took 2 hours and 21 minutes to dig out the van. It Chris and I together (one pushing and one driving - I will let you guess in which order) to finally dig out. It was 4PM before I sat down for the first time today.

As I tearfully shoveled the driveway, I wondered how many other woman would do this? I would like to meet them because I would feel a little less crazy. I am now dreaming of a few things...motrin for my achy body and living in a nice warm place without snow or snow plows.

Drive all clear - the car is notStill digging all done!

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